About 6 weeks ago we took a look at some off meta champions that I thought were god tier, well the meta’s shifted around a bit and I love this topic of powerful off meta champions, because when playing an off meta champion you get this kind of a surprise factor in terms of the pick, in the your opponents don’t really know what to expect, and as long as the champion itself is actually still good, that surprise factor, that off meta bonus, can really go further than you think. On top of that, I just enjoy off meta champions a lot more because it’s fun to play things nobody else does.

So today, we’re back at it again with 7 new amazing non meta champions for soloqueue. The way we judge if something is a non meta pick or not, is the statistic of their play percentage. If a champion has a popularity less than 3%, it’s fair to see them as being non meta, because it means they’re being played in about one out of every 50 games, sometimes even less. So all of these picks fall into that category, and I included one for every single role, so there should be something for everybody. As well, I’ve partnered up with ProGuides.com for the editing on this video. They recently released a new service that allows you to ask questions to high ranked players and get a reply within under a single minute. And they have a free trial that gets you full access so you don’t have to take it from me, you can decide for yourself if you like it or not. Anyways let’s get started.

Our first champion might see a little bit of a rise in popularity after being played in the LCS, but at a pick rate of 0.1% it’s hard to see him as meta in any way shape or form, despite his popularity at the competitive level, and it’s Urgot in the mid lane. Urgot is an awesome champion for the mid lane, and the biggest factor for his success comes from being an incredible counterpick. Urgot is an amazing counterpick versus any assassin or burst damage champion in mid lane. He’s a lot tankier than any normal mid laner, but still has the tools to put up a fight since he has some long range harass, and some strong utility. And his ultimate is powerful enough to give you kill pressure in any lane, and really completely wrecks any assassin.

If an assassin dives in on you, you just ult them instantly, and you get super tanky, put them in a bad spot, deny their combo, and get a chance for a counter engage. Urgot is a champion that was perceived to be quite weak for a long time, but he was buffed recently a couple patches ago, and the buff put in some work and now Urgot’s in a great spot. However, be a bit careful as urgot is likely to struggle versus poke mages in the mid lane, a lot of his strength is based on the fact that he is an amazing counterpick, but if youre the type of person who just hates assassins and hates playing against assassins, well since we have kind of an assassin meta in the mid lane urgot is a great option for you.

Next up, we have Sion in the top lane, who has a play rate of just a bit over 2%. It’s no secret that Iceborn Gauntlet, Sunfire Cape, and Grasp of the Undying are kind of overpowered right now, and as a result top lane has shifted into a tank meta quite heavily after a lot of the counterpicks to tanks like fiora were nerfed. Sion is an amazing tank, and he makes really solid use of those two strong items and grasp of the undying.

Since he has a lot of ranged harass and the shield, his laning phase is very solid, and although it might take a handful of games to get used to his ultimate, once you do, it’s an incredible tool. You can pull off some hilarious roams, initiate teamfights, create picks, and do all sorts of things with it to get you kills. You can also cheese the enemy jungler if you take teleport, by stealing their buff at level one if they start bot side. The tank items in the game right now are overtuned quite a bit, and Sion is one of the super mega tanks that can really pump out every ounce of use from those items being powerful, much more so than other champions who just happen to be building tank because they can. Some people find tanks to be a bit boring to play, but I kind of like them, just because they are relatively easy mechanically, and sion is no different. Speaking of the tank meta, another champion who can take advantage of that quite well, is Warwick in the jungle.

Warwick sits at a play rate of about 2.5% and he’s a solid option right now because he’s a tank himself, but he also performs incredibly well versus other tanks since he can build devourer and blade of the ruined king, as well as the powerful tank items. And his in combat sustain ensures that he’s probably never going to lose a 1v1 to a tank. Once you hit level 6 you become an unstoppable machine for ganking. His ultimate is a point and click tool that is one of the most reliable ways to take down a target with the help of an ally, and it should allow you to get a lead or at least get some kills in literally every single game.

His pre 6 is a bit weak though so you do have to be careful for early invades, but since his sustain is so good you can usually just power farm and countergank lanes until you get level 6 and start looking to be proactive with your ultimate. Warwick’s a great option if you want someone who is really consistent and reliable in terms of power due to his ultimate, or if you maybe want to play someone who counters tanks pretty well. Next up we’re heading down to the bottom lane with Brand support, who has a play rate of 2%. Brand is interesting to me, because a while back quite recently he was definitely a meta pick, and fell a bit from popularity due to some minor nerfs and meta shifts, but honestly he’s still really good, and definitely deserves a bit more play. He struggles a lot versus soraka, but that’s probably the main matchup he has trouble with, and soraka is a champion that is frequently banned, so it is okay to just ban her yourself or ask a teammate to ban soraka if you want to play brand support.

Brand has always been a really cool support champion to me because he takes the support playstyle and puts this spin on it that brings a ton of damage to the role. And although damage isn’t necessary for a champion to be a good support, in solo queue especially it’s an amazing thing to have. Since he deals tons of damage your laning phase with brand support becomes really powerful, and if you ever get a lead, which is easy to do since his laning is so strong, you can start to build damage items and run away with the game almost as if you were a second mid laner for your team.

It’s not unlikely for you to become a real damage threat in any game as brand support, and that take on the support playstyle is a lot more fun and exciting than a lot of the other meta support champions. And for the tandem partner down at the bot lane as well, we have someone who is maybe a bit weird to put on a list like this, and it’s graves Ad carry. And you might say like hey Jeremy what the heck are you doing, graves is totally a meta champion! And you’d be completely right, graves most certainly is a meta champion, however graves ad carry is not, it actually has a play rate of about 2%. And although Graves has a ban rate of about 20%, which is honestly high enough to be relevant, and artificially lowers his pick rate, I really wanted to include a champion for every role on this list, and graves was the only ad carry champion that has a pick rate less than 3% that I am comfortable recommending for you guys to play.

And although graves is mostly played in the top and jungle, he is most certainly an awesome choice for the bot lane. Everything that contributes to him being strong in other roles makes him strong on ad carry as well. He’s got really solid damage and laning, and a huge burst combo at level 6 to secure some kills, but he’s also really tanky, which makes him great at brawling out opponents. He’s a unique take on the ad carry role because he’s a lot less about kiting and getting in as many auto attacks as possible, and a lot more about waiting for the right moment to just go in and unload on someone, while still outputting some nice damage here and there. For our next champion we’re taking it back up to the top lane, with Fizz top, who has a play rate of a bit under 2%.

But this isn’t just any fizz top, we’re talking full tank fizz top with the sunfire and iceborn gauntlet tandem duo to back you up, with grasp of the undying to boot. Similar to Tank Ekko, tank fizz is the kind of champion that succeeds based on the sense that his kit is quite overloaded, and he able to make use of the tank items quite well. It sounds pretty awkward I mean tank fizz, like isn’t he supposed to be an assassin? Well, with the damage amp on his ultimate, mixed damage in his kit combed with the sustain damage his w brings, he really doesn’t need ap items at all to kill people, and his utility gives you more than enough options to be able to take down targets if they try to escape.

While when you build tank items, you get to be super tanky while also still accomplishing your goal of assassinating a target. You go sunfire cape then iceborn gauntlet into some bruiser-y ap items like abyssal scepter and zhonyas, and you are still putting out some insane burst while being impossible for anyone to kill, because not only do you have the mobility and escape that fizz always brings to the table, you got some crazy tank stats to back it up. And even if you are put in a situation where you are lacking a bit of damage, Fizz has sustained damage due to his W, so you always are able to just brawl it out with someone, kite them around, and finish them off with that last tick of the missing health % damage. He’s a great choice for anyone looking to maybe find a unique and fun way to play top lane, that still takes advantage of the super powerful tank items right now.

And next up we’re taking things back over to the mid lane, with Quinn, who has a play rate of just a little bit above half of a percent. Although Quinn is more common to see in the top lane, it’s honestly really surprising to me that her play rate is 0.6%. Sure, Quinn was nerfed quite recently on patch 6.6, and I mean yeah she deserved the nerf, but that doesn’t mean she’s a weak champion, she’s still incredibly powerful. Just because a champion gets nerfed doesn’t make them worth not playing, and quinn still has the same strengths as before. She’s still a massive lane bully, with huge harass while also having the assassination potential to back it up. Her roaming is just fantastic once you get your ultimate your zipping around the map like crazy, and playing her mid allows you to take full advantage of her ultimate to make plays and carry the game. And she plays a lot like an assassin as well, so you can punish squishy mages in lane, but since she also has a lot of harass with a decent escape, you can perform reasonably well against other assassins in lane too.

She’s a great duelist, and the impact her roaming strength can have should not be underestimated. She’s a great option for anyone looking for a champion that can solo carry games, since she has the ability to dominate lane while also effecting the side lanes really well too. And that’s about it for the list, do you have any non meta champions that you think are seriously strong?

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