Hey everyone, welcome to LolKing’s League Tips. My name is Shakarez and in this series we’ll be giving you a tip that you can use in your games to have an edge over your opponent. Today we’re going to look at a way of getting an early level 2 as a top laner. So, the way this works is by quickly taking a part of a camp from the jungle before the minions spawn. If you practice it and do it fast, you will be able to get some extra experience and get to lane in time to kill all of the first wave of minions. The small monsters give reduced experience compared to the main ones, even less if you’re not jungling, but it can still give you an advantage that can surprise opponents and give you the edge in your matchup. You can take a part of a camp from either your side or the enemy’s, but make sure to tell your jungler if you’re taking it from him to make sure it’s cool and he doesn’t mind. Anyways, the camps we’ll be looking at for this are the blue buff camp, the razorbeaks and the krugs.

Killing each small blue buff monster yields 30 experience, while killing the small krug gives 50 experience. Each small razorbeak gives 20 experience. It’s important you test this with your own top lane champion to make sure you don’t take much damage or take too much time, else it won’t be worth it. But if done correctly you will catch your opponent off guard, since no one expects their opponent to hit level 2 in the first wave of minions Anyways, as we can see in this clip, kayle takes one monster from blue buff, this 30xp lead will allow her to get level 2 after 6 minions instead of 7. Once she hits level 2, she punishes Irelia extremely hard, who wasn’t expecting Kayle to have Reckoning at her disposal. In this second example, Karma takes out three enemy razorbeaks with her R+Q combo and some auto attacks. Once she hits level 2 after 5 minions she immediately punishes Riven and takes out half of her HP.

What could otherwise be a harder matchup if Riven had hit level 2 before Karma is instantly gone, as Karma now gets to dictate how the lane goes and Riven is too low to commit to a trade any time soon .

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