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Hey there! What’s going on guys?! This is my second 5 Optifine Capes Designs video in 3 days. Don’t expect this to happen every week. I just had some extra time and I got a lot of submissions for you guys last week so I wanted to create two videos for this week. Yesterday, I created a different sort of video that you guys should really check out too! If you’re cape didn’t make it in any of the videos this week please feel free to submit it in the comments again or share any other capes you may have! Alrighty… Let’s get started! *Music* To start off, I have a gold nugget cape design. This cape was submitted to us by Neutrol_EvENs_. It’s a very simple looking cape and it’s a very simple cape to make. It quite literally is just a small, tiny, gold nugget on top of black background. There isn’t too much to it but as always, it’s cool to have actual Minecraft items on cape designs. So yeah, that’s a gold nugget cape.

Pretty simple yet cool design. The next cape was submitted by Keiznn. Not sure how you pronounce that name. This is a black and white design. It’s sort of an exclamation point and the letter I together in one cape. It’s a cool looking design and it’s very quick and simple to make. It’s an interesting design that I actually really like. It’s a cool concept.. But wait.. There’s more… In addition to that black and white design. I have this rainbow design of the same cape, just flipped, that Tevh submitted. It’s the same cape in the opposite direction, and a rainbow cape design. I actually had to edit the cape slightly so it would actually work in game. Since the cape was submitted twice pretty much, I wanted to share both versions of it! I’m still going to call this 5 Optifine Cape Designs but there’s actually 6. So enjoy an extra cape. The next cape was submitted by Cuho. They mentioned that it was their birthday when they commented so happy late birthday to you! This cape just features some eyes on it. The eyes are white and red and grey and they are on top of a black background.

I’ve featured plenty of capes that have eyes in them in the past. This is just another design for you guys to use featuring some eys that look a bit evil since they are red! Because red always means evil. So yeah. This cape here was submitted by Pamex. This green and black design turns out to be a Matrix cape. I’ll be honest here. I’m slightly biased towards this cape because The Matrix is one of my favorite movies ever. The second and third movies weren’t as good as the original Matrix movie but the trilogy itself is awesome… especially the first movie. So yeah, I probably decided to add the cape for that reason but it’s a cool design with cool colors too. The final cape is an Overwatch cape design. This cape was submitted by Prison, or Cain. Yeah, there’s not much to say about it other than it’s an Overwatch symbol on the cape. It’s always nice to have capes with actual things on it like a symbol to another game.

I’ve added a cape with the Assassin’s Creed logo in a video in the past and other symbols for other games and stuff. So yeah, that’s pretty cool. An Overwatch cape design. So that’s gonna do it for me guys! Thanks for submitting so many capes last week and I hope you enjoyed a second Optifine Cape Designs video within the last 3 days. I appreciate you checking out the video! If you’re new to the channel please feel free to check out some of my other videos! If you’re not new to the channel please check out some of my other videos too! I think you’ll enjoy those ones too! Also, be sure to never miss an upload! Click subscribe, click the bell, and turn on notifications! Once again, thanks so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video! I’m outta here! See ya!.

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