MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA Tempest and Nomad – Briefing Analysis

Hello everyone, my name is Ashe Some of you know that I’m moving to a new apartment soon, tomorrow actually as I make this video. And because I’m not able to traditionally stream the latest breakdown of the new Andromeda briefing, here’s the down and dirty version. If you haven’t watched the Andromeda briefing for yourself, I highly suggest watching it ahead of time to get the full experience. Kallo Jath is our Salarian pilot who goes through the different rooms and specifications of both the Tempest and Nomad. He states that he’s been part of the crew since the early prototype days, and claims that the Tempest is “easily” the fastest ship of its class, capable of doing 13 light-years per day.

Something that made me curious about mentioning this is the possibility of tracking days. For instance, if missions were able to be unlocked because of how many in-game days you were taking up. I mention this in light of the previously annoying Dragon Age: Inquisition mechanic where you had to spend hours to tens of hours in real life in order to do certain war-table missions, and hopefully Andromeda doesn’t implement a system identical to that. It seems that the ship itself is focused on light and stealthy maneuverability, plus there’s seemingly no main gun attached to it as well, so any movement with the Tempest seems to be outrun or hide. Because of this, it makes me think that the other race ships are fully equipped for space combat, as they should be, including the Hyperion ark. And why everything goes to hell in the N7 Day trailer we saw last year. The Tempest is noticeably smaller than the Normandy, and designated for the Pathfinder team. We’ll be able to walk through the entire ship in one go. Paying attention to the walkways, you can see there are ladders that you can take to go downstairs.

So two floors worth. The research room is equipped with 3 monitors, which is being used for gathering intel and resources from the planets we explore and implementing them into upgrades for weapons, armor, and the nomad scout rover. Seems synced with the Tech lab as well, for any findings and discoveries of technological or biological use. The meeting room seems to be where we’ll have our briefings, and exists what seems to be above the Research room. This is where we can have video conferences with the Nexus. Previously, we’ve had the devs say we’ll have something similar to hanging up on the Council during the original trilogy. In Engineering, we have the Drive Core which looks similar to the Normandy’s Tantalus Drive Core. Both share stealth capabilities. The Tempest armory holds a set of Avengers and pistols. The Med Bay seems to be your standard set. There are only two beds featured here, with the skeleton diagram of a human showcased…and a few medical supplies on the right hand side…or liquor. It might be liquor. And the Cargo Bay with the Nomad. The Cargo bay gives me the same vibe as every single “pimp my ride” interface we’ve seen in games like Grand Theft Auto or Need for Speed, so I imagine we’ll be able to customize the Nomad seamlessly in this area.

If not, and it’s separated by fixing it up via the Research Room or Tech Lab, I only hope that we’ll be able to preview what it looks like before we commit to making it look absolutely silly. The Galley is very small, and makes me think that we’ll have a very small crew with us while going throughout the game. There were only four beds in the Crew Quarters, alongside the Pathfinder quarters which make it 5. Considering the size of the ship, I’m curious not only how big the crew is, and how many times they’ll dock the Nexus, but also how many non-crew we’ll work with that are companions. The Pathfinder’s quarters is very nice, with a television displaying what seems to be a massive planet and orbital rings around it on the side of the bed. A little living area with a couch and spirits off to the side.

A desk as well. The middle of the platform seems to have an interface we can peruse as well. While it looks like we have our own balcony and others may hear things from below, it seems that there is a glass surrounding the Pathfinders quarters, blocking it off. And of course, I only bring this up due to those curious of privacy in our own quarters. On the bridge, Kallo mentions that the Nav System is synced with the Pathfinder. As we know SAM is our friendly neighborhood AI that helps manage the ship, so the connection with it may be the sync that is described. This is basically a car commercial about the NOMAD. WITH TWIN HYDROGEN OXYGEN THINGS AND ELEMENT ZERO CORE INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION FOR EACH WHEEL UGH but also he mentions that there’s an interchangeable 4 or 6 wheel drive, so perhaps the Nomad will be less wild than the Mako was in ME1 that basically made us roll everywhere.

We still have a rear fuel injection boost, and a Helium 3 micro thruster to make us move vertical as well as horizontal. One point mentioned in Kallo’s script was the modularity of its design, which reveals different component specs that can be upgraded. Thrusters – Upgrade the Boost containers to provide more boost fluid Shield Blast – When the Nomad has lost its shield, in a last attempt to preserve integrity, the Shield power cells will discharge causing an area of effect shockwave that will send nearby enemies flying. Life Support – Provides more hazard resistances Radar Highlights enemies in the world Paint jobs, for stealth, as well. We also have access to deployable mining drones that can grab the valuable resources we scan on different planets. And that’s the long and short of it. I’ll be back soon here with VODs from my Mass Effect 1 playthrough as well as more trailer breakdowns as they come. Like and comment if you like, or let me know if you don’t, subscribe if you want more content like this, and I’ll see you very soon!

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