10 MORE WICKED Mass Effect Andromeda Facts You Need to Know

With Mass Effect Andromeda almost here, we’ll finally get the opportunity to explore a whole new galaxy in the Mass Effect universe. This time, not as Commander Sheppard, but as Pathfinder Ryder. We can expect Andromeda to be filled with new planets, alien species and hopefully, that good old fashioned Mass Effect dialogue that’s both deeply interesting and well… Just entertaining. I’m Kyle with WickedPWN. We already showcased 10 Wicked Facts about Andromeda. But if you can’t get enough in preparation for the game, we’ve got 10 MORE Wicked Facts about Mass Effect Andromeda coming at you right now. Let’s get started. #1: After the series long history, Mass Effect Andromeda has made the move to all new hardware. The game has adopted the Frostbite Engine. Which requires Bioware to build all systems, tools and assets completely from scratch. This has resulted in huge steps forward in graphics, including the elimination of repeating animations and a huge improvement on facial features. #2: Unlike Mass Effect 2 or 3, don’t expect the decisions you made in previous entries of the series to have an impact on the state of the world in Andromeda. Developers have stated that they didn’t want to invalidate anything that people had done in the past, and that everyone could feel as though they were on board whether they had played the previous games or not.

There’s also a 600 year different and a whole new cast of characters, so the story will be fresh and new. #3: Bioware has stated that enemies of the same class will have different abilities based on their race. Ah, that’s some good old fashioned Mass Effect racism. #4: One of the cool new features in Andromeda occurs during sequences that previously would have been non-interactive cinematics. Now, they’ll have a degree of control.

Such as steering a character falling through the sky, or examining objects during a conversation. #5: After completing the game’s story, players won’t have to start a new game. We’ll be able to keep exploring once the final mission is complete No suicide mission this time? Real quick, let us know in the comment section what games you’d like featured in the future on our Wicked Facts series. All you have to do is like this video and we’ll consider your suggestion for our next episode. Now, back to the facts! #6: One of your main squad mates will be the character Peebee. An Asari described as a lone wolf and adventurer at heart.

Intelligent and socially blunt, she decides to join Ryder’s team as a means to finding out more about the galaxy’s secrets. Her character is voiced by Christine Lakin who recently voiced Jane in The Walking Dead Telltale series. #7: Bioware wanted to make sure everyone in your squad felt fresh ad unique from squadmates in previous installments. The team even cut a character in development because of their similarities to a past favorite. Other squadmates include Vetra, a female Turian those seem pretty rare as well as Drack. A male Krogan as well as Liam. A former police officer described as youthful, enthusiastic and an idealistic follower. #8: Bioware has ensured fans that they have not embraced quantity over quality mentality. They’ve made it clear that their goal has been to keep content rich and up to Bioware’s standards.

Going as far as to restrain the scope of the galaxy so that they could focus on making each individual world and environment memorable. #9: One of the coolest parts of Mass Effect 2, was it’s introduction of loyalty missions. They offered players the chance to dive deeper into the backstories of their squad-mates. Luckily, loyalty missions will be returning to Andromeda. But as entertaining as they’ll be, according to Bioware, they won’t be part of the critical path of the game. Meaning, if you complete them, you’ll be rewarded but you won’t be punished for skipping them.

And finally #10: Although Andromeda has been described as a stand-alone entry in the Mass Effect universe, the developers have made it a point to clarify that the title will really be launching a new longer story arc for the series and that they are planning how to setup future installments. Get hyped. And there you have you. 10 MORE Wicked Facts about Mass Effect Andromeda. What are you looking forward to most about the game? If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our first episode of Wicked Facts about Mass Effect Andromeda. and subscribe to WickedPWN. Because we love your favorite games too. Thanks for watching everyone. Stay wicked!.

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