Mass Effect Andromeda | Character Creator, Male Presets 6, 7, 8 and 9

(start sound, dog barks) Round two for the male presets! Head 6 gives you a pretty decent start and honestly I didn’t feel the need to change that much. I thinned out his lips, the depth and width of his mouth, increased his nose size, decreased his nose width and depth. I kept the height of his nose somewhere in the middle. I increased the width of his eyes, made his chin smaller and made his jaw wider. He looks good in most of the hairstyles. but I kept his with the hairstyle he had initially. He started to remind me of my husband so I made him white and blonde with blue eyes.

I also added some huge sideburns. My goal for head 7 was to make his face smaller, or at least appear smaller. I lightened his skin tone, decreased the thickness, depth and width of his mouth. Decreased his nose size, depth, and height. I put his eyes closer together and decreased the depth. His chin was the biggest deal for me. I lowered the chin height, increased the width and made his jaw line smaller. I like him with hairstyle 3, 7 and 10. But I went with a shaved head. I gave him light brown eyes, a scar, and at the last minute I decided to increase the height of his cheekbones and lower his cheek and cheekbone width. Head 8 looked good enough to begin with.

But I widened his mouth, decreased the height and width of his nose and increased his nose size. I moved his mouth a bit higher, lowered his eyes, eye width, brow and increased the depth of his brow. I brought his chin up, increased the depth, width and made his jawline larger. I got rid of those cheeks and moved his cheekbones lower. He looks good in a lot of the hairstyles. But I ended up giving him Scotts marketed hairstyle in dark, dark brown and added beard. This last guy looks like he’s going to murder everyone. (chuckles) Look at his eyes! I found it difficult to change much for him though.

I kept going back and forth with him trying to make a change that just wasn’t happening. I did make his mouth thicker, moved them up as well as the height of his eyes and brows you know, so he looks more interested when he’s killing everyone in the room. (laughs) I brought his eyes together a bit more, brought his cheeks in, lowered the height and made his cheekbones bigger. I gave him dark eyes to match his soul. (laughs) I liked him with a shaved head but I went with hairstyle 5 in black and gave him a beard and a tattoo on the side of his face. Not a much of a difference but, I hope you liked this video nonetheless! Thanks for watching guys! I hope you’re as pumped for Andromeda as I am! Have fun with the game and tweet me your Ryder! @dtakes23 Bye!.

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