Today we prepared a very interesting guide featuring Rengar. A truly jungle carry that will surely bring you a good deal of Elo points. We are going to watch and analyze a game of some random guy from NA. However, considering that he’s playing against midlaner CLG HuHi, this is gonna be a high quality game. You’ve been persistently asking to make a guide for this champion, so we just couldn’t ignore your wishes. At the start of season 6 Rengar underwent a couple of significant nerfs, which along with a few bugs drastically dropped his win rate. But now when the bugs are basically fixed the situation begins to settle down. The most significant nerf is not rebalanced Q nor even that Bola Strike now has a cast time.

The main thing is that Rengar’s ult now gives a longer range warning to the enemies. Now you have even more carefully choose the time when to active your ultimate. Rengar’s gank potential before level 6 is quite weak. Yes, he has a control with empowered Bola Strike, yes, he can invade enemy’s jungle, he’s a great persecutor of targers in the jungle, with a lot of bushes for constant jumps. However, in general Rengar’s main task until level 6 is farming, to get level 6 as early as possible. If you noticed Rengar’s strategy of farming jungle is skipping large camps during first jungle clear.

He saves red and blue buffs for the second round. This tactics allow you to get level 6 around 6 minutes mark, remaining with a double buff. This tactics is often used by junglers that are relying much on level 6. I showed it in Nocturne guide on my main youtube channel. Skill build. Firstly we are maxing our Q. This is our main source of damage, plus it’s a skill that resets the cooldown of autoattacks, making our burst even more powerful. Secondly we are maxing our E – Bola Strike. This is our main source of control, which slows target, and which we use when, for example, trying escape from the enemy on low HP to slow him down. With maximum Ferocity it roots a target which we use for ganks. Being able to land this skillshot and cast it while flying towards the target, is a key element for being able to play Rengar. We are maxing W last. This skill gives us resist, which increases per skill leveling. However, this is useless for us in team fights, if we don’t buy HP items. Empowered Battle Roar gives heal, which is scaled only by level and missing HP.

To be able to heal yourself with this skill there’s no point to put more than 1 skill point into it. Maxing ult is top priority. Runes. Basically full AD build is good for Rengar, which surely is in arsenal of any player. Greater Mark and Quintessence of Attack Damage, Greater Seal of Armor, to spend less HP during first jungle clear, and Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction. If you are willing to get an additional page of runes for this champion, there’s an option to take Greater Mark of Armor Penetration, which will significantly increase your gank potential. Masteries. 12-18-0. You are a pure assassin that kills his targer in the split second. Thunderlord’s Decree will be just perfect for this. Also people consider taking such unusual for junglers masteries as: Bounty Hunger in Ferocity tree and Assassin in Cunning tree. Both these masteries fit well the skillset of mobile assassin, who breaking away from his team and oneshotting enemy’s carry or damaged champions. Other that that I think masteries choice is obvious the logic behind it is also obvious. Upon getting level 6 start ganking immediately.

In this episode Rengar does a typical for all Rengar players lane gank. Going in through your lane behind the tower, not from the river and not from enemy’s back, like traditional junglers do. Red team’s mistake is that they warded only enemy’s tribush. Which is good against traditional junglers, but is useless against Rengar. You need to place long-distance wards against him. For example, in the brush in front of Krugs camp, to see the line and Krugs camp itself, to warn your teammates for incoming Rengar’s gank. The gank combo which you should learn is rather simple. Firstly, you need to have 5 stacks of Ferocity, so your following ability will be significantly stronger. You’re initiating by jumping onto enemy from a bush or from ultimate invisibility. While flying you should click E towards your enemy to root him. After landing you have to click your W, to deal additional damage, and then autoattack him and immediately follow up Q. You have to learn how to do it quickly. Almost as quick as lightning. This is your maximum burst damage output. After getting level 6 it’s quite easy to allocate the time between ganking and farming. Farm jungle until your ultimate is on cooldown, and as soon as it comes back off cooldown go onto lane and get a pick off.

Which means, upon getting level 6 you have to gank every time your ultimate goes off of cooldown. This picture shows the places where jungle Rengar get the highest amount of kills in the game. As you can see, the vast majority of kills he gets on the lanes. This means that most of the kills are done by 20 minutes mark, while players are still farming lanes. Choose the most weak lane in your games, gank it and completely ruin the game for your opponent. In this situation the most weak enemy spot was bot lane. Itemization. We start with Hunter’s Machete and flask. These items would give us enough survivability in the jungle. First item you should buy is Skirmisher’s Sabre. Red smite with warrior enchantment is the best choice. I think I need to explain why warrior enchantment, why red smite and not blue? Because you get the maximum damage output and reduce taken damage. What else does the oneshot assassin need? For the second item slot I recommend buying Youmuu’s Ghostblade.

At the moment this is probably the best item for any AD caster or AD assassin in mid game. It gives us a tons of damage for its price. It gives us armor penetration, plus an active skill that gives us movement speed, which is really important for Rengar. Because our ultimate can be spotted from long range by enemy. Moreover, don’t forget about 10% cooldown reduction. By the way, speaking of cooldown reduction. Our boots choice is the ones with cooldown reduction.

The more often we gank, the more faster we snowball, and the more likely we will be able to finish the game before 25-30 minute mark, when Rengar’s impact on the game will start dropping slowly. Then we got for glass-cannon build. To have more burst onto the enemy. Ideally, our goal for the game is to end it before 25-30 minute mark. When morally crushed enemies will spam surrender button seeing 15-0 Rengar oneshotting their marksman over and over again. This is your game plan if you are playing low or mid Elo games. The items that give us maximum damage will be the best option for this game plan. Such as: Ravenous Hydra, Draktharr, Infinity Edge, Maw of Malmortius, also Mercurial Scimitar, in case if you need to remove enemy debuffs. What’s the disadvantage of this build? If you fail early game, for example you’ll die 2-3 times at the start of the game, then you probably won’t be able to fully utilize glass-cannon build.

You won’t have enough damage, while you will get oneshotted by all and sundry. Is it possible to build Rengar as off-tank in the current meta? With Titanic Hydra, Dead Man’s Plate, Spirit Visage, Maw of Malmortius, and be a self-healing tanky jungler. Yes, it is. Just take a look at Reignover, Korean jungler of team Immortals, which is holding 1st place in American LCS. He’s playing with 12-0-18 masteries, emphasizing Strength of the Ages in Resolve mastery tree, which I recommend for most bruisers and tanks. He builds Rengar as a tank, with Titanic Hydra, Dead Man’s Plate, Spirit Visage and so on. He doesn’t use his ulti in team fights to initiate and oneshot enemy carry.

He’s using it when the fight has already started to shut down enemy’s marksman. He activates ultimate and jumps into enemy’s backline, preventing enemy’s jungler from dealing damage. He won’t be able to oneshot him with this build, of course, he can’t even kill him. But it’s really hard to kill Regnar with this build. Enemy’s marksman has always kite this unkillable Regnar, who’s healing himself with W. Even though this strategy is relevant, but it useful only in high-Elo games, where the team understands Regnar’s tank potential. How to utilize it, who to do in team fights, what team needs to do, while Regnar is kiting enemy carry. In low Elo games where the guys do not have this understanding, and where you have to explain to the team what to do, I would not recommend this build. Better to use it in low Elo games, where people don’t know how to place wards, how to use pink wards to spot Rengar’s ult, how to use long-distance wards and how to splitpush without warding side lanes.

In low Elo I’d recommend you to go for glass-cannon Rengar, that jumps in, oneshots, and runs away. Do pink wards counter Rengar? A lot of people stopped playing Rengar claiming that pink wards are super cheap and it’s easy to spot a gank from Regnar. The guys in high Elo games have learned how to place pink wards, spot incoming Regnar in stealth, use control abitilies on him and nip his gank in the bud. This seriously nullifies our ganking potential. But in general, as you can see in this replay, even in high Elo games people can’t always take advantage of this.

Not to mention low Elo, where people often don’t buy wards at all, don’t check minimap and while going back to base they open game shop and buy items. However there are more serious counter-picks for Regnar. Firstly, don’t pick Regnar when you’re playing against champions that can nullify your oneshot potential. Such as: Kayle, by shielding his carry, Zilean, by resurrecting a killed marksman, Kindred, by making her allies unkillable with her ultimate. Also Janna with pink wards and good reaction can throw Rengar back, and so on. What to do if enemy are playing very carefully, never go out solo, or sitting in base under the towers. So there’s no one to oneshot on the map. In this case you need to splitpush one of the side lanes.

Destroy tower after tower, get farm. You need continue farming anyway. It’s unlikely that someone will be able to stop you 1v1. There’s a very limited number of champions that are able to deal with a fed Rengar. If they sent the entire team to kill, you can just escape by using your ultimate’s invisibility. Pray that the enemies won’t use pink wards to detect you. At the end, which champs are good with Rengar? Firstly, those that can increase your movement speed and save you. Lulu, Kayle, Sivir, Thresh, that will pull us out of the team fight with his lantern, when you jumped in to oneshot enemy’s mage or marksman. Zilean, that will be able to resurrect us if something happens. Kindred, that can save us with her ultimate and everything like that.

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