Hey guys I am back with another video and I am so excited to release this guide for Aurelion Sol. He has been so much fun. I really really like this champion. Now, I didn’t really like him at first reading about him, nor did I like him at first when I was playing him but overall I just end up liking him more and more after I played him. He does have his weaknesses, for example if they have a lot of dashes. So Yasuo is so annoying. Akali is especially tank akali that you can’t burst down, so annoying so hard.

There is a little bit of a learning curve to get those orbs working a little bit properly but once you get everything going he is such a fun champion. He has a little bit of versitility with him which I’ll explain in the guide but overall I think he is a great pick. Lots of mobility, with being able to travel across the map with the natural deadman’s plate type passive and he does lots of damage, lots of cc which has low cooldown, his ult is so awesome, overall great great champion. So let’s go into it. These are my runes and masteries that I get with aurelion sol. And let’s talk about his passive, center of the universe, he has three orbs that are constantly rotating around him that do damage on impact.

So this is really really important because this is the skill curve that you have to do with learning him. So you can make these proc faster by rotating clockwise. And they scale up to 35% AP at max level, level 18. So really really important. So next let’s get into his W, his W pushes out his passive to the maximum distance where your stars actually grow in size and have a huge radius around him. Now this is pretty cool, in the jungle you can clear both camps at the same time.

That’s kind of cool but you will have to retract your stars once your enemies are within your star range. This thing will also drain your mana if you just toggle it on. So this thing is really important though. So for jungling, I like to hit the jungle camp twice with it before I actually start fighting them that way you’ll get a little bit faster of a clear and stuff like that, and yeah it is just really strong in the jungle for clearing fast.

In lane phase, this ability is awesome. I actually max this one out if they are not high mobility champions. And it is just a really crazy long range poke that they can’t really get away from unless they have the tower, so really strong. Now it is important to note that your stars will do damage when they go in or out with your W or if they retract into you by getting stunned or silenced or anything like that. They will always do damage on impact. So there are a couple things interesting about his kit. Now I don’t know if they will leave it this way but you can actually see people through bushes or through the fog of war because you can see when it is hitting them, so that is really strong.

Again, I don’t know if they’ll leave it that way but yea I mean that is pretty strong you know, you don’t ever have to face check with him. Now on the flip side of that you can always see [aurelion sol(s)] through the fog of war if their stars leave the fog especially if they expand it so that is huge. Now again, I don’t know if this is intended or not, if they will fix this or not but you can actually see the starsurge in the fog of war if you look to the left right now, you can actually see it coming in and pop. So, things that break the fog of war you have to be really careful of so that way you don’t give off where you are coming from and stuff like that. But, through and through I mean lots of advantages to being able to see through the fog of war yourself [with your stars].

So let’s talk about his q for a second, his q is amazing. 2 second stun, aoe, great damage, great scaling, awesome awesome ability, 10 second cooldown, now that is amazing up until there. I mean without anything else in mind that I will explain in a second, that is pretty amazing. You can stun enemies for a 5th of the time and it is aoe. With cooldown reduction it gets down to a 3rd of the time. Pretty amazing stuff. Now if you point it towards their base, you can’t change the direction of it once it starts. But you point it towards their base, run down mid with home guard and you keep up with the star, you gotta be careful that you don’t out run it, but I mean you just follow it along and it gets super big, they can’t really out run it very easily and it is a great engager or you know it helps your team out to get away.

Great great ability, great damage. Now it wont increase the damage or the duration of the stun, just the width of the impact range. Now that’s pretty awesome. His q isn’t too hard to get off. If you combo it in with your W then you will expand the radius of how far you can let it go from you but it will pop as soon as it leaves your outer rings. Thing of your passive because that is what it is or that smokey ring that is around you. Your orbital distance thing. So as soon as it leaves your stars it is going to pop so you want to keep up with it and combo it with your W so it doesn’t get away from you and it is pretty easy.

Now you can combo it in with your E which I will explain what your E is in a second but essentially your e allows you to jump over walls and it gives you a natural deadman’s plate but you can’t get hit or take damage from tower or it will pop you out of it and take away the passive, but I mean it gives you lots of movement speed and in that way you can always keep up with your star so it is pretty strong. So if you do it from your base for example, if you want to do it all the way to their base, you are going to try to keep up with it in the beginning. Don’t out run it. And as soon as you get close enough to their base you are going to pop your E, you want to follow the same direction because you can’t move out of that either or you’ll cancel it and you are just going to charge straight towards them and enjoy that mega starsurge.

So finally finally we have his ult, voice of light. This ability is amazing. It does at max tier 80% slowing, 400 base damage and 70% scaling. That is so OP. You can use this thing offensively if you need to apply that slow and damage, but ideally you want to use this thing defensively so that is what I recommend. So, if you have your Q on cooldown for example, this is your only thing saving you so use this as a last resort to push them back and keep them in your rings so you can do damage and that you wont die and you can get your cooldowns (q) back up.

So very awesome ability, very very good for his kit. Very good synergy. So a couple things, a couple tips for gameplay. Be really careful not to click when you start your E because you will cancel it and cancel it and lose your star and that can be really awkward. It is really awesome to chase with this guy with boots of swiftness as well. So when you are charging up that Q, that is going to run faster than they are so it will force them to take the stun or turn in which case they are going to run into your orbs so pretty easy mode.

I mean this stuff is really easy to chase with especially once you get rylai’s. There is no escaping, they are just going to die. In my opinion, Aurelion Sol is best at control. And in order to do that you need to position properly. And I say you really control things because you have your stun, you have your knock back, and you have your slow with rylai’s crystal scepter. Yes you have lots of damage, lots of aoe- but you can disrupt the enemy by separating them and taking free wins without risking much, so that is awesome. But you might say, “Hey Kay2 I am really bad with positioning and control, I am bronze- I probably shouldn’t play this champion right?” No, I really think this champion is really awesome, his base damage is really high still so you can go straight tank and still have an impact on the game. He has lots of CC so he has that utility still, but you don’t have to worry about the positioning problem and you can still practice [the positioning] and still have a great impact on the game and still have lots of damage, so that is really awesome.

So build tanky jungle and have fun with him. Now the flip side of that, even if you don’t go tank jungle, he is still a tanky person so if you build all the core items that I suggest, rylai’s crystal scepter for the slow and awesome ap [and life], the rod of ages with lots of ap and life on it [with the essential mana!]. The abyssal scepter is going to give you magic resist and it is the same range as your stars, awesome stuff. He is going to be a hybrid tank so you don’t have to completely worry if they get into your circles because you are going to have a nice little natural tankiness. So this tip is really essential for ganking. When you are ganking your E does get higher range when you cap it out so I actually don’t like to cap this out last to max out because it just makes it a little awkward.

Now when you are ganking it is really important, see that at the very top there that is the marker that shows where I am going to. If you are just barely on them then they will know you are coming and they’ll run away so you need to over shoot it so they don’t see that marker and you’ll have an easy time coming in especially over terrain. So this clip same thing just to show off that little dot again and what it fully looks like.

I should have shot that up a little higher because he ran back a little but he didn’t have vision or anything so it worked out in the end. Hey so thanks for watching guys, I hope you enjoyed this video and if you have any questions comments or concerns please refer to the section below and hit a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and please subscribe you might like some of my other content as well. Now I am going to release another video of a montage of things I really couldn’t do away with and I think there are still really fun clips. Like I didn’t put them in here because they were bad, I just couldn’t really fit them in, and I really considered making it a 16 minute guide but I really try to do these under 10 and I really really try to do them less but I feel like there is so much to talk about with Aurelion Sol so hopefully you’ll go check that out as well and you’ll enjoy that as well.

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