In this video, we will go over the changes to weapons in the latest Patch for Mass Effect Andromeda, Patch 1.06, Most weapons have received a change to their damage with some also receiving changes to their rate of fire, accuracy and more. Without further delay, let’s get right into it. <title: WEAPON BALANCE CHANGES PATCH 1.06> We’ll go over the weapons by section, I’ve made a spreadsheet displaying all of the base damages before and after the change to work out the percentage increases on the damage, This, of course, isn’t everything as more than just damage has changed for many but it will help us gauge whether previous champion weapons are still good enough or not. While the numbers for rank 1 and rank 10 are available, we will cover the rank 10 damages as a base unless the increased or decreased damage percentages differ. Let’s start with assault rifles: <title: Assault Rifles> The Avenger has received a small 6.38% increase at rank 10 in damage going from 47 damage to 50, it’s rank 1 increase, however, is an 11.43% increase meaning this balance change was partly to increase it’s viability earlier on.

Compared to the other weapons I don’t think this is enough of an increase to change it’s fairly low standing in my rankings. The Mattock has received a very large damage increase of 79.37% at rank 10 going from a top base damage of 63 to 113, This is one of the larger damage increases and will surely increase it’s value, in addition to the damage increase it’s magazine size has been increased from 16 to 20, The Zalkin’s damage has been increased by 30.26% going from a max base damage of 76 to 99.

The Valkyrie has gained a substantial increase with its top base damage going up by 91.92% from 99 to 190, This is somewhat confusing to me, this was already a powerful weapon, Had they increased the lower damage to a higher degree than the rank 10 damage I could understand, to better balance out its stability issues in the beginning, but this seemed unnecessary. The Soned received a hearty buff with its damage going up 37.29% with a max base damage of 81 over it’s previous 59, As well as this, it’s spin up time has been cut in half from 1 second to 0.5, Accuracy when firing from the hip or blindly over barriers has been increased and maximum accuracy when aiming down sights has been slightly decreased with a reduced penalty when firing. The P.A.W. has also received a damage buff going from a max base damage of 40 to 67 for a 67.5% increase. And lastly, for the Assault Rifles, the Halberd got an increase also of 59.29% for an increase of max base damage from 113 to 180. As far as rankings go for the Assault Rifles, The P.A.W.

Appears to have more than just edged past the Thokin, before the PAW was better at Shielded with the Electrical Conduits but I found it to be lacking against armoured, this was later found to be false when using a sticky grenade augmentation. With this huge damage increase and nothing to the Thokin, the P.A.W. is very very likely to be the best automatic weapon now against all foes, Sticky Grenade Augment used for all-round enemies, or Electrical Conduit used on shielded.

Remember however for this and all other observations in this video, this is not 100%, I have a lot of testing to do to better find out but as a base guide, this will likely be accurate enough. The Valkyrie was the previous head of the Burst Class of Assault Rifles, it is damn near unquestionably still the top with a huge and kinda not needed increase of over 90%. The Mattock from looking at this has very likely overtaken the sandstorm by quite a bit as far as weapon viability goes, more testing is needed but it would appear it is the king of Single Shot Assault Rifles at the moment. <title: Pistols> For Pistols, the Carnifex has had a decent buff of 45.91% to max base damage going from 220 to 321 The Hornet receiving the second biggest damage increase of all at 120% going from 55 max base damage to 121.

Sidewinder got a baby buff of 11.11% taking its max base from 180 to 200. The Hurricane got a notable 31.58% increase to its max base going from 57 to 75. The Eagle got an increase to its max base damage of 38.75% going from 80 to 111 while also gaining an improvement to Accuracy. The Rozerad received a decent 50% max base damage increase going from 56 to 84 as well as gaining a 16.76% increase to it’s starting rate of fire which at rank 10 is now 613 up from 525. Its rate of fire charge time has been improved now being 1 second down from 2 and the Rozerad has also gained an improvement to its accuracy.

The Ushior has gotten a substantial boost of 67.48% to its max base damage, taking it from it’s previous 535 to 896. Its magazine size has also been increased from 1 to 2, total ammo at rank 10 has gone up from 23 to 25 and its weight has been reduced by around 25%. The Charger just got a slight nerf taking its accuracy down a little. These changes to Pistols and SMG’s seem a little confusing also, I, at this point am in the mind that this is almost entirely guided by multiplayer, not because it makes sense there, as I don’t have much of any experience in multiplayer, but they don’#t make sense in single player so by process of elimination it would appear to be the case. But either way, the single shot pistols have been mixed up a little, just from these changes I would likely say that the phalanx is no longer the best option, the Carnifex or Sidewinder likely is depending on how fast you prefer your gun to fire, as with everything in this video, more testing is needed for a more exact answer.

With the SMG’s, the Equalizer has been taken down a peg not receiving any buff, while the almost equal Hurricane getting a huge buff and the Rozerad also gaining substantial buffage. Just from these numbers, I would say the Rozerad is most likely the best now, but the hurricane is certainly in the running, this is of course with the Electrical Conduit augment being used.

As for burst, the Hornet which won that anyway is now super overpowered with that insane damage increase, if you like the burst shot then hornet overall SMG’s. The Ushior being a belt holder for the special pistols with its insane shot when paired with the Plasma Charge now hit’s harder, how this new damage works with the plasma charge augment is yet to be seen, it’s possible it doesn’t need to augment now, testing needs to be done, but with an extra shot in the magazine at base it should definitely be a highly usable weapon.

<title: Shotguns> Now for shotguns, starting with the Katana which received a 39.34% increase to its damage going from 61 to 85 at rank 10 as base. The Piranha got a small increase of 9.68% taking its max base from 62 to 68. The Disciple went from a max base of 76 to 99 for a 30.26% increase to its damage. The Ruzad has now been made useful with a hefty 74.8% increase to its damage going from max base of 123 to 215. The Crusader has gained a huge buff with its damage going up by 82.81% from a max base of 442 to 808, as well as bullet trails added to the slug. The Hesh gained a modest 19.7% increase in damage taking it from a max base of 66 to 79. With the Scattershot going up from 55 to 79 as max base for an increase of 43.64%. The Dhan has received some nice buffs with its damage increasing from 688 at max base to 983 for an increase of 42.88% and it’s magazine increased from 2 to 3, spare ammunition at rank 10 increased from 25 to 26 and it’s weak point damage tweaked to hit harder. The Venom received a 21.26% increase to its damage taking it from a max base of 348 to 422 and a fix to its behaviour where the initial round will now explode on contact with a target and the fragments will now travel faster and longer before they explode.

These changes to Shotguns are substantial and very difficult to read without testing, but at an educated guess from these changes and past testing, I would gather that the Dhan now has a very strong contender in the Crusader, testing may even show the Crusader pulling in front now, but this needs to be looked at before I’ll commit to that. The Piranha has fallen behind a little but it is still a substantial weapon. If you are specced into a Dhan or Piranha already, don’t bother changing it, at least not until I can do further testing. <title: Sniper Rifles> Only a few sniper rifles have received changes, the first is the Vanquisher to get hit hard with a nerf taking it’s damage down by 11.11% from a max base of 810 to 720, this was due to people in multiplayer almost being forced to use the vanquisher as their sniper as it was far above the rest. The Shadow gained an increase of 121.74% going from a max base of 46 to 102, The shadows damage also increases the closer the weapon is to overheating, it will now overheat quicker. The Valiant had its damage increased by 18.88% from a max base of 535 to 636 and its spare ammo increased at rank 10 from 44 to 56.

The Naladen also received a damage buff going from 574 to 752 for an increase of 31.01%. It’s safe to say the Vanquisher is no longer in my top 3 sniper rifles. The 3 classes I put out there was for power shot, then balanced use and another for wider ranges and fallback for missing an odd shot. From just this, I would say the top 3 are now likely the Black Widow, The Isharay and the Valiant, in what order I cannot say without proper testing, but I would say this is a good base guide. <title: Outro> There are a lot of changes in this Combat Balance Patch that completely shake up previous rankings of pretty much every kind, Testing needs to be redone and I will do it in the coming days and weeks. One thing I will stress is that these changes do actually for the most part balance things out, almost all weapons will allow you to complete the game, some just do it a little better, so if you prefer the weapon you have, the way it works, the firing rate even just the look, there is no need to change it, the experience is the main thing.

If it’s fun, then just carry on having fun. For those of you that like staring at spreadsheets I have linked the weapon damage changes spreadsheet in the description, I just used google docs so should be easy to use. There is also a link to all of the combat balance changes including those to powers and enemies. If this video helped you at all a like would be much appreciated and maybe share it with your friends if they play. Think about subscribing if you haven’t already, we’d love to have you and above all, Have an awesome day folks.

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