League Of Legends Braum Support Guide: How to Team Fight S7

Sometimes battle is unavoidable Hey everyone, I’m Racza1 and this is my Bruam support guide to team fighting. So when I play Braum, I really like to flank the enemy team and in order for me to do this I have to maintain vision control around areas where team fights are likely to occur such as baron, towers, and dragon Braum can do this pretty safely because he is tanky, and he does have a lot of disengaged tools in his kit such as slows knock-ups and being able to jump over walls to an ally so if you do run into trouble, you are unlikely to die. Remember that you should always use sweepers and control wards to make sure that you’re not walking over enemy wards and wasting your time or getting baited when you are flanking. Flanking as Braum will force the enemy to fight out of position or they can attempt to escape from all your CC. So if they do try and disengage you’ll be able to at least pick someone off.

When this happens, wait until the enemy uses their escape to make hitting your skill shots easier. You can then guarantee a pick by rotating your abilities to start a CC chain. CC Chaining is rotating crowd control abilities in an attempt to maximize the amount of time that enemies spent slowed, stunned, knocked-up, et cetera This allows your team ample time to follow up, but it also allows your abilities and passive to come off cooldown to continuing the chain.

This is also great for catching out mispositioned enemies which can win you the game if the enemy is not careful. However, because some enemies know this, instead of fleeing They’ll try and dive onto your carries to make it an even trade. Unfortunately for us Braum’s passive stun an ultimate are not instant, so he lacks immediate CC to peel divers To compensate for this I like to take Face of the Mountain and Locket of the Iron Solari for shields and depending on the situation I also take Frozen Heart, Knights Vow, Mikael’s Crucible and Redemption Combined with exhaust these items make it extremely difficult for enemies to kill your carries Here Zed Ults onto my Twitch And when death mark is about to pop I use locket to negate the damage keeping Twitch in the fight.

These two items can also be used together to deny a large burst of damage in order to keep your carries alive like I did i did this Jhin. After he mispostions I use these two shields to prevent fatal damage allowing him to pick up a kill onto blitz. Or they can be rotated with other abilities and actives to allow you and your teammates to stay in the fight for much longer. Because Ivern and I rotated our abilities and actives we were able to make ourselves incredibly resilient while we 2 v 4 and we waited for our team to get the position to clean up the enemies. If we had used everything at once, we’d have died very quickly.

Since braum’s Q cooldown goes down as we level it, We first max it, so that with a little cooldown reduction we can always have a mark from Stoneborn pact affecting an enemy This allows our allies to heal for five plus two and a half percent of our maximum health when they attack an enemy recently CC’ed which includes our q slow. Any damage that does make it through our shields will then be reduced and then heal back up Thanks to Stoneborn pact. in this clip Yasuo and Gangplank die which leaves Jax and I to peel Nasus and Skarner off of our Twitch. Even though Nasus does get some damage on to our Twitch, once he uses whither, I can then use Mikael’s Crucible allowing Twitch to kite back.

Twitch can now safely lifesteal back up and with some help of Stoneborn Pact The enemy is unable to escape our CC. And now they have to try and make the hard decision Do they try and go on to the Twitch or do they try and kill Jax. They get neither and because of our CC They’re unable to escape allowing us to win. So the next thing I want to talk about is Braum’s abilities. Braum’s E Blocks all damage from the first ability hit. This can be used to kite and bait enemy teams. Braum’s shield is great for saving allies who are about to take fatal damage. Here I protect Jayce from Sona’s damage even though it is targeted which allows him to escape. Save your E to block large bursts of damage because no matter how many projectiles actually hit Braum’s shield it is still impassable which will protect your team from taking any damage. Braum’s E can also make the enemy waste summoner spells by protecting a low health ally from an enemy flashing in range for finishing damage.

When I play Braum I always like to keep in mind which abilities I should be trying to cancel with my E. Here I shut down brands entire ultimate by one well timed E. Be careful not to misstep because being even a little off will hurt your team allowing that whole ultimate spread. Some people can forget that w can be self cast which gives you armor and magic resist which might end up saving you in a pinch. Braum’s W is also great for escaping failed ganks or juking enemy abilities. To get the most out of Braum’s Ult you to position yourself correctly. Braum’s ult knocks up the first enemy hit for seconds and all additional enemies for only seconds However, if multiple enemies are in the area directly around Braum when he slams the ground, they all get knocked up for full seconds. the remainder of the enemies will still be briefly knocked up But it’s important to remember this when positioning so you can get the most CC out of your ult.

Although this does seem like a small detail this might make the difference between successfully peeling for your ADC or giving your allies enough time to react to pull off a combo like Yasuo’s ult. Your ult also leaves behind a fissure that slows enemies for four seconds. This also gives them a mark of Stoneborn Pact allowing your allies to Life steal. This is a great zoning and disengage tool especially in close quarters. Next I want to talk about kiting as a tank. As a tank it is your job to soak up damage by being annoying as possible by using your CC and peeling for your carries.

However, after using your abilities or getting low on health, you shouldn’t just let your enemies continue to get damaged on to you unless they press forward towards your team. If you are taking free damage without putting the enemy in a compromising position, you’ve gained nothing. But for every ability they do use or second they waste trying to kill you, is another second your ADC can safely auto to clean up the fight Anytime the enemy is focused on your allies you are given a green light to spread your passive.

You can also body block skillshots, abilities like Galio’s dash, or even auto attacks from graves to keep your carries healthy. If they do start focusing to try and kill you you always just try and kite away to buy time for your cooldowns. You can then re-engage once they try focusing your carries again If you ever do get too low, you can still use your Q from a safe distance to assist your allies by starting your passive allowing them to lifesteal since you mark them with Stoneborn pact. If there’s ever an enemy that is unable to kill your allies near your carries like this Nautilus Sometimes you can get away with quickly auto attacking them or Q’ing them and moving on, If you need to continue forward in order to scout for more danger. You can always jump back to peel for them if a teamfight should break out since you have your w and then you can use your ult to zone as well as block any projectiles with your E. In this last clip I’m going to break down the upcoming teamfight so you can see these tips in action.

Because I assume that they might be ambushing us at dragon, I use my sweepers to spot out wards or enemies waiting in bushes. When Nasus and Skarner engage, I throw out my E to block any damage from Ezreal while auto Nasus and Skarner to help Yasuo and Gangplank fight. I position myself to destroy Ezreal Ult with my E. And once Malzahar Ults Yasuo, I use locket and face the mountain to keep him alive for a little bit longer which allows Twitch more time to auto safety from the back line.

Since Yasuo has GA, him dying isn’t that big of a deal. I then jump back to peel Zed and Skarner off of Twitch once Yasuo dies. Before Zed shifts back I’m able to get an auto onto him making it easier for our allies to catch him and then from that point on the team fight is basically over and all we have to do is finish off Nasus, and the Malzahar which it is extremely difficult to disengage from a Braum so good luck with that. That’s all I have for today guys. I hope you found these tips useful. I’d love to hear about your ranked experience while playing Braum. Leave a like and subscribe it lets me know you enjoy this type of content, and if I should keep making these in the future. Have a good one!.

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