Today I want to tell you about my newest invention (which you may have noticed already) TANK-TRYNDAMERE!! The idea of Tank-Tryndamere is based of it can be a very powerful meatwall for your team and still deal pretty much damage. “But how can Tank-Tryndamere deal damage if he is a tank?” The reason for that I will explain later. In team fights, enemy team has usually 2 choices: They ignore you and mainly focus your team’s backline by risking their own backline to you and the other assassins.

They secure their backline by focusing YOU, but they risk that way their WHOLE team for your team’s attack. Unless, of course, you are left alone because then you are dead. As the name ”Tank-Tryndamere” itself tells, it’s very sturdy and still a threat to enemies regardless of the tankiness, if not noticed in time and even if they do, it won’t be easy when both teams are ready to fight. Tank-Tryndamere’s playstyle at the early game is a passive pusher, but when a team fight is approaching he becomes the meatwall of the team and starts attacking enemy team’s backline. Then enemies way of fighting changes and they have to choose one the choices I mentioned earlier and still have problems. Favourable match-up in team fights is where enemies don’t pretty much have CC or mobility at all. In lane, it is more enjoyable if opponent doesn’t have the power of kiting, stuns or slows. Impossible these situations aren’t of course, but a lot tougher.

Sometimes also opponent’s high sustain can cause trouble, but about that case I will explain in the next section. Next we could think a bit of team combinations. In theory, all works with Tank-Trynda, but especially those champs, who can stay fighting longer than a few spells, supports him the best. Also hard CC owning champs help him a lot. I think it’s obvious to mention that Tank-Tryndamere can’t do well, when your team is behind and don’t do well.

In my own games, I have noticed this couple of times. Even if you manage to win your own lane, but others don’t, the game will most likely fall to enemies victory. Let’s check out a little bit common items, what makes Tank-Tryndamere a threatening tank. First we want to get Bami’s Cinder, basic boots and a Cloth Armor. After that, Sunfire Cape, Titanic Hydra and Mercury Treads. Depending of the enemy team’s damage type, we choose either Ninja Tabis or Mercury Treads. Sunfire Cape first, because it gives nice amount of HP and armor for Tryndamere with burning AoE aura. It’s nice to deal damage while farming, don’t you think? After upgrading boots, you can usually get Phantom Dancer to give you 12% damage reduction effect and some attack speed with crit for better trading. Hydra next so we can get more power for basic attacks with AoE and some HP to become more tanky.

Hydra’s active effect isn’t bad either. Next you have to think, do you need more armor or magic resist? If armor, Deadman’s Plate is basic choice unless enemies happen to have some crit-power or a lot of auto attackers. In that situation, you should go for Randuin’s Omen or even for Thornmail. If you need more magic resist, your call will be Spirit Visage. It boosts your Q’s healing by 25% and gives many other useful stats, like CDR, HP, HP regen and magic resist. The last item depends of the situation, where we have plenty of options! All the way from Warmog’s Armor to Mortal Reminder.

Warmog’s Armor, if you want to be even tougher meatwall. Frozen Mallet, if you want to stick close to your target. Maw of Malmortius for trying combining offense and a magic shield. Zz’Rot Portal, if you want to put some pressure on one lane while moving elsewhere with your team. Sterak’s Cage for gaining a lifesaving shield and some AD with HP. Mortal Reminder, if your opponents have 1 or more high sustain champs like Nasus, Illaoi, Vladimir or a marksman with Bloodthirster and Warlord-keystone. Guardian’s Angel for playing truly immortal. Which items should you rush, if you have to? Basically it depends of each situation. If you are against sustain-based champ, you should definitely go first for Executioner’s Calling, so you can half your opponent’s sustain. In other cases, where you are in thin ice against strong AD-champs, like Garen or Darius for example, Cloth armor and basic Ruby Crystal are good choices.

If you struggling against AP-champs, go for Spectre’s Cowl. In runes, I have used now 9 crit chance marks, 9 flat armor seals, 9 scaling magic resist glyphs, 2 flat AD and 1 atk speed quintessences. There are indeed many options for each playstyle and these were good in my games. Crit chance marks, because as a tank you won’t naturally do as much damage as classic Tryndamere would do, so with these you can crit a bit more often and do more damage that way. If wanted, you can change these runes for flat AD or armor penetration. Flat armor seals are basic stuff, so I assume I don’t need to explain them. Glyphs have the same reason. Then about quintessences. flat AD is good to have for all AD-champs, tank or not, and Tryndamere’s calling is of course a basic attacker, so he needs to have some atk speed at least as a tank as well. Masteries goes like these. Grasp of the undying, because it heals the more HP you totally have and as a tank, you will naturally have HP a lot. Bandit, so you can get gold faster at the same time you farm and trade with your opponent.

After all, Tryndamere needs gold as much as possible and fast in early game, so he can get his tank items ASAP and show the power of tank. Abilities leveling order goes as: E at lvl 1, Q W E and ult every time you can. E is a good start at lvl 1, because you can challenge your opponent before lvl 2 when the chance comes and could do surprise burst on last moment! Q ranks first, because AD-boost and healing (Q’s passive effect gives more AD the more you have lost HP) W second, so you could trade easier and in early teamfights gives more benefits for your team by lovering enemy’s AD in big AoE. Summoner spells usually have 2 choices as the strongest for Tryndamere. Teleport or Ignite with Ghost.

Teleport, or TP for short, is classic choice, when you want to be at the right place at the right time as often as possible. Ignite in the other hand is the best pick for you, who want to have killing pressure. It is also useful in teamfights if you don’t have Executioner’s Calling to reduce enemies sustain. So, both of these are good choices, but in the end, it depends of your own playstyle which one you should take.

Ghost is always good choice for Tryndamere, because Flash won’t be always enough for all situations. You are after all a melee champion, who hates kiting and poking the most. With Ghost you get at least 27% movement speed boost for 10 seconds, so chasing gets much easier for you than compared to mini teleport. Okay. So, all this has been just MY theories for now, so next I wanted to hear what other players think about Tank-Tryndamere too. Here are few player’s thoughts about it. Allright so whats up guys! My name is Tombha! The good sides in that build was that you can take a lot more damage than what you should not be able to do in a normal carry build.

Especially when you are towerdiving the enemy. The healing in Q let you tank massive amounts of damage, and also Tryndamere have good engages and disengages, what are good benefits for tanks. In the other hand, the downsides what I was thinking, is that you can’t really deal that amount of damage, that you would deal with the normal crit build. Scaling of healing in hes Q works with the AP, not with the max health, so that’s a big problem, compared to some other tank champs ulties, like huge stuns or AoE damage.

Also the ult won’t sync so well with tank Tryndamere. Usually the ultimate lets you deal a HUGE dmg like few seconds before you will die, but because the ultimate won’t get any longer while stacking tankiness, the few seconds just being a tank isn’t that good if it put against the normal damage dealer Tryndamere. After all the Tank-Trynda IS fun to play and has something fresh to bring in the Summoners Rift. You can deal good damage against the squishy targets, but you can be defeated, if you don’t play well your early game. You should play him when your team lack of tanks or if you just want to try something new! First thing I noticed in the tank build was the amazing sustain and ability to towerdive even before lvl 6.

The problem for me was the lack of damage that I was used to and that maded me do some stupid mistakes and not respecting the enemy enough. But after 5 games I was getting hang on the tanky style of playing and that worked. Boy it worked. And the goods: Really high impact on the team fights because you can go to back line and take care of the enemy carries and still have health. Quite easy to farm. If you falled behind, you have still high impact on the game.

Cons: Bit hard to get used to. The lack of damage is there. And… I couldn’t… make it work without runes and masteries. It really didn’t work at all. I personaly like more the classic high risk high reward high damage Tryndamere build. And I think Tank-Tryndamere is really good and Must-Try build. This build can really surprise the enemy top laners and players in all the way. I can see it can work and has some potential, but personally I prefer classic 2 shot Tryndamere. Overall Tryndamere is a useless champion in my opinion and I wouldn’t play him even if I would get paid for playing him in my ELO.

Oookayyy… So, here we actually heard few feedbacks and opinions about Tank-Tryndamere. Yeees, they probably haven’t just figured out how to play this Tank-Tryndamere version yet. Which could explain a lot of complaining about the lack of damage for example and everything else. And you could also say that Tank-Tryndamere is actually a troll build. Kappa But the truth is: It CAN work and even the players said so, that is HAS the potential to work. But! It has those few conditions to make it work. And those conditions mostly are: simply just your team aaand *some skills. And a good match-up >:3 But hey! If you know anyone else playing Tank-Tryndamere as well, leave a comment below the video to let me know if there actually IS another player like me! But, enough of that discussion and let’s move on.

ELO-Climbing is naturally different on every tier and even diamond player has said that Tank-Tryndamere works in this meta. Tank-Tryndamere can’t carry games alone of course, because he is just a tank, but with the help of your team, you can! Personally I have learned to like more tank version, because my play style is pretty aggressive and low HP owning champions don’t fit for that.

I still have always liked Tryndamere since season 2 and during season 3, I invented this tank version. Even though classic Tryndamere DOES deal more damage, it just doesn’t work enough far with my hands because of my own mistakes. Classic version mainly split pushes 1 lane all the time and doesn’t give a single duck for the rest of the game! Many don’t know especially in low ELO, how to teamwork with classic Tryndamere since it’s different compared to standard way. A Tank version can support his team with classic way, so teamwork will be easier also in low ELO that way and games can be won easier.

In many of my own games, I also have been surprised by the fact, that I have done the most damage of my team, even though I was a tank! Here was everything what I have studied about Tank-Tryndamere so far and hopefully this guide video inspired someone to try this idea as well. Good luck to rankeds and see you all next time! .

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