How to build a modern house 04 minecraft tutorial

Hello, and welcome My name is Jay And today we will be building another community request The request came from velocity PD who wanted us to build a small modern house. I didn’t want to go too small because then it’s a hard thing to decorate the inside of the house So we made it 18 blocks long on the front and 13 on the side the plot of land is slightly bigger But let’s just get into building so as mentioned the plot of land is 22 blocks in the front and 33 by the side We will start on the left hand side of this plot of land with a gray Concrete block we’ll leave a five block gap, two block gap five block gap and five block gap Then on the sides we’ll just leave five block gaps going all the way to the back and if your plot of land is 33 blocks long you should end up with one gap at the end In the back we’ll do six block gaps and then on the remaining side again five block gaps Now with that done.

We want to change to a kind of leaves, now for this tutorial. I am using jungle leaves but You can use any leaves you want. The ones you like the most are just fine and just go around that area between every Gap and also here where that two block gap is we want to place five leaves behind them And that will show us the start of our build so we’ll place two blocks there with three blocks on top and then two blocks on top Of that so you have these little shapes connect them in the middle, come one out and then connect them to the ground and we’ll do the same on the left side This is again Gray concrete blocks Behind this left pillar we’ll extend the wall three more blocks So it’s four blocks wide and then we’ll go two blocks to the left Behind that we will place two pillars and we’ll bring them to the same height as the walls we just built in the front Then we’ll switch to white concrete blocks, and we’ll place a three block wide wall the same height as the gray pillars now here We want to leave a six block gap and then build a three book white wall again and make sure it is really At the same line like the first wall we built Like this now here We will have an overhang but first in between we’ll place two gray pillars One block away from each of the walls and then connect them at the top so we have the same pattern as in the front Of the buld, and then we’ll cover this up for that overhang with white concrete blocks Now next to that.

We want to make a little eight shape, the number eight like this And then those gaps will fill those up with Gray concrete and we’ll do the same in the front of the build But it will be one block behind the front like that Now here at the top. We want to come out of five blocks, so that is number five And then we’ll go eight blocks to the back, that’s seven and then number eight goes all the way down We’ll extend this four more blocks So we have a five block wide wall And then we will add one more row on top here now not in the front because that’s where the second floor will start Here in the back.

We’ll place two more gray wall and We’ll bring that to the same height as that left side of the build and here We’ll make it come out one block and connect it to those two wall wide block there Here on top. We want to place a number eight shape once again But this time we’ll fill it up with white concrete And now we need to do the same in the front so we’ll come out one block right here And then we’ll make that go to where that front pillar is and then just fill that up So you have two rows of gray stained… excuse me, gray concrete and then another eight shape on the corner Now the sidewall here very simple we’ll just fill that up completely with gray concrete blocks then here we’ll bring that out to where this edge is and In the back we will connect it to the bottom part In the front we’ll leave it open in the back we’ll connect it and then we’ll place two more Rows against that pillar Leave that bottom block open for the walls and then we can start with the second floor on this side by placing a pillar in that corner and then extending that three block wide wall to the same height Now we want to come one block higher than the gray area of the build so we’ll just extend this and make a little overhang Coming one block in from that side wall In the front it will be slightly different.

We’ll come out two blocks in this corner and then we’ll make a floating block here so break the first one and then connect it Like that in a nice little corner and add two more rows right there So it actually leans on top of the bottom floor then we’ll place a three block wide wall once again the same height as the ones in the back And right here we’ll place a four block wide wall Here as well. We want it to be one block higher than the gray side of the balloon After that, we’ll just connect this in a corner as well, and then we’ll have a balcony there in the front so we’ll add two more rows here And then we’ll connect this and fill up the entire rectangle with white concrete blocks for the roof Then on the side here we want to have two really long windows going from the bottom to the top so we’ll just extend those pillars all the way to the top and then don’t forget to replace those grass blocks at the bottom with gray blocks as well in the front as well those small windows and here this corner In the back you also have a line that you have to place white concrete in and then here in those two gaps as well gray concrete Then on the first floor will place two more pillars here and here, and we will do the same in that front gap there and there Then we’ll move to the gray inside and we’ll cover this up so you don’t see those white blocks on the inside of the build and After that you can fill up this entire roof with gray concrete blocks now I made one little mistake in the front of the build remove these two pillars then we need to bring that one more row in because we want to have a Indent, a one block indent where those posts are for the detail right after this like this Now for the detail we’ll start with the front of the build and the first thing We’ll do is place two doors in from the inside So you have that depth view between those pillars.

On the side windows those long windows we”ll place cyan stained glass panes and then above the doors Cyan stained blocks Now half slab from the ground and half slab from the ceiling will place Dark oak wood slabs With flowerpots on top and then blue orchid inside the flower pots and that really complements the cyan windows Then for the Edge of the Balcony, we’ll just use black stained glass Now this window is very simple. We’ll just completely fill it with cyan glass That’s panes And then at the bottom and the top, half slab from the bottom and the top we’ll place a row of Dark oak slabs Then for the main doorway to the house. We’ll just place black stained glass in those gaps Cyan stained glass in the windows on the sides and then for the door We will do the exact same thing like on the balcony And we’ll just start with placing dark oak blocks in the ground there place your two doors from the inside of the house to create that depth view and then again Cyan Stained blocks on top of the door and right there we want to add two more slabs as well Now for that window.

Well let’s do the flower pot here first So we’ll place a full block right here on the corner, two upside down stairs And then one on this side as well And then just place two grass blocks in there with two blue orchids on top now for this corner window we’ll just fill that completely up with gray stained glass panes to match the rest of the build Then to decorate that front garden here.

We’ll make a little Modern kind of shape in the ground so we’ll remove these four blocks and Then go in one and we’ll do the same on the other side, but then in mirror, one, two, three, four and one then we’ll remove a three by three square in this center Remember to cover up the floor in that pattern that we’re digging out with gray concrete blocks and then you can basically fill at that area up with water and After that all we need to do is basically play some flowers some grass, some tall grass and then also place a wooden Pathway in that to block Gap leading to the front door So I’ll show a little screenshot on what you should have when that is done And now we can move to the inside of the house before we decorate the rest of the outside So we’ll start where the front door is and we’ll place a three block white wall right against that corner bringing it to the top of the rest of the white walls here then we’ll leave a two block gap and place a four block white wall on this side, and Then in that two block gap at the top.

We’ll place four more blocks so you have a doorway between the two rooms Then next we will fill up the entire floor starting at this back door here So the two rooms: Replace all the grass with dark oak plank blocks, and then this is what it should look like For the next part we’ll go to the long windows on the side of the build and we’ll fill those up with cyan stained glass panes And then we’ll place a white concrete pillar right there and bring it all the way to the ceiling we’ll also place two more rows of white concrete here in this room to cover up those gray blocks in the wall And then where we placed that long pillar we will build a round staircase going to the first floor and we’ll start in the back of that pillar with our first slab Then we just have to go up a half slab each time until we reach the top of those gray blocks right here We’ll place two full blocks on those gray blocks, and one more slab, oh, one lower right here And then three slabs on this side of the pillar like this After that we basically just have to fill up the entire level with dark oak wood planks as well to create the floor for this level and then also the ceiling for the bottom level Then this should be what it should look like Next we will move to the roof and I will show you two different designs You can use for this roof.

The first one is very straightforward and very simple We’ll just place six blocks here. So we’re two blocks away from that side and in the back. We’ll do the same thing Then we’ll connect them and then all you need to do is fill up that rectangle area with a white concrete blocks to have this result the second roof design is a little bit more intricate and that’s Basically for when you want to have a little bit more detail and we want to place six block Long Lines with one block gaps in between them like that and then we’ll place three stone slabs here and We’ll make a one block overhang in the front and we’ll just bring that all the way to the back of the bill But in the back we won’t have an overhang so just align it with the build there here, we’ll placed three slabs again And hen in the front as well So make sure they’re aligned with the first one we placed and then fill up those gaps with three slabs as well And then again, we’ll go up with three slabs aligning that with the back of the build and Then also with the front of the build and that is your second roof design So you can choose between these two.

The one you like the most just go for that one. One is straight forward, one is detailed. And now we’ll move on to the pool area before we decorate the backside of the house So we’ll start where that eight shape is on the right hand side And we’ll come out four blocks Then go two blocks to the right and then we want to connect to that gray pillar where the door will be we’ll do the same thing on the right hand side of this door And then you should have two flowerbeds on the left on the right And fill up this middle bit with Dark oak planks as well Then we’ll bring this line all the way to the back of the plot of land and we will do the same against this Gray pllar On this left side as well so bring that all the way to the back and then just connect them on the edge and add another row going all the way Around this first line we placed so also here And then here we also want to place one more line of dark oak going all the way across And then filling up that remaining square area in front of that window Then for decoration, we’ll add three black stained glass here, and then we’ll build two beach chairs So these are tables in oak wood and then with birch wood we’ll build the chairs with stairs and two slabs another table there And then two fences or three fences depending on what you want with a slab on top to represent a closed umbrella Then four more stained glass here, so that’s black stained glass Then for the pool we’ll dig down the pool three blocks and then the third block So two blocks deep that’s what the pool will be and then the third block you want to place dark oak wood blocks in there for the floor Just cover up that entire floor.

Then with these stairs We’ll add four of them one block away from the Edges on the long sides to represent the stairs to get in and out of the pool Then on the side where the houses is, we’ll place one block leave a two block gap and then place blocks again And we’ll do the same on the left-hand side here to. So one block, two block gap and then fill up the remaining area Place two sea lanterns in those two block gaps and then cover that up with brown stained glass blocks To match the wood and then the bottom line here will also replace that with the dark oak wood planks Then fill up the pool with water and then we add some decoration by placing a stair right in the center on this side with two fences to hold on to Then with stone slabs, we’ll just add two slabs against the top of that’s stair Then we’ll place some flowers in these flower beds So just the pink ones, high pink ones in the middle and then some blue orchids next to it to complement the build itself Then after that just put some random tall grass and small grass on both these patches of grass Then to decorate the back of the house the terrace is, well the balcony here is basically the same as the front.

There’s only one small difference So cyan stained glass in the windows, two doors, full blocks above the doors But then with the dark oak wood on this side We’ll have two slabs instead of one but again half slab from the top and the bottom And then once again, we’ll place two flower pots with blue orchids on top of them to complement those windows and them a dark And then a dark line of stained glass here Now for the door at the bottom is the same as every other door we built on the house so two doors Full blocks above and stained glass on the sides and for the rest there is no oak wood here So then we’ll move to the window left from this and all you have to do here is fill the entire window up with cyan stained glass panes. Then for this top window it’s the same at the front fill it up with a Cyan stained glass and then two rows of Dark Oak wood against it Now on the left side of the build where you have those two long windows place two dark oak wood fences with leaves on top and on the other side, do that two times against that white wall and then all you have to do to further decorate the house is do some hanging leaves And there’s not really a rule for that Just do that randomly to decorate it further and that basically concludes this Modern house tutorial So I hope you guys enjoyed it tutorial And I hope you guys like the house if you did smash that like button down there.

When we hit 20 likes we will post A schematic on Planet Minecraft so you guys can copy/paste a build onto your maps Don’t forget to share it with your friends and subscribe to the channel for more awesome tutorials And you can request tutorials as well by the way guys so don’t hesitate to do so in the comments below With that I will call it for this tutorial Thank you guys for watching and all your support, and I will see you in the next tutorial Bye ‘waves’.

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