5 Optifine Cape Designs – Cool Optifine Capes In Minecraft

Hey there! What’s going on guys?! Today I’ve got 5 more capes for you. I’ve got a cape that I really wasn’t expecting to see in my comments. So that’s exciting. I always get excited when something like that arrives in my comments. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video! Let’s go ahead and get started! *Music* The first cape comes in from Greyy. He took the heart design and added to it a bit. Personally, I like the other heart designs that we’ve seen a bit better than this one. If you’ve seen most of my vidoes you know the heart capes I’m talking about. However, I’m obviously not opposed to this one and I really like that he added that little rectangle type design to the cape. Making it a bit different is always good. ChainZ, or ChainZ submitted this cape. It’s a small little face design. I actually really like this cape. Considering I’m always a fan of face capes in general, I liked seeing this one. You can hardly see the face but I think that’s what makes it better and I think that’s why I like it a lot. I think the colors on this cape just look cool together even if it’s just mostly black.

Unmeaningful98 submitted multiple capes for us in his comment like many people do. This cape stood out to me a bit. It’s a circle type design that is multi- colored which is a good thing. I really like how this cape splits it with green and purple. Those aren’t always colors I think of putting together, personally. And it just being a multi- colored cirlce is nice too because so often we just use one color. The next cape was submitted by IllegalElephant Playz. This is more-or-less and simple looking cape that but I like the color blue that’s on it. He used a combination of fades with Cyan and Light blue to create this design. I think the colors combined together with the fades form a cool looking combination for the two little line designs that the cape has.

Okay, the final cape submitted by brokenly. they submitted an ender dragon cape. As I said in the intro, I wasn’t expecting to see this cape. I think it’s truly a creative cape. Things that are really creative excite me. I’m so used to featuring just random looking designs.. which is obviously fine. But seeing this was just a really unique and cool cape to see. It looks slightly different in game but it’s not an incredibly drastic change. So that’s gonna do it for this one guys! Feel free to leave your comments with cape links in the comment section as always. Please make sure to check out some of my other videos too! I’ve been posting some new things here and there that I think some of you may enjoy if you haven’t seen them! Turn on notifications so you know when I upload or stream! Thanks so much for watching guys! I hope you enjoyed! I’m outta here! See ya!

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