Mass Effect Andromeda TRIAL | Character Creator, Female Presets 3, 5, 6 and 8

(start sound, dog barks) Hey guys, so, in the last video I showed you how I chose to alter Preset 1 for Sara in Mass Effect Andromeda’s trial. And since I know some of you are worried about the character creator, I wanted to make a couple of examples using the presets that I really didn’t care for. To start off, head 8 really isn’t that hard to work with, however I’m not a fan of her lips. They have huge dented lines on them and it’s not very pleasing to the eye. But you can alter that a bit by upping the lip gloss to maximum intensities.

I also find that using eye shadows that stand out can soften or harden a preset’s traits depending on what colors you use. For head 8 since i used a dark skin toned, I went with a white eye shadow to highlight her eyes and soften her up a bit. As far as the rest of the facial features, I made the nose and lips a tad smaller, brought down the eyes and brows, brought the nose, lips and chin, and widened her jaw and chin a bit. This preset looks pretty decent with a lot of the hairs available but I prefer her with either Sara’s marketed hairstyle or with hairstyle 4. I found head 6 to be more of a challenge simply because, her nose is (laughs) kind of hard to work with. She does have nice lips however so it’s easy to find something to distract the eye from that schnauzer.

I softened her jaw line, lifted and brought in those cheeks and widen her chin up a bit. I also decided to focus the attention on her eyes and her lips. This preset has a way larger forehead than preset 8, so I ended up going with the same hairstyle. I actually like it on her better. For head 3, I actually thought this preset would be easier to work with, but her skin is pretty blotchy so I had to stick to a skin tone that wasn’t going to highlight that too much. Her face is really round and there’s not much you can do to change that but bring the cheeks in and make the jaw line smaller. I really don’t like her eyes ‘cause she just looks like she’s tired or bored as fuck. Hairstyle 3 seemed to work the best with this present because it makes her face look a lot smaller. And overall she looks much cuter like that. I liked the blonde hair initially but I ended up going with a brownish-red.

And then softening up her face using similar colors on her lips and her eyes. I added that black eyeliner in the end but I think I like her more without it. This last one surprised the hell out of me because I really didn’t like her preset but the end result is something that I absolutely love. I started working towards something and ended up somewhere else.

Her face is easy to work with she has nice features, again it’s just the texture of her skin isn’t appealing. She looks good with a lot of the hairstyles available, fyi. The cornrows suit her. Sara’s marketed hairstyle absolutely suited her but I ended up going with that same short do again. I don’t know. Maybe I really like that hairstyle. I decided to go a bit edgy with this preset with a dark lipstick, light eyeshadow to match her eyes a tattoo and a bright hair color. I couldn’t really decide between yellow/orange and violet. She looks really good with both. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I do know they will be releasing additional patches for Andromeda however I don’t know what they will contain. The Lead Designer for Mass Effect Andromeda, @tibermoon replied to a tweet regarding refining the animations and he said more patches will come however what goes in them is still in discussion.

So maybe there is a chance that more things will be included within character creation. Anyway, guy, I’ll try to have a video with the other presets up as soon as I can. Bye!.

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