Hello guys I am Kaluchi a Diamond player who mains ADC and also Ezreal. Ezreal is by far my most played champion ever since season 1, so I think I know the basics of this champion also some nice tips tricks and all that good stuff. This will be my first very in depth guide so the video might be a very long one but then again I’ll try my best to explain literally everything there is to know about this champion. If you want to skip to a topic look in the description below for the timestamps. Let’s get started. Ezreal is an Burst ADC (Marksman) who excels at dealing damage with both his skills and auto attacks. Therefore it’s of outmost importance to know what his skills do and how to use it effectively. Ezreal is not your typical Hyper Carry like Ashe, Cait or Vayne who deal 1k crits late game. Instead Ezreal deals a good amount of burst damage either in a long period of time or very short, it all depends on how you set this up and for whom.

The difference between Burst and Hyper carry is basically that burst damage comes from your skills. This way you can activate all of your skills at the same time to deal a lot of damage in a short window. Hyper carry is more for the basic auto attack champions who work with critical strikes and attack speed. Both have its pros and cons and both counter each other at certain moments. For example Burst is very good against squishy champions and in early to midgame while hyper carries are perfect for that late game to shred tanks. Moving on to the second part I will talk about how good Ezreal fits in the current meta, this will be patch 7.7.

In my opinion Ezreal belongs in the top 3, for me personally he is number 1 but if you look at the general state of the game I’d place him at number 2 right behind Lucian. The reason why Ezreal is so strong at this moment is because of the meta being early / mid game. Games tend to end faster and for that reason you don’t have the time or money to build your expensive critical strike build, instead you go for a much cheaper path that deals a lot more damage early on which scales very good with Ezreal. Let’s move to his strength and weaknesses. The first thing that you will notice while playing Ezreal is that he is very very mobile. Thanks to his E he has a flash that you can use every 10 to 15 seconds. This makes him practically untouchable for junglers early game also for hard initiators . People have to think twice before they go in on you and because of that you have a great advantage as an adc.

Ezreal also has a lot of Burst damage. People often don’t realize this but if Ezreal starts off with his ultimate and follows up with his E – Q combo almost all squishy champions go down from a 100 to 30/40% HP, and even after that he has strong basic attacks and low cooldowns. Ezreal is also 1 of the greatest Kiters in game. Even though he has no Crowd Control, he has very low cooldowns and good amount of range to stay out of any dangers and once again he has his E to reposition if needed. If you go for the ice born gauntlet build, you will become even more of a beast in kiting. Ezreal is also a poke king.

Before a team fight starts try to poke the enemies with your Q. Trust me it hurts a lot if you manage to hit a few in a row. Moving on to his weaknesses Ezreal is very item reliant and can’t do much if he gets behind but if he does get his tear stacked before 20 minutes you will become a beast. Try to be as efficient as possible and for this reason recall when needed don’t stay in lane too long, get your items and get back to lane. People will often cancel your recall before your first back so they can delay your Tear of the goddess purchase. Try to really go back at 800g, and if that’s not possible go asap. Why 800 g? Because now you can buy a health potion and TOTG. Of course if you need a ward as well stick till 875.

Ezreal can fall off late game in comparison to other adc’s. Does this mean he is weak? No not at all. It just means that other ADC’s will catchup and even surpass him if the game goes beyond 30 – 35 minutes. Usually these are the hyper carries that I talked about in the beginning of the video. Also Ezreal needs space to deal damage. What I mean with this is the following: Ezreal’s main damage comes from his Q but your Q hits the first target it encounters. So if you try to deal damage to an enemy that stands behind an minion, ally or a jungle creep you will not be able to deal the damage you want. This can also be annoying in the laning phase especially. That’s why you shouldn’t trade when there are a lot of minions around. Position is key. Playing Ezreal may seem easy, but don’t underestimate him.

Since all of his skills are skill shots there is some skill required to really benefit from this champion. Therefore he might be harder to master then most other adc’s Since we’re talking about him being a skill shot based champion let’s move over to his skills. ( very smooth transition Kaluchi ;). Okay so his Passive : Rising spell force will increase your attack speed for 6 seconds every time you hit one of your skills. This passive stacks up to 5 times this means that he gains 10% attack speed per ability that successfully hits, do this 5 times and you have +50% attack speed.

At level 7 the passive will be 12% per stack and at level 13 it will be 14% per stack. Later on I will tell some tricks how to stack this up fast. His Q Mystic shot is very simple. You fire a bolt of mystical energy (whoohh) that hits the first target it encounters. Your Q also reduces ALL of your cooldowns for seconds if hit successfully this means the more you fire this the less cooldown your skills have ( oh and of course you must be able to aim and hit something ). That’s not all, your q applies on hit effects, this means that if you have special buffs your Q benefits from it as well. I’ll give some examples: Blade of ruined king passive, Sheen proc, Red buff, black cleaver passive, critical strike, rapid fire canon electric shizzle and static shiv as well. There are more but you get the point. Because his Q applies on hit effects it makes his Q the perfect harassing ability, let’s say your Q deals 400 damage of itself and you have red buff this will deal an additional X amount of damage on top of that, oh and of course you got your sheen and Blade of ruined king passive as well, this will make your Q go from 400 to 600/700 damage.

Moving on to his W Essence Flux. This skill doesn’t really provide a lot but pick it at level 4 nonetheless. I will explain in a bit why. So his W is a skillshot that moves through minions and jungle creeps. It can only effect allied or enemy champions. Allied champions gain an Attack speed buff and your enemies will receive damage. This skill can hit multiple enemies or allies. You can also cast Essence flux on yourself by casting it and then following it up by Arcane shifting in to it. This will provide a nice attack speed buff.

His E Arcane shift is why I love this champion so much. It’s basically your Summoner spell flash but then on lower cooldown and it deals damage! How great can a skill be. Max this skill second after your Q. This skill makes you invincible if used right. It has a 19 second cooldown at level 1 so don’t use it for fun, only use it when needed. Oh remember that if you hit your Q your cooldown will be lowered seconds. Therefore don’t miss your Q’s! True shot Barrage is Ezreals most fun skill to use. It’s an across the map ultimate that can go from your place to wherever you want it to go, dealing damage to ALL enemies hit BUT..

There is a but incoming… it deals 10% less damage for each additional unit it hits (30% minimum damage). It takes Ezreal a short time to fire his ultimate, seconds is my lucky guess, so make sure they won’t see it coming. Oke let’s talk about runes. So Ezreal needs a mixed rune page with Attack Speed and Attack damage, this stacks well with his passive and obviously for base damage as well. For defensive runes there are so many options. I like to keep it simple therefore I pick flat armor and magic resist. You can get cooldown reduction on glyphs as well or attack speed, but I wouldn’t really recommend that anymore.

For seals you can go for health as well, again I wouldn’t recommend this. Flat is the best in most cases. If you however have 10000 rune pages feel free to make every single one different for each game and matchup. Moving to his Masteries. There are multiple ways you can make a mastery page for Ezreal I personally only use 1 no matter what my team has or the enemy. The second page is a page you should pick if you’re not that comfortable with Ezreal yet. It gives a lot of sustain making you less punishable for mistakes. In this first mastery page I made it so that I can deal as much damage as possible with the least sustain possible.

You’re an ADC in the end and need to be able to deal damage. There are small things you can change but get Fervor 100% of the time if you want to go for a damage mastery page. The second page is meant like I said if you want more sustain and don’t want to get punished as hard. I used this as a test but I liked the first one more since the damage makes quite the difference. You can get warlord bloodlust instead of fervor as well if you want to go for that sustain build. Let’s move over to the item builds. There are 2 main core builds I use and recommend and within those 2 build there are some minor changes you can do. I will let you guys know what those changes are and based on your game you can adapt to it. Let’s start with his highest damage output build first. This build is meant to deal a lot of burst damage and every item has either an active or passive that boosts his Q damage.

Start off with a Doran’s blade and health potion. Go back at 800g and buy your tear of the goddess and 1health potion. Next is your Muramana, the reason why you want to rush this item before Trinity force is because once you buy this item stacking the tear of the goddess gets a lot easier. After muramana get your boots based on the game you pick your boots. So with a lot of AD get Ninja Tabi, with a lot of AP get mercury, if the game goes well and you’re pretty safe get Ionian Boots of Lucidity. After your boots you want to pick up your triforce. Next is Blade of the ruined king. So these 3 items are your core items that you must buy 100% of the time.

After you’ve done that you can build based on the game, for example, get MAW if they have a lot of AP, get steraks gage if they have a lot of burst, if they have a lot of assassins get GA. For your next item you want some Armor penetration get last whisper, if they have a lot of HP get lord Dominik’s, if they got a lot of regen and heals get mortal reminder. For your second build you only want to change the trinity force into ice born gauntlet. Ice born gauntlet will help you kite a lot easier thanks to its slow. Pick this item if the enemy has a lot of attack damage or when they have a lot melee champions that you want to kite. Champions like Nasus, Pantheon or Illaoi have a hard time catching up when they’re slowed by your Ice born Gauntlet. Before we move on to the next part, I’d like to give you guys a tip on how to stack your Tear faster. So tear works on stacks and every time you use a skill it gains 4mana, therefore try to always use a skill at all times.

When you walk from base to your lane spam your Q and W, when you are in lane spam it even if it doesn’t hit the enemies. Once you get manamune your basic attacks will also count as a stack. Then it will go easier automatically. It’s very important that you don’t forget to do this because the sooner you have it fully stacked the sooner you will be stronger and have your spike. I will explain some matchups for Ezreal and what to keep in mind when you’re in them.

The first matchup will be against Caitlyn. Since Cait is a bully, has more range and more push power she will probably be one of the hardest matchups for you. Ask your support to push with you as hard as possible against her so she doesn’t have time to poke you. If you do lose and she zones you, just farm with your Q. Your Q has more than enough range to keep farming in lane even when zoned. Second champion will be Lucian. While Ezreal should counter Lucian experience show me that Lucian is just as a good of a counter. Ezreal deals more burst then Lucian but Lucian can follow up better. When picking a fight with Lucian be sure to hit your ult beforehand and don’t miss your Q’s. Next up is Ashe. Ashe should be a win for you since she has to hit her big ultimate which is easily dodgeble with your E. In the laning phase you just want to poke her a few times with your Q before going for the kill. Last one I will be talking about is vayne.

Vayne is in my opinion the biggest counter to Ezreal. Just because she can dodge all of your skills. Same goes for kalista, play passive against her and let your team initiate lock her up and then follow up. Let’s get to the fun part aka the tips and tricks. The first thing I want you to do is go to your settings and change all your skills to smart cast, this will really help you doing your combo’s faster and smoother. You can spot enemies in brushes by throwing your skills before entering and you will either hear a sound or see your skill disappear when you hit an enemy. You can also see your passive stacking up. So you don’t have to face check. The double flash, no one will see this coming and even if they do they can’t catchup. Use your E first then flash and press Q. You will make so much distance with this it’s insane.

It needs some getting used to, so practice this a few times before using it. This trick will make you do the most amount of burst in the shortest time. Fire your ult beforehand then W E and follow it up with a Q. this combo can deal up to 2k damage. Imagine all the squishy champions crying =]. My next tip will be a simple one. Use your ult to depush pushing lanes . Your cooldown is low on your ult so don’t feel bad to do this. My last 2 tips are, to use your ult in team fights to hit as many people as possible, don’t save it just to snipe some low hp’s and your Ultimate can’t be canceled it’s a channel not a cast. That was it for the tips and tricks let’s move over to the gameplay! In this footage you will see us rushing level 2 before the enemies and then immediately engaging on them. Because we have the level advantage we come on top of the trade and manage to kill vayne.

We run away after this since karma can kill us. Fortunately for us she doesn’t have the damage and follows us in to hell. Here you see why I said you should use your ult from a place they can’t see it charging. Because of this thresh didn’t see it coming and was too late to dodge it and died. This is a 1v2 situation. Because I poked them beforehand a few times with my Q they have become low on HP. Karma then for some reason thought it was smart to initiate on me while I have a big wave. I managed to kill her before vayne could join the fight. After that I went on vayne and killed her as well. Here is some footage on why Ezreal is so mobile and safe, even though I made a very big mistake and took a lot of damage I managed to get out of here thanks to my flash and arcane shift.

Even after I got out kha6 went ham on me and I used my arcane shift again. I made so many mistakes here and yet I got 2 kills out of it and 2 assists as well. The next 2 clips will show you why Ezreal’s burst is one to be reckoned with. I see thresh out of position and I know I got the damage to blow him up, so that is what I do. I use all of my skills and even flash for the kill. The same thing happens when I am against vayne who didn’t think that I could kill her.

I unleash my mystical powers and slay her fast. After that I bait kassadin to chase me and pop my heal and survive while he gets picked off by fizz. Because I didn’t like the fact he disrespected me earlier on, I decided to face him in a 1v1 and wrecked him. Don’t forget to BM! Here is a random snipe I made :). That was it for my guide thank you very much if you watched until here.

Goodluck and have fun playing him. If you got any questions let me know in the comment section below. This video took me a very long while to make so I’d appreciate a like comment or sub! Have a nice day and until next time!.

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