5 MINECRAFT MANSION SEEDS! – Top Minecraft 1.12 Seeds

Hey there! Whats going on guys?! Today, I’m going to share with you 5 Minecraft Mansion seeds! I’ve made a couple of these videos in the past and people have enjoyed them and found them useful so I’ve decided to compile 5 more Mansion seeds for you to enjoy! For your reference, these mansion seeds are seeds that have mansions at a close or reasonable distance away from spawn so you don’t have to travel really far to find them. I’m going to link the original sources in the description. So make sure to check out those too after the video. Alrighty, that’s enough of me talking… Let’s get started! *Music* The first seed I have for you today was discovered by Act First Gaming on YouTube. The mansion in this seed is about 1300 blocks away from spawn.

So it’s a bit of a travel. However, it’s not really too far away if you’re comparing this to other seeds, really. The mansion itself doesn’t look to massive from the outside. The top floor isn’t that big. However, from the inside, when you get to the top floor, you’ll actually find that the small top floor has 4 rooms. The rooms aren’t very big but having 4 rooms is pretty cool for it being a realatively small top floor. You’ll find the arena room on the second floor which will provide you with some loot from the chest. The bottom floor didn’t have too many crazy rooms but it did have the tree room for farming trees and the pumpkin and melon room for farming those.

Only about another 1000 blocks way from this mansion you’ll be able to come across an Ocean Monument. So that’s pretty cool. There’s a mansion and an Ocean Monument realatively close together. Two pretty cool things to explore and have somewhat of a challenge with. So if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge or just a seed with an ocean monument and a mansion, well this may be the seed that you’re looking for! This next seed was originally discovered by BigAlanM on the Minecraft Forums. The mansion in this seed is about 2000 blocks away from spawn. The mansion sits on the edge of an ocean and right near a plains biome that is surrounded by a roofed forest. The mansion is actually pretty big. There are NINE rooms on the top floor, including 2 chicken rooms… My favorite room, and a cat room! There’s ANOTHER cat room, ANOTHER chicken room, along with an arena room on the second room. So there’s a lot of cool things to explore in this mansion. Not too far away from the mansion, just a bit north, there are two villages.

One of them is within a roofed forest and plains biome so it looks interesting. The other is in a village. Neither of them have blacksmiths but there are churches and libraries in both. Not too far away from these villages there is an ocean monument for you to explore too. So, overall a pretty cool seed to explore with some villages, and ocean monument, and a mansion.

Or at least those are the things I’m giving you coordinates for. There’s more to explore too. Another seed that was originally found by YouTuber Act First Gaming, this seed has a mansion that is about 2400 blocks away from spawn. This is the longest travel you’ll have for a mansion in this video. However, there are a number of different places you can go to before getting to the mansion. If we look at this map I made with Amidst, you can see that there are a lot of villages, mineshafts, and temples along the way.

There is actually a desert temple about 350 or so blocks away the mansion. There is a mesa about 840 blocks away from the mansion that you can check out too! These are just two locations that are close to the mansion that I decided to share with you. There are tons of other villages, temples, biomes, and cool locations along the way from spawn to the mansion for you to check out. If you look at the video that’s linked in the description, you’ll find a few more coordinates to some of them. The mansion itself is pretty large with the top floor having TEN rooms in it…

Including that chicken again. The second floor has the stairs to the top floor right across from another chicken room. The bottom floor has a few storage rooms which are useful if you decide to live in the mansion! Overall, there is a ton to explore in this seed. Especially on your way to the mansion and of course it’s fun to explore inside of the mansion, too. The next seed, I recently did a seed showcase video on. This seed features a village and a mansion really close to spawn. In the video, I show that you can first travel to the village which is in a desert biome really close to your spawn point.

The village actually has 3 diamonds and 4 obsidian in it! Which is pretty nice to start off with if you want a quick start. A short travel away from the village will then bring you to the mansion. The mansion has NINE rooms on the top floor including an arena room. You’ll also find a number of pretty useful rooms throughout the mansion that will make living within the mansion nice. In my showcase video, I also show you a few other villages and a temple that you can explore. The temple is really close to a village. The village does have a blacksmith. Also pretty close to these two locations is another village in a savannah which also has a blacksmith! In my video, I give a quick mention to a bonus village at the end of the video for those who watched! If you want to learn of that location, you can go check it out in my video since you know about it now.

Aside from that shameless self-promotion there, there is a ton to explore in this seed with a village and a mansion very close to spawn. As well as the other temples and villages too. I’m very happy I was able to find this seed and showcase it in a video and a top 5 video too! The final seed has a mansion that is actually visible from your spawn location! Well, if you look around trees, I guess. This could perhaps be the closest I’ve ever seen a mansion generate near the spawn location of a seed. The mansion, and your spawn point, is actually around 5 different biomes, not including the rivers and lakes. You’ll see a savannah, desert, forest, roofed forest, and plains biomes nearby! The mansion itself has 5 rooms on the top floor, a lot of decorative rooms on the second floor, and some pretty useful rooms on the first floor.

You will also be able to find a desert temple and acacia village close to each other if you travel the seed a bit more. There is actually a jungle temple north west of the savannah village too! Of course, these extra locations are just added into the glory that is a spawn mansion. An actual spawn mansion too. Being able to see a mansion from your spawn location is really something awesome, in my opinion at least. You don’t always get to see these mansions so close to spawn. I think it’s a bit of a treat.

I don’t know. You may think differently. But regardless of whether you think differently or not… I think we can at least agree that seeing a mansion that close to spawn is in the very least interesting. It’s interesting. I think we can agree on that. Right? I mean, it’s at least uncommon. That we can’t disagree on. So, that’s gonna do it for this one guys. Please make sure to check out all of the source videos and links in the description. I don’t take credit for finding all of these seeds originally because I only found one of them myself. The second to last seed in the video. That’s why I link all the sources in the description for you to see! So you can go thank the original finders of the seed. I’ve also added the coordinates in the description as well for you to see..

Or a link to the coordinates! I’m not sure which one yet. I want to thank you all for the support on my videos recently! It has really been awesome seeing the channel grow as much as it has recently. So again, thank you for that! If you’re new to the channel.. Please feel free to check out any of my other videos! I do put a lot of work into my videos and if you enjoyed this one, I think you’ll enjoy some of the other videos I create too! I’ve create two videos similar to this one in the past that you can check out, as well as seed showcases and just a number of other Top 5 Seeds videos too! I know this has been a longer than usual outro but I have one more thing to mention befor I go..

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