Hey guys I am back with another video to show you Xin Zhao Jungle. I love this guy. He’s so fun. So easy to get fed with this guy and carry really hard. Um… I mean he does have his pitfalls, cc for example is really scary with him if you can’t auto attack then you will end up dying but if you don’t have a lot of cc or you can do enough damage where you can just kill them and sustain afterwords, then very very cool to play this guy. Very very fun. You can definitely climb low elos very very easy to get yourself out of bronze if you practice with this guy. The nice thing about him is once you get fed I mean no one is safe on their team, you can kill them especially their squishies, very quickly under towers; hard cc and quick damage that you’ll be doing to them. He is one of the few champions that gets life while attacking structures because of his kit and I mean he’s all around really cool.

He can solo dragons very easily without losing life and ugh he’s on an exclusive club I think, very very exclusive that he can solo rift by himself. If you do have your team I mean you can tank it the entire time and you wont lose life. So I mean you can have a guy there it’s just not completely necessary. And because he is so good at killing all these objectives you can max out devourer very very quickly and bring lots of you know utility to your team by taking these things and the nice thing I mean these things all add up.

I mean let’s talk about Baron for a second. I mean baron is such a huge objective for the team I mean I have lost so many games or won so many games due to just getting this baron and I mean so strong, so strong going into season 6 and and he can have so much sustain, solo it and what’s even crazier is that he can actually solo it at 20 minutes which you’ll see at the end of this guide, so overall awesome champion.

I’m really excited to make this video. Oh my goodness. You said you were gunna tank it. Stand farther away noob! They’re still mid. Ah yea I can totally solo it by myself at this point, but I want your executes. Alright. Uh oh, uh oh I’m dead [ADC]. Uh no thank you, no thank you [mid] What the heck? [Xin] Wow [Mid] I’ll be the sacrificial lamb [ADC].

These are my runes if I plan on killing baron. If I don’t plan on killing baron at 20 minutes, going into the game then I’ll just get scaling magic resist. If I’m doing more movement speed ganking then this is what I’ll get and maybe I’ll swap out the attack speed for attack damage but attack speed is usually better. These are the current Xin Zhao masteries that I run. His abilities are very simple, his Q gives you a buff for three auto attacks which on the third one it knocks them up and does increase damage for every auto attack and every auto attack lowers your cooldowns by 1 second including your ult. Essentially lowering your abilities by 3 seconds. Your w will give you a passive ability where you are going to get life every third attack so that’s pretty amazing that is why you can end up getting life while attacking structures. Now if you activate it it is going to get you a lot a lot of attack speed so that’s really good and for that reason I’m leveling up Q and W maxing that out for a baron play.

Your E dashes you to a target and slows all enemies around and does magic damage. Now I will have to say a lot of people are maxing this right now for the lower cooldown and increased slow but personally I don’t max this out, I max this out last just because I am trying to make a baron play regardless if I am trying to solo that at 20 minutes or I am going to duo it or whatever. If I get the opportunity I can’t follow through with that if I max out my E. One of the big pitfalls I see with this ability is that people slap this down as soon as they can, I mean they’ll do it like a damage dealing ability.

Which I mean it’s not bad but if you know you are going to win without it then use it as a gap closer. Use it as a slow. Now I don’t want you to get the wrong impression here because I don’t want you to think, yea never start the fight with the E because if they are grouped or something like that then that’s good I mean, go ahead and jump in and do stuff like that. That’s perfectly fine, it is a gap closer it is a slow and it is an aoe slow at that. So it’s a good ability but just don’t always run in to use your E just because you want to because it is off of cooldown and that’s the first thing you think you should do.

So situations that have worthy mentions: You are going to use it when you need that gap closer, when you cant get your combo off. Use it in the fog of war when you are hiding when you need that quick engage on your opponents before they realize you are there. And the most simple, use it as a gap closer especially when they will die very fast. So finally we have his ult which knocks back everybody, especially the person you challenge which works off of your passive, which applies every time you auto attack or E. You can only have one challenge person at a given time, and when you challenge someone then it is going to lower 15% of their armor. Pretty awesome stuff. Now, your ult you can use for multi purposes.

To obviously disrupt the enemy team and whatnot. You can end up engaging in the middle of all of them and stay safe since you’ll be pushing them away except for the person you are assassinating. The person you are killing. So that’s pretty good, a couple pitfalls here. People usually ult too late. Now I say this for a couple reasons. One because every person you hit you gain extra resistances for six seconds. So obviously if you jump into the middle of an entire team fight and hit everyone, then you will get a lot of resistances, making you tankier. Now, the second reason I think this is a problem is because if you ult too late you dont get the full damage effect from it that you normally would if you started the fight with it. And so keep that in mind if you jump into all 5 then you’ll end up knocking 4 of them back and get a lot of magic resist, lots of armor, and you’ll be taking off a nice percentage off of their entire team.

Now, keep in mind I would not just jump into any one person. That is the biggest second pitfall that I normally see. People are just knocking back any random person. No go for their high priority targets if that is their AD assassin mid, then sure go for that. AP caster mid that is really wrecking you guys, then go for that. Or go for their AD carry. And one of the big things that I see myself doing is that I do not respect their CC, which is a huge mistake. Even though your ult can distrupt them and you can do a lot of damage, you have to be mindful of their CC. Your ult cannot break their CC.

So as awesome as you could be you want to always be able to measure how much your team can followup if you end up getting locked down. So a couple things to keep in mind, Xin Zhao is very strong early game and I think you beat most champions early game so, you can always counter jungle or if they end up invading you, then you can easily easily get some kills that way. So the nice thing about Xin Zhao is that since he has so much sustain in the jungle, he can easily gank a lot. I mean you are going to be at full life a lot or very high and since he has a lot of damage and hard cc, hard engage that you can easily gank and get a lot of kills especially on bottom lane.

You can go as easily at lvl 3 and cheese that because you’re going to have the life and damage and whatnot to participate. So you want to get your devourer as soon as you can. That’s going to be really important especially if you want to get that 20 minute baron. So ganking lanes is essential if you want to try to solo a 20 minute baron. If you are going to duo, then not a big problem but if you want to solo it you have to get your devourer, you have to get a rage blade, you have to have your blade of the ruin king.

So gank a lot, take a lot of objectives get as much gold as you can. If you come for her I can gank her [Mid] Sure. You’re going to die [Xin] You’re complete build will include deadman’s plate so that way you can have that movement speed and armor and you’re going to get spirit visage. So that way you can have higher sustain and magic resist. So I mean very very simple. You boots you can always get movement speed, sometimes I like to get that if I am ganking a lot or you can always get some merc treads for the lower CC. Or I guess if they are really AD heavy which is quite common these days you can always get armor boots. So I mean you have a little bit of flexibility depending on your actual objective. I didn’t collect that Akali soul because you switched targets on me [Support] Oh ho, you stopped blit’z ult holy cow [Mid] 2 Unofficial pentas [Top] Okay guys 24 and a half minutes I think I can do this baron guys. Oh yea this is a bit easier. I mean he still does hurt but I wonder if I can do a 20 minute baron or quicker at least.

I got it [Xin]. Oh my goodness. No freaken way. [Xin] Well at least the benefit is that they never expect you to be doing this [Top] Oh no! Damn you Yasuo! [Xin] No!!! Oh no! They got it freakin warded. I’m not doing it warded. How long does that thing last for. Oh, it wore off guys. I’m going for it. Ah this is too early to solo baron. It was a worthy effort. No 10% life steal makes, isnt the difference that I need. Need more attack speed. Suck. I am going to try again anyways even if Lyle warned them at the start of the game.

Stop them guys I can do this. I think a 20 minute baron is possible. Stop them! I can do this. Ah man you guys suck. I know its possible now though. Okay I think I learned from my mistakes, I got this guys. Come forth baron, you will find honor in death! Wait, that’s not how it… Just stay over there don’t die and I’ll get this myself. Oh no no, signal them to stay over there please. Oh my goodness, NO. NO. Why they coming over here? I am almost done with this crap. This has taken me so many games to get this! MAN THIS IS WHY WE DONT PLAY WITH PUGS, MAN I FREAKEN HATE THIS GAME NOOOOOO. Oh thanks guys, for peeling out there, ya I really like to get this ugh solo baron in a 20 minute I really appreciate that now ugh ya, use that technique to win the game.

Ugh [sigh] pugs. But yea anyways. I hope you enjoy this video and hit a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed making this video Xin Zhao was a lot of fun. More fun then I have ever given him credit for in the past. Not very hard to play but super super enjoyable.

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