Playing an assassin in a teamfight is probably one of the hardest things to do in the game, it requires experience, game knowledge and the awareness of your limits. In league the assassin is a champion that is able to dish out a lot of damage in few seconds, killing or zoning from the fight key enemies. Playing assassin is also relative to the build you play, some fighters can be played full damage and cover quite the same role of an assassin, think about for example a full AD Renekton. Usually playing assassin become harder and harder as the game goes on, till the point you are forced to teamfight, that’s where experience and knowledge come handy, but it’s also when most people start to make mistakes. Let’s start with the positioning, you ideal position is on the flank or behind the enemy, remember to bring up a sweeper to clear wards around you, just to avoid getting killed before the fight starts.

You should never initiate a fight, the only situation when you can try it out is where a carry is extremely out of position. To have a better idea of the perfect time to go in let’s break out a typical teamfight in 3 phases, of course not every fight will be like this, but it’s just to have a general idea. Everything starts usually with an engage where initiators use their skills to start a fight after we have the follow-up phase when everyone burn their cc and major skills to set up kills. The most common mistake done by assassins is engaging in this situation, going in now you will probably get stunned and killed in a blink of an eye. The next phase, the last one, is the backline phase, where carries will move forward to clean up the fight.

This is your time to shine, all the major CC are in cooldown, the tanks are low or retreating and the carries are moving to finalize the fight. In this situation you have two ways to make yourself useful, it depends on the carries you have in your team. If your carry is fed or it’s a hyper carry you role is to burst down the tanks so your fed carry can clean up the fight and win the game, some strong hypercarries are Vayne, Jinx and Tristana, once the tanks are down it’s pretty easy for them to kill everyone else. While in the situation your carry is behind or you have someone supportive like Sivir your role is to zone and kill the enemy carries. The best way to do that is, as I said before, to flank them, wait the right moment and burst them down. A strong tactic is also to flash right into them, in order to have a even stronger surprise effect, to give them no time to react with exhaust or escapes.

Those are all the basics you need to play a teamfight, of course every champion have few different strategies you can apply, but the core it’s the same. With those few tips and some patience, you are able to play it right and bring your team to victory. Let me know if those tips were useful for you and what would you like to know in the next video.

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