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Sbarrtacus’ Marvel Contest of Champions Ultron Drones Guide

Here is a small guide on the abilities of the ultron drones based on their class. Just to be clear, I have never encountered...

Alsciende’s Marvel Contest of Champions Signature Abilities Guide

A rather lengthy list of the Signature abilities, with some explanation more the underlying mechanics. Please leave a comment if something lacks clarity or...

The_Stimulant’s Marvel Contest of Champions Dodging Guide

I figured I would put together a guide of how to/whether you can dodge the characters specials. As we all know, you cannot dodge...

turkeyjr’s Marvel Contest of Champions 3 Star Arena Strategy

First, it is very important to get your 2 stars ranked to 3/1 so you can have an infinite streak. You can level them...

Volcano_T-Rex’s Marvel Contest of Champions Synergy List

Black Bolt 2* Cyclops +10% Block Proficiency 3* Spider Man +5% Armor Ronan +4% Armor Cyclops +15% Block Proficiency Hulk +20% Crit Damage 4* Spider Man +6% Armor Ronan +5% Attack Cyclops +20% Block Proficiency Hulk +25% Crit Damage Captain Marvel 2* – – 3* Captain A +5% Armor Gamora +5% Armor Iron Man +5% Armor 4* Captain...

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