In this video I’ll be covering both AD and AP Kayle Builds, so let’s get started! Let’s start with the more traditional Kayle in the last seasons. AP. The advantage of AP Kayle compared to last season is that she spikes earlier than before, this is both due to buffs to Nashor’s Tooth and the Rageblade rework, making it an extremely good item on her. Runaan’s is mostly gone from AP builds, but Rageblade is in so it’s all fine.

Let’s start with Kayle’s Build. Your core every game should be Nashor’s Tooth into Rageblade. This is currently the best 2 item build on AP Kayle. For boots you can go Berserker’s Greaves, Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Sorcerer’s Shoes. It vastly depends on your preference and your rune setup. After this you still have 3 slots to fill your build. Basically it’s a choice between Deathcap – Moar AP Zhonya’s – Armor and Stasis active Lich Bane – Burst Void Staff – When they stack MR Abyssal Scepter – Magic Resist and MR reduction Aura Rylai’s – Extra HP and Perma-slow Gunblade – Epic heals and an extra slow as well Build accordingly to the game. Your more common builds should include Void Staff, Lich Bane and Deathcap, but you might need to go more defensive or want more hybrid power coming from Gunblade. For Masteries I like to run 18-12-0 on Kayle.Only mastery I’d suggest switching is Wanderer for Savagery in case you want slightly better roaming. And no, Natural Talent is NOT good. Marks: Attack Speed. No discussion here Seals: Flat Health or Armor. HP/lvl is okay but with games being more early game oriented I feel Flat Health is probably better.

I still run armor most of the time because Kayle has fantastic base and scaling HP for a mage. For Glyphs you have three options: 9 flat CDR glyphs and the idea behind running full CDR blues is to give you a lower downtime on E early on, also with Nashor’s Tooth and then Ionian Boots or Lich Bane you’ll cap close to 40%. 6 CDR/lvl blues will give you exactly 10% at level 18. You can then get to 40% with Ionian Boots or Lich Bane. Usually my 3 other Glyphs are going to be Magic Resist. or You can also run full Magic Resist, flat or scaling, if you have a particularly hard lane like LeBlanc, just remember you’ll need 20% from items to hit the CDR cap! Quintessences: 3 Attack Speed Quints or 2 Attack Speed Quints and 1 Flat CDR Quint 3 Attack Speed Quintessences is the standard, MOAR KAYLE SLAPPING The Setup with 1 CDR Quint is intended to be used with 9 Flat CDR blues, this will give you 10% CDR total.

Onto AD Kayle Why is AD Kayle good and why wasn’t it before? Well before you were heavily pigeonholed into certain setups and builds because you needed high CDR. With the addition of Essence Reaver, you can get to 30% crit easily with 2 items while still itemizing for stats you want. Also even though Q is magic damage it has an awesome 1 AD ratio. You’re itemizing for AD but you’ll still do a lot of Magic damage, so essentially your auto attacks are AD with extra magic damage, making you a very strong mixed damage dealer. For Kayle’s Build I like to rush a zeal item, usually Statikk Shiv or Rapidfire Cannon. With the incoming nerfs to Shiv on I’ll probably start picking up Rapidfire more often. After your Zeal item get Essence Reaver to get 30% Cooldown Reduction, my third item is usually Rageblade, it’s extremely strong right now and it would be a mistake not to pick it up.

Your boots will usually be Berserker’s Greaves but other options are fine too! After this you’ll have 2 more slots for items. Choose between: Infinity Edge – Moar AD and Crit Runaan’s Hurricane – Super high attack speed and more crit Blade of the Ruined King – A very strong lifesteal item on Kayle Mercurial Scimitar – A defensive item that gives you AD and Lifesteal, what’s not to like about this Mortal Reminder/Lord Dominick’s Regards – If you need armor penetration Very similar to AP kayle, but with AD oriented masteries instead. Again Natural Talent sucks stop asking Exactly the same setups as I mentioned for AP Kayle. Just take into account that your core build gives you 30% CDR.

This can go up to 40% with Ionian boots so your glyph choice should be: Magic Resist Flat or per level – If you intend to go Ionian Boots of Lucidity and need the Magic Resistance Early 9 x Flat Cooldown + 1 CDR Quint OR 6 CDR/lvl Glyphs – If you intend to go for any other boot type, but still want to cap on CDR. When playing with Guinsoo’s Rageblade, remember you get 2 stacks per auto-attack if you’re in melee form, so if you want to prep for a fight or you’re just fast pushing a wave, simply attack minions in melee form to get 8 stacks twice as fast, then activate your E and go ham.

If you’re playing AD Kayle, remember spell casts keep your Fervor of Battle stacks going, so you can keep attacking or self-casting spells to keep your stacks at 10 If you’re playing AP Kayle remember to repeatedly harass your opponent to proc Deathfire Touch. If you attack a minion close to him it will also proc the mastery! That’s going to be all for this guide.

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