Hey guys I am back with another video to show you Warwick jungle. I am going to do this one a bit faster pace moving because Warwick is pretty easy and I’m just kind of experimenting a little bit to see if you like this kind of guide a little bit more then my in-depth spotlight champion guides. And if you do, then maybe I’ll mix these in a little bit more into my weekly guides. So, Warwick jungler I think is an awesome pick. If you are not familiar with jungling or if you are an expert jungler, I think he is an awesome guy to have in your arsenal. He does lots of damage, lots of utility for your team and overall just an awesome awesome pick.

So first off lets go into the runes. So these are the typical runes I would probably get. Attack speed quinns and reds. Armor yellows. And scaling cooldown blues. Now if you want to have a faster start then maybe just get cooldown normal flat blues and/or if you want a safer end game then maybe get magic resist scaling blues instead. I mean good option there as well. For starting items I prefer talisman but you can go either way.

Health pot just in case I get invaded and vision ward so I can contribute to my team a little bit since I am not going to be ganking until level 6. My core items will be devourer, blade of the ruin king and rageblade. If you want only two offensive then go without the blade of the ruin king. And for boots I like to get swiftness but you can get defensive just as easily.

And spirit visage and deadman’s plate is what I prefer but the gage and zz can be very good depending on your team and obviously the two, randuin’s omen or frozen heart depending on who you are fighting. Go ahead and start off the game with your W, that is really important to help kill the level 1 golems really fast. And you are going to ward your red, and you are going to pink the other side of it close to the river so that way if the enemy does come, your team can back you up and kill them. Warwick is actually kind of weak early game so, you are going to do your wraiths, you are going to do your wolves, you are going to smite them as well so that way you can get vision if they come to your blue as well and you are going to go ahead and kill blue and then gromp.

I mean pretty simple, pretty simple. If you are top side jungle you are going to start off with gromp, ward your blue buff, do wolves. If you get invaded, keep in mind it’s better to lose your wolves then it is to lose your blue buff to the enemy jungler so hopefully they’ll just run away and don’t feel the need to end up dying over your wolf. On your first back you are going to buy the other jungle item and a dagger. So once I hit level 6 I like to gank non-stop mid.

The double suppression, or suppression to hard CC, or suppression to hard burst is just really easy to get kills in my opinion. But I mean you can always go top or bottom there are advantages to either or. But the key thing is you want to be able to secure that kill when you go to those different lanes. So keep that in mind and go where you need to. So a couple things to note, yes you want to max out your devourer as fast as you can, killing dragons and scuttles and stuff like that. But you want to ult when you know you can actually kill them, when you can burst them down and stuff like that. Don’t just ult anytime but when you ult you know you are going to get that kill, that they won’t get away. So in those circumstance go ahead and flash and then ult. I mean you can close a lot of distance that way. Wards wont be too much of a problem. But keep in mind that his ult does have some other purposes other than just gap closing and damage.

It does have a healing factor on you as well. So you don’t always want to just initiate with that. Now a couple things in this clip. This irelia is actually more fed than I am which is saying something since I am 5/1. I do ult her into the tower and my fervor is already maxed out when I hit my ult. So this is really nice because if I had just started out with my ult, she probably would have gotten away or killed me. And we have this clip where he just does his flay right there but he still has his hook, so if I started with my ult he would have hooked me out of it. So, I waited until after he charges it and then I end up ulting in. So use your ult in the proper timing as well when you are not just going to waste it. Other worthy mentions are when people are out of position, regardless if they are already low or they are squishies or carries that are out of position, away from their group.

I mean lots of people to ult there. And you can use your ult to tower dive. If you built the suggested three core items you can solo baron. So that’s cool. So the last tip I’ll leave you with is that dont leave your e on until its necessary, its just not very smart because you’ll tip off the enemy that you are coming and they’ll run away and get away. So thanks so much for watching, I hope this guide was helpful to you. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please leave a comment in the section below. Hit a thumbs up, if you liked this video, if it helped you out. And, please subscribe you might like some of my other content as well. I will see you next time and thanks for watching.

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