Hey there and welcome to this Viktor guide. In this video I’ll teach you the fundamentals of Viktor, to help you learn the champion faster. Viktor is quite easy to play, and is insanely strong in the current meta. There are no real hard-counters to Viktor at the moment, which means that picking Viktor is always possible. In the guide I’ll go over a couple of things. If you wish to skip to any of the parts, feel free to use the annotations on screen to skip forward. Firstly I’ll cover runes, masteries, item build and summoner spells. Then I’ll explain what Viktor’s abilities are, what they precisely do and how you can use these the best possible way. Once you have a clear understanding of Viktor and his abilities, I’ll teach you how to play the laning phase and how to play in teamfights. Alright so here you have an overview of masteries, runes, summoner spells and item build. I suggest you copy these settings for your own play, because they’ve proven to work for tons of players, including me.

Of course for summoner spells I advice you to think for yourself what you prefer best. If you are an aggressive player, ignite fits you best. Are you a defensive player? Consider barrier, heal or cleanse. You can even run ghost and flash if you are a teamfight centric player. – Now let’s take a look at Viktor his abilities. It is important to know how these exactly work, and how you can make them work the best possible way. Viktor his passive, Glorious Evolution, makes Viktor start with an exclusive item, the Prototype Hex Core. Viktor can upgrade this item for 1000 gold, allowing you to upgrade one of your abilities. I will give you an overview at the end of the ability section about what these upgrades do for each skill.

Viktor his Q, Siphon Power, is a targeted spell that deals damage to a target, grants Viktor a shield, and modifies Viktor’s next basic attack to deal extra magic damage. This is a great tool for damage trades, because you can rapidly burst someone, while you get a shield to block any incoming damage. Viktor his W, Gravity Field, deploys a gravitational field at a target location.

All enemies that walk through the field are slowed. If an enemy stays in the field for seconds, the enemy gets stunned for seconds. This is a great zoning tool in teamfights, because it stays deployed for a good 4 seconds. Placing this field correctly can mean the difference between winning and losing. Viktor his E, Death Ray, fires a lazer towards a direction, dealing magic damage to every enemy it hits. Great for dealing damage to multiple enemies, fast harass and wave clear. A cool trick is to fire off the ability, and then walk backwards. The spell will keep firing, even if you move far away. Viktor his ultimate, Chaos Storm, deploys a storm at a targeted location dealing magic damage AND interrupting channeled abilities. The field remains active for 7 seconds, dealing magic damage every seconds and upon deployment. Viktor can reposition his storm by pressing R again. This will make the storm move towards your mouse cursor. Now it’s time to explain what the upgrades of each spell does. Upgrading his Q gives Viktor 30% bonus movementspeed for seconds after using it.

Upgrading his W will drag players who are stunned move to the center of the field. Upgrading his E will make his lazer deal an aftershock after it’s been fired. Upgrading his ultimate will make Chaos Storm move 20% faster. I suggest upgrading your E first, then Q, then W and finally your ultimate for maximum efficiency. So how do we play this champion on lane? Well, honestly Viktor is quite easy to play on lane.

After studying some of the pros play Viktor, I learned a few tricks that will help you. – Early game you need to focus on farming with your auto attacks, while harrassing with your abilities. Try to avoid using your abilities to farm minions, because your mana is precious in the early game. Purely use your mana to harass your opponent when he’s going for a minion. Try to avoid pushing the wave. Ideally you want your minion wave to be around the middle or towards your turret, but not towards the enemy’s turret. Viktor is quite easy to gank when you’re pushed up. Adding on to that point, do NOT use your Gravity Field, your W, to harass your opponent or to try and stun him, UNLESS you are getting a gank from your jungler. Having this ability on cooldown means you are a free kill to the enemy jungler. Use it to escape from ganks during the laning phase. Keep this up until you hit the point where you can upgrade your hex core.

Upgrade your Death Ray, your E, and get a blue from the jungler. Now you can start power farming. If you have a blue and the upgrade, use your Death Ray to beam down entire minion waves. Keep your enemy pushed in to his turret, because this way he won’t be able to roam around the map. Now you can choose: Farm jungle or attempt a roam. Farming wraiths or wolves is probably the safest bet, but a well-timed roam can grant you a kill. This depends on the situation, so choose for yourself. So after surviving the laning phase and hopefully being some minions up over your opponent, it is time to unleash your power in teamfights.

Your positioning in teamfights depends on what your goal is in the game, and it depends on your items. If you have a zhonyas hourglass, for instance, you would be able to make aggresive plays onto the enemy carries to try and burst them down, following it up with a zhonyas to stay safe. If you don’t have zhonyas, Viktor plays a lot like an AD carry. You position around the backlines of the fight, while dealing as much damage as you can with Q-Auto attack and your Death Ray. Try hitting your Death Ray on multiple targets. You can start a fight off with an insane amount of damage.

This is the most common combo: You Q, Ult, E and auto attack in rapid succession. This burst of damage can one-shot carries, and deal insane amounts of damage onto tanks. Control your ult around the fight, while firing your E and Q on the closest targets. One of the most powerful abilities in teamfights is your W. The size of the gravity field is quite big, and can block off enemy tanks or assassins from attacking you or your AD carry.

Position it near you so you can kite around the field, staying safe from any damage. Be careful with flashing forward to deal damage, because you have zero escapes when it’s down. Only if you can catch a carry late-game and one-shot them, it’s worth it. And that’s pretty much it for Viktor. I have specated Faker and analyzed how he plays Viktor with great succession, and now it’s time for you to play like Faker. Mechanically Viktor is quite easy, so it’s all about your decision making and position. Easy, right?

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