Aurelion Sol is out on the PBE, and I got a chance to mess around with him and try a bunch of different builds, and I have to say he’s a really cool champion with an awesome personality, and I enjoyed playing him a lot more than some of the other champions in the past. As well here are some of my favorite comments, where I asked what your favorite change from patch was. Today’s question is what do you think about Aurelion Sol. And if you enjoy the video hit that like button and if you don’t hit the dislike, Anyways let’s get started.

Now one thing I do want to note is that during the few games I played, the PBE was lagging a lot, it was just rubberbanding every so often, but it was really impactful on the gameplay, however since it was server lag, everyone was lagging equally which makes it kind of fair I guess, but yeah that’s why there’s lag in some of the clips, and I do apologize for that. Anyway, Riot is marketing Aurelion Sol as a mid laner. He definitely has a lot of potential in the top lane, and on support, and especially in the jungle. I think people will play him mostly in the mid and jungle for sure. He’s got some okay burst, but with a nice amount of sustained damage to go with it, for a really interesting take on an ap champion.

He has incredibly roaming ability, and a solid amount of utility, which gives him fantastic ganks. A lot of his kit brings similar parts of other champions but better to him, so a lot of his kit isn’t entirely unique, but his passive is unique for sure and brings the really interesting mechanic of microing the three stars to hit things. And his damage is higher than I expected. He also seems to have a kit that is heavily inspired from Io the Guardian Wisp in Dota 2. SO although it’s cool as hell that he’s a star god dragon thingy, it’s a bit of a change from jhin in the past who was so unique in his own way, to have aurelion be someone who isn’t entirely unique on his own, despite how awesome and fun he might be.

Getting into his kit, his passive is 3 stars that rotate around him constantly, and deal damage to anything they hit, and they honestly do a lot more damage than I was expecting. This gives you a lot of costless, sustained damage which give you nice waveclear, and there’s a lot of mechanics in his kit that you can use to hit targets faster with it, through controlling your movements, and the interactions with his W. And with rylais you get a perma slow from it. His Q is an Area of effect stun that does a lot of damage, and at max rank stuns for two seconds. I found maxing Q to definitely be the most powerful option for sure. The ability kind of seems a bit like Anivia’s Q, but it’s honestly just so much more. The range is technically infinite if you get enough movement speed, since it doesn’t pop until it reaches past the range of his W, and as it travels along, it grows in size, so if you run by it, it grows super big, almost to a crazy size.

It’s also great for waveclear, costs a pretty low amount of mana, and is the main tool for harass, and I personally felt like it was pretty easy to hit overall, and being an area of effect stun on a fairly short cooldown, it gives aurelion a lot of utility, especially in teamfights, and makes him useful even when behind a bit. It makes boots of swiftness or mobility a great pickup on him for long range Qs, and honestly gives him potential to initiate fights by running at your opponents with a charged up Q. His W is interesting in the sense that it gives him a lot of options with his passive, since the stars will deal damage when moving outwards, as well as when moving in the circle, so you can use it for ranged poke, or with a rylais it gives you a perma slow. I tried maxing w, but it’s a really weird ability and since his Q stun duration scales with rank I found that maxing Q is definitely going to be the way to go, at least on lane aurelion.

His E is actually a really amazing tool, you can use it with his Q for a high radius stun, to get back to lane faster, or to gank other lanes. The indicator on the ability that shows that you are coming is actually really small, and since it goes over walls and such, it gives aurelion insane ganking potential, and is a big part of what makes him a great option in the mid lane. It’s kind of like a bard portal, but that only you can take, that has free movement that doesn’t rely on walls.

And the tiny indicator makes this ability a surprise for people most of the time, even though it’s not supposed to be. And as for his ultimate, it’s an area of effect slow that knocks back anyone that is within the range of his W. It’s another area of effect crowd control tool, and it has a lot of damage, which gives him some really nice burst in combo with his Q, and the range on his ultimate is pretty ridiculous, so it gives him the opportunity for some amazing plays, however it has a wind up time, so it’s possible to see it coming, and not too difficult to dodge with flash. Now judging by the way I just talked about his abilities I’m sure you’re starting to get an idea for what my thoughts on Aurelion are, and I’m not gonna lie, I think he’s pretty stong, at least in the state that I played him in. He feels really weird to play because you are constantly managing his passive and trying to position yourself to hit things with it, but the utility he has to kill people and control the map are really what I think sets him over the top.

Now I don’t want to say that he’s overpowered, because on the PBE you play against opponents that really cover a variety of skill levels, and I think the opponents I played against, which I’m sure you’ve noticed by the footage, honestly weren’t that good, but I do think he has a decent chance of being overpowered, and if not he’s definitely trudging the borderline. I thought his laning was pretty strong since his Q is actually really easy to land, and since it stuns it just gives you a bunch of free harass, and as long as you don’t overuse his W, you pretty much never run out of mana.

And his roams are honestly insane, it’s like Quinn’s roaming power but a lot better, since he can go over walls, it’s really easy to flank, and since he has hard crowd control and burst damage his ganks are amazing once you get in position. And with his ultimate and ignite, he can honestly start to one shot people if they are squishy. Since he kind of wants to get into short range by walking in with his Q, and landing his passive, you probably want to build tank ap items like rod of ages, rylais especially, abyssal scepted, maybe a zhonyas and so on. I can say though that his passive really has a lot of ability to be outplayed. If a bruiser champion like Irelia, Jax maybe, jumps into melee range and sticks on him, they won’t ever get hit by his passive or his W. This makes it very easy to punish you if you ever miss your q, and leaves you really vulnerable to getting initiated on, which is why I don’t think he’s the best fit for top lane.

And since everything he has is a skillshot, he’s a little bit vulnerable to super mobile champions like assassins, although you still have a lot of options versus them, since a lot of assassins have predictable movements with their abilities, and since aurelion has a super tanky build, he’s got a decent shot versus assassins who won’t be able to one shot him like they would other champions. And although you build tank ap items, he’s far from a tanky champion, so if you mess up your positioning you can pay for it pretty hard, and he’s still vulnerable to burst if it’s coming from someone fed or from more than one person.

But with all of that said, he was really fun to play, and with decent burst and roaming, he’s honestly really my kind of champion, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I add him to my champion pool once he launches, and I definitely recommend trying him out yourself, since his kit has a lot of utility, he has a lot of versatility in where you go, and at the moment I wouldn’t be surprised to see him anywhere other than adc, since his tools bring some good strengths to a lot of roles, and he’s really just a lot of fun.

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