5 MINECRAFT SHADER PACKS! – Top Minecraft Shaders for 1.12

Hey there! What’s going on guys?! Today, I’m going to share with you 5 Minecraft Shader packs. Now, I’m only adding 5 shaders into this video so there are some that probably should be in this video but are not… Like Sildurs, or MrMeepz, or ZiipZaaps… But that’s okay because I have plans to make more videos like this one in the near future that will feature some other Shaders too! So, if you don’t see one you like in this video, maybe you’ll see one in the next video! I just want to share with you as much as possible so people can see a shaders pack that they may want use! For refrence, I’m using BDoubleO’s resource pack in combination with these shaders.

Anyways, yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this video… Let’s get started! *Music* To start off, we have CrankerMan’s TME Shaders. You’ll see the v3 RC5 version in the video. There also happens to be the version and version 2.5.2. The past versions have some different levels on them. For example, version 2.has a medium and ultra version. The latest version, 3, only has one but that’s alright. Crankerman, the creator of these Shaders, says that there is no low setting because this pack’s purpose is to create a dense atmosphere. If he were to make a low version, he’d have to cut out some effects which would foreclose the atmosphere that he wants to achieve. In the 2.version of this pack, you can edit the vaules, and enable or disable certain effects to create a custom low setting version.

I’ll just say that the TME Shaders, which stands for Too Much Effects or Too Many Effects, certainly does create that dense atmosphere that CrankerMan was looking to create. This may not be the greatest for lower end computers but if you can run it, well, it looks pretty awesome in my opinion. We go from a pretty high end Shaders pack to a pack that is more suitable for some lower end computers. This is one is called SFLP Shaders. This pack offers a Lite, Low, and Standard version. For the sake of looking the best, I’m using the Standard version in this video. The download page linked in the description will give you the information you need in terms of seeing if you’re computer will work with this pack.

Though, based on the description, I’d say you have a decent chance at it working at least on one of the versions. Of course, the standard version adds the most of effects and the lite version adds the least effects… and of course, the low version is somewhere in the middle. The lite version of these shaders looks most like normal Minecraft with small shadows and with a small addition of effects added… like the water. But it’s definitely better than nothing if that’s what you can use and really want to try out a Shaders pack. It’s really nice to have that option because some people can’t use some crazy shaders. And this one, these lagless shaders, give you an option to use. Especially on the lite and low settings. Sonic Ether’s Unbelieveable Shaders. Ever heard of them? Well, if you haven’t. You’ve probably seen them. Perhaps the most popular shaders ever, Sonic Ether created what he dubbed the Unbelievable Shaders. These shaders give you an emmersive feel in Minecraft. Changing the graphics altogether and making it almost feel like a new game. SEUS, or SEUS (pronouced) gives a way to reinvent the way Minecraft’s graphics look by overhauling almost everything.

Between a clear and fluid water texture, plants that look like their alive by swaying back and forth, and a dark, almost spooky, nightime… You’ll just end up feeling like Minecraft has some high end graphics. To go along with that dark night, the day, torch-lit areas, and feel of rain.. They just end up giving a whole new feel to Minecraft. With shadows moving throughout the time of the day and tons going on, these shaders are sort of intensive… but with multiple versions -Lite, Standard, and multiple Ultra versions- you should try them out for yourself. Oh, I’m using the Standard version in this video, for your reference. Let me know how intensive these shaders are for you! I’m curious to know how they work for others! Now we have another Shaders pack that, well, is also incredibly popular. In fact, this pack is so popular that there are many people who have used this pack and modified it into new Shaders Packs. Chocapic13’s shaders comes with some pretty awesome sun rays, some nice looking clouds, and a beautiful night time.

Make sure to take a loot at the sky at night because it does look really cool! As with most of the more popular Shaders, there are multiple versions for this including lite, low, medium, high, ultra, and extreme. I’m personally using the High version for this video. The reason I really like this pack is because it doesn’t try to over-do things. What I mean by that is that these Shaders keep it simple by adding some nice improvements to Minecraft.

It doesn’t change things to a huge extreme and just adds things that most people are looking for in Shaders. Moving grass, reflective water, some sun rays, and some decent shadows. It’s truly a beautiful pack and I highly recommend using it if you’re just looking for a pretty standard shaders pack. And that’s not a knock on it at all… Otherwise it wouldn’t be in this video. The final Shader Pack I have for you today is my personal favorite.

For me, the standard version of this pack is pretty much everything I’m looking for with a few tweaks of the settings. Of course, I’m talking about CaptTatsu’s BSL Shaders. With over 250,000 downloads CaptTatsu says that BSL Shaders is a mix of old and new. It brings a bit of nostalgia while keeping the graphics up to date. This is truly a shader pack that is designed to work for whatever you’re trying to do. Between cinematics and just typical gameplay, you can use these shaders for whatever need you have. BSL Shaders takes inspiration from Chocapic13’s Shaders, which we previously saw, so not everything in this pack is unique.

However, in my personal opinion, I believe that the changes added to these shaders, with bright colors, saturation changes, the blurred motion effect, and more… they just really add to the pack and create a Shaders pack that I truly believe is perfect… Well, perfect for me. Unfortunatley, this pack is pretty demanding so you may not get the most out of it if you’re using a lower-end computer. But again, maybe you can give it a try and see if it works.

I mean, it’s always worth trying. So that’s gonna do it for this one guys! Perhaps you found a Shaders pack that you like, I hope you did. If you didn’t, well, I plan on making more videos similar to this.. depending on if you guys want to see that or not. There are tons of Shaders pack that a lot of people don’t know about and I’d love to get around showing some of them off to you guys since they look pretty cool.

So please let me know if you want to see more. Again, I used BDoubleO’s resource pack when recording this and I’ve got some of my settings different, to the way I like Minecraft to look.. so some things may not look exactly the same for you but you’ll get the overall gist of what I’m showing. All the links to the shaders are in the description below. Of course, I don’t take credit in making them. I just show them off to you guys, the ones that I really like. So go to those to download them and thank the creator of them on their thread I guess.

I also have to shoutout MinecraftServer.Net who provides me with a server to make videos like this one. There is a link in the description to them. Use Code: KIRBY for 15% there if you want to. Anyways, feel free to let me know of any video ideas you may have or want to see from me. If you’re me to the channel feel free to subscribe if you enjoyed and check out some of my other videos and leave a like too! Alrighty guys, thank you all so much for watching, once again! I’m outta here! See ya!.

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