5 MINECRAFT SHADER PACKS! – Top Minecraft Shaders for 1.12 (#3)

Hey there! What’s going on guys?! Today, I’m sharing with you, once again, 5 more Minecraft Shader Packs. So, I personally have been enjoying this little mini-series quite a bit. It’s fun for me to create and I really enjoy finding new shader packs that I’ve never seen before or that I’ve forgotten about. I know that there are some people out there who are also enjoying this little mini-series too so I’m going to create at least this video and maybe a few more! We’ll see! Anyways, I’ve got some pretty cool shaders today.. Some that you may not know about! So let’s get started! *Music* The first shaders pack I’m sharing with you guys today is Edi’s Shaders. Edi’s Shaders was created with some specific goals and a criteria in mind: to, of course, look as nice and realistic as possible but also to provide a decent FPS number.

Comparing to other shader packs that this sort of resembles, the FPS rate is actually pretty great. I did notice that my FPS number was slightly higher. Now, it’s also a matter of preference in terms of whether or not you actually like these shaders or not so that’s a big piece on whether you should decide to use these. But I personally think these shaders look pretty nice and comparable to some of the more popular shader packs out there. Aside from being realitively lightweight and having a decent FPS, the water, sun flares, clouds, true colors, and realitstic looking shadows just really look incredible, in my opinion. Would I recommend these shaders? Well, yes I would. But then again, that’s all up to personal preference. Let me know if you are going to try out these shaders or not! And if you do try them out, let me know how your FPS is and if you like the way they look! I’m really interested to learn what other people think about these shaders and learn how they work for them too.

Obviously, it’s going to be different results on different systems. A fair warning for those who get motion sickness easily, you may want to just skip past these shaders or if you feel sick after watching for a second then you should definitely skip to the next one. Next up, we’re going to look at the GLSL Acid Shaders. Many of you may have seen the incredibly popular video with over 1 million views, Minecraft Acid Interstate created by MiningGodBruce. Or you may have seen some of his other popular videos featuring the Acid Shaders. For a brief explanation, Acid Interstate features a Minecraft literally riding through the Far Lands in Minecraft while using these shaders and has music playing in the background. It looks a lot better than it sounds. I’ll link it in the description. Anyways, if you couldn’t see already, this shader pack warps the distant terrain and it causes a psychedelic effect. So instead of realistic shaders like we usually see, I wanted to add in something a little bit different. This pack isn’t resource intensive so you’ll probably be able to run it if you want to try it out for yourself.

It’s definitely just something interesting to look at and play around with. It’s not really meant to be for normal gameplay at all, obviously. Let me know if you want a video just featuring all different type of psychedelic shaders or something similar to those. Next up, I’ve got some shaders from a German speaking YouTuber, MrButternuss. The link to the shaders download will be a link to this video. You can go to the description and find the download in it. If you really need to, you can translate the page to English or your preferred language to better help you understand the description.

I’d say that these shaders are a bit similar to the RudoPlays shaders. Though, the version is less like them. The version of these shaders definitely have a resemblence to RudoPlays Shaders. I’m using the version in this video. I was going to add RudoPlays’s Shaders into a video but they’re a hastle to download. They’re behind a bunch of different ad sites like adfly and I just don’t want to deal with that. There are ways to get to it without going through that process but I don’t want to promote that. Ads are fine but don’t hide your download behind 30 different adfly type sites. But anyways, yeah let’s actually talk about the shaders in the video that matter.. MrButternuss’ shaders, for our enjoyment, are very easy to download. He even provides a direct link if you don’t want to go through the adfly link. So that is actually quite nice of him to do, to be honest. The shaders look nice too! So that’s obviously what matters most! Sorry for the mini rant by the way but just to get that out there.

But in all seriousness, I think you’ll enjoy these shaders. I know it’s a German speaking YouTuber so you may really be able to understand it. It’s a little bit odd but the shaders look nice and like I said, that’s what matters most… Is the shaders looking nice and I think that these shaders look nice. Did you know that I think these shaders look nice? Well, I think these shaders look nice. Okay, yeah. Next shaders. Let’s go check out the next one. These are Stazza’s Shaders…. If I’m pronouncing that right. The pack is based on Chocapic13’s shaders like many shaders are. We’ve seen Chocapic13’s shaders in a previous video and, of course, they’re insanely popular anyways. But yeah, Stazza’s Super Shaders just look nice and well, they work. A lot of times, you’ll load up some shaders and there will be some stuff that you just don’t want. They’ll have weird colors or just make things look odd. These shaders don’t give you that. It focuses on lighting and shading elements rather than changing up the world too much.

With a nice contrast, rich colors, and just some simple yet beautiful additions, these shaders do so much right. I really appreciate a shaders pack that just gets it right. That’s not saying that they’re won’t be any glitches or anything. I know some people have experienced some issues with the motion blur while using it underwater or while it’s raining. Most issues with the mod are related to the motion blur, so I just turned it off.

Simple solution. Still some great looking shaders. Along with Chocapic13’s shaders, you’ll also see some elements of Robobo1221’s Shaders, CaptTatsu’s Shaders, and KUDA Shaders. I mentioned at the start of the video that I like this series because it introduces me to some shaders too. Surprisingly, I’ve never seen these Super Shaders before and, well, I definitely really like them. So it’s great that I found them. To finish off this video, we have the Continuum Shaders. These shaders get there name because they are the unoffical continuation of Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders. The creator of these shaders was given the exclusive permission by Cody Darr, who created Sonic Ether’s Shaders, to create a heavily edited shaders pack. Due to that, I don’t recommend trying this out on a lower end computer. I had my own issues running it as it definitely increases the demands on your computer when it comes to rendering graphics, creating light, and creating shadows.

But it looks awesome. It sharpens up some of the lighting effects found in Sonic Ether’s Shaders. While the Continuum Shaders certainly aren’t for everyone and you do need to actually install the shaders mod to use them, I still very much so wanted to at least introduce this mod in a video. I’m not sure my video will do it justice or not. I just wanted to get it to work enough. Better graphics are obviously more demanding but I mean, these shaders definitely do really look amazing and dotModded, the creator of these Shaders, did amazing at changing the original Sonic Ether’s Shaders. Again, I had some trouble running them myself, even with a decent PC. So I can’t say enough about them. As much as I wanted to. But I definitely just wanted to introduce them in a video and show them to you guys. Because if you look some of the screenshots up with these shaders, they look pretty incredible.

So, yeah. These are the Continuum Shaders. So, that’s gonna do it for this one guys! Thank you all so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed! If you’re enjoying this mini-series, please let me know in the comments! I very much so enjoy creating these videos so look out for this little series to continue! If you’re new to the channel, feel free to check out some of my other Shaders videos and check out any other video too! If you’re not new around here, thanks for watching another video! Make sure to subscribe and click the bell to turn on notifications so you know when I upload a new video! Additionally, I want to mention that I’m working on a couple of outside of YouTube projects that I’m going to be announcing soon.

One of them, I think for people who create videos especially, will be helpful for some of you and I’m definitely excited about. So look out for that announcement coming soon! So, once again, thank you all so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed! I’m outta here! See ya!.

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