5 Optifine Cape Designs! – Awesome Optifine Capes

Hey there! What’s going on guys?! Just like last week, I’m going to be creating two Optifine Cape videos within these next three days. One today and one on Monday. Today’s video will feature capes that were submitted in the comments on last Saturday’s video. Monday’s video will feature capes that were submitted on Monday’s video. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing this again next week or not but we’ll see! I hope you enjoy this video! Let’s get started… *Music* To start off, I have a cape that was submitted by rare creeper. This cape isn’t something that’s too crazy of a design or over-the-top amazing but it is nice. Rare Creeper describes it as a wall that somebody broke into. But I’m going to just describe it as a wall with a diamond.

Or just a simple, interesting design. The color combination is great too. I really like the way that the black brick design looks with the red. It looks cool. ILoveYah submitted a cape and said “I think you will like this cape. It’s another heart cape in another way.” And yeah, I think it’s pretty nice. I always like heart capes and heart capes are always popular. This cape takes the heart and flips it upside down creating another way to make a heart cape. Personally, I would prefer a different color. I’m not a huge fan of that black and cyan color combination. The first thought I had would be to change it to black and red. The fade as black, the background as red. But that’s not surpise given how much I like black and red. So yeah. The next cape was submitted by Mystery. This is chess piece cape. I don’t know much about chess so I can’t really say what piece that is.

Maybe a king? or maybe it’s a pawn? Did I get one of those right? I really don’t know. Then again, it could look like two different pieces and I could be right about both of my guesses. Somebody will just have to let me know because I really just don’t know much about chess. I’m leaning towards a pawn though. Jesse submitted this next cape. It turns out to be a rainbow stripe as the comment says. This is actually a very simple looking cape. It’s pretty much a line down the middle of the cape that is rainbow colored. I wanted to add it into the video for that reason. From time to time, people ask me to show some more rainbow capes and whatnot so I figured I’d add it in.

Also, it adds in some more color to the video and color is good. To finish off, I have a cape that was submitted by Greyy. This is a TNT cape. Now, I know for a fact I’ve featured a cape like this in the past. But it was a long while back so I definitely wanted to share it again. And the cape that I know I shared had a green background. I really like that this cape has a black background. The TNT on top of a black background just ends up standing out more. Given that it is red and white on top of black so it’s just going to naturally stand out more but yeah. I like this cape and wanted to share it again. Thanks for submitting it Greyy! So that’s gonna do it for this one guys! Once again, I’ll have another Optifine Cape Designs video on Monday! The capes in this video were submitted to me in the comments of last Saturday’s video.

The capes in Monday’s video will be from last Monday’s video. I’m not sure on the plans for next week but we’ll see! Feel free to submit your capes on this video and on Monday’s video! If you’re new to my channel, thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to check out some of my other videos too! If you’re not new to my channel, thanks for watching another video! Make sure to subscribe, click the bell, and turn on notifications so you never miss an upload! Thanks so much for watching this video! I’m outta here! See ya!.

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