10 WICKED Mass Effect Andromeda Facts YOU Need to Know

After a long wait, Mass Effect fans will finally get the chance to explore the galaxy again with the release of Mass Effect Andromeda. This time, not in the Milky Way, but somewhere completely new to humanity. Filled with new alien races, planets to explore and hopefully a couple dance clubs to show off some good old fashioned human dance moves to those new aliens. Bioware has slowly revealed more and more about Andromeda over the last year and we’re as excited as Commander Sheppard is about his favorite stores. This is my favorite store on the citadel! I’m Kyle with WickedFeed, and today we’re taking a look at 10 Wicked Facts About Mass Effect Andromeda. Whether you loved or hated the ending of Mass Effect 3 there’s no denying, this one looks really cool. So let’s get to it. #1: The title Andromeda refers to the Andromeda Galaxy. The setting for the game, which has been described as far away from and long after the events of the original trilogy. 600 years later, to be more precise. As the mission to explore Andromeda was launched between Mass Effect 2 and 3 and required a voyage of 600 years. #2: The main character in the game will go by the name Ryder.

Unlike Commander Sheppard, Ryder has yet to achieve hero status prior to the game’s start and will undergo a story arc much more similar to a traditional hero’s journey. If you remember back when you started Mass Effect 1, Sheppard had an already impressive and heroic military record, which is completely different to the background of our new protagonists. #3: The name Ryder is a reference to Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen nods to real astronauts in space. Buzz Aldrin most notably provided the voice for the Star Gazer in Mass Effect 3. #4: As usual to the Mass Effect series, players will be able to select their gender at the beginning of the game. But unlike Commander Sheppard, who was different versions of the same character, the male and female Ryders are different characters said to exist as twin siblings traveling to Andromeda.

#5: The male and female characters are named Scott and Sara by default, and have the title Recon Specialist before assuming the role of Pathfinder. The characters father, named Alec Ryder, is also titled with Pathfinder. Real quick, let us know in the comment section what games you’d like featured in the future on our Wicked Facts series. All you have to do is like this video and we’ll consider your suggestion for our next episode. Now, back to the facts! #6: The Ryders will be onboard the Hyperion, an Ark starship that has been assigned the mission of finding a new home for humanity in Andromeda as part of what they call The Andromeda Initiative.

A coalition of other races from the Milky Way are also present on the journey. #7: Due to the drastic change in setting and timeline, none of the main characters from the main trilogy, such as Sheppard, Wrex, Garrus or Tali, will be returning in Andromeda. It’s gonna be weird not having Garrus as our right-hand Turian. Gonna miss him and that blue armor You’re My Boy Blue! #8: The alien races returning to Andromeda, include Turians, Salarians, Asari and Krogan. Thank God, what would we do without those badass Krogan? And although not all of the races will show up in Andromeda, they may show up in the future.

Bioware has stated We’ve designed the IP in such a way that they can all show up. But for hopefully obvious reasons, they’re not going to show up in the first game. #9: One of the new races introduced in Andromeda are The Kett. An organic native alien race covered in bone armor. They will be the main antagonist in the Andromeda galaxy and their culture is described as very militaristic. Their eyes are pale white and receded. Creepy. And finally. #10: The game’s tone has been described by Bioware as lighter compared to Mass Effect 3 which was at times, very dark and philosophical (maybe even a bit too philosophical) There’s more humor and lightheartedness, and the dialogue has a less serious tone to it. Although the game isn’t zany, the characters in it are younger, and you feel that in how they are conveyed. And there you have you. 10 Wicked Facts about Mass Effect Andromeda. What are you looking forward to most about the game? And if you’re interested in more cool, interesting facts, make sure to check out our Part 2 video 10 MORE Wicked Facts about Mass Effect Andromeda.

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