5 OP Tricks You Should ABUSE In The Jungle – League of Legends

What’s up guys it’s me Jeremy! When it comes to understanding the differences between the average player and High ELO players, a lot of people just assume it’s a case of the higher rated players having way better mechanics. Although a lot of experienced players do have really awesome mechanics, it’s much more accurate to say that they have a better understanding of the game, and know all of the little hidden tricks that more casual players don’t really think about.

Today we wanted to compile some of our favorite jungle tricks that are probably common knowledge for the best players, but for everyone else they could really help you level up your game and improve at jungling in general! Our first trick today is a neat little kiting trick that you can use in a bunch of different ways. Hunter’s Talisman and it’s upgraded items all share the Unique passive ‘Tooth,’ which applies a health drain to that monster for 5 seconds, dealing 25 magic damage for the duration and healing you for the same amount – or 30 once you’ve your jungle item. This is pretty abusable because you can hit a monster once, and then kite the camps to gain a nice free heal – especially if you use a ranged attack so that the monster has no chance of hitting you and nullifying the benefits of the heal. You can use this to get the upper hand in a jungle duel, when trying to escape an enemy invade, or just for some quick sustain on the way to gank a lane. 5 health per second doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but that’s often more than enough to win a trade – if you’ve ever fought someone who popped a health potion mid fight and ended up surviving with only a tiny bit of health left, you’ll know that every point of health matters in a game like League – and this trick could save your life more often than you might expect.

In fact combined with the healing effect of a health potion, this trick would give you 15 health every second for the first 5 seconds, which could almost completely nullify the damage dealt by a burst ability in the early game. This next trick is perfect for those of you that like to gank a lot or counter-jungle, and it’s all about the Sweeping Lens. It’s no secret that the sweeping lens is great on junglers, after all you’re constantly moving around the entire map so it gives you a good opportunity to deny the enemy team vision.

Something that a lot of players don’t think about though is using the Sweeping Lens as a way to sneak around the map. It’s common knowledge that it disables wards, meaning the enemy team doesn’t get the benefit of that ward’s vision, but this effect actually STOPS when you attack the ward to clear it away. When most junglers use their Sweeping Lens on a bush where they expect a ward to be, they usually start killing the ward – but what they might not realise is that as soon as you attack that ward, it starts giving vision again. So if your plan from the beginning is to sneak into the enemy jungle or set yourself up for a gank, it can often be better just to use the Sweeping Lens to disable the ward, and then leave it alone – don’t kill it! You can head to where you think a ward is going to be, sweep it from outside it’s vision range, then walk past it without the enemy team ever knowing that you were there because you didn’t show up on the mini-map.

It’s the perfect surprise attack, and a really OP trick that you should definitely be using in every game if you aren’t already! If you’re just focused on deny the enemy team vision or you don’t want to gank, it’s still a good idea to clear the wards with the Sweeping Lens, but this trick is really good if you want to get behind enemy lines and deal with the ward later. Our next trick for today is all about keeping yourself alive against invades, so it’s something that you should definitely be thinking about when playing a slow, farming jungler rather than a diver like Vi or Lee Sin. As a jungler, you should always be asking yourself if it’s likely to get invaded, and if you’re playing an off meta or weak early game jungler against a high damage early game enemy jungler, it’s pretty likely to happen. The trick is to avoid dying to invades through clever positioning – so basically just put yourself in a spot where you can see someone coming, and have an escape plan. You don’t need to worry about this when you can see the enemy jungler with wards or if they are ganking a lane at the time, but whenever they don’t show up on your minimap you should always be thinking about where the invade could come from.

There are two entrances to your jungle from the river, so whenever you are clearing the top or bottom side of the jungle you should position yourself in a way that gives you vision of those entrances. This usually means standing away from walls and corners, since that maximizes your vision through the fog of war. Building on this trick a bit further, you can also use the jungle monsters in your escape by using them to bodyblock skillshots. This is really effective against champions like Lee Sin, because by moving behind the jungle monster on your way out, they will be hit with his Resonating Strike instead of you. He could still potentially follow up to chase you down, but you’ll have saved yourself from being dealt a ton of damage, which could be enough to keep you alive. Skillshots are an important thing to consider when you’re being invaded, since you can get bonus value out of your Flash if you avoid a skillshot with it. A lot of players will just panic flash over a wall when they see an invade happening, but a lot of champions can catch up to you with skillshots or deal huge damage – so instead of panicking, save your Flash until you see that skillshot being used.

Then you can Flash over the wall, which doesn’t only help get you to safety – but it discourages the enemy jungler from chasing because they either missed their gap closer or failed to deal any damage to you. The next trick is basically the reverse of the previous one – save your gap closers for as long as possible when invading or ganking, and try get them to use Flash or another escape first. Getting an enemy to blow their Flash without you really doing anything is a huge win since it makes them an easy target for the next 5 minutes, but holding on to your gap closer while they Flash also gives you the chance to cut them off by following them over the wall, rather than risking missing a skillshot or them flashing over a wall once you’ve already jumped on top of them. The same thing applies to flanking enemies – never use your gap closer when you are flanking! It can be seriously tempting to use a gap closer to get on someone’s flank quicker, but usually it’s much better to wait for your opponent to flash first before gap closing, because this allows you to maximize the efficiency of your tools when ganking.

Once the enemy has tried to flash to safety, you’ll be pretty happy that you held onto your gap closer because you’ll be able to kill the target every time. If your gap closer is on cooldown, you’ll have no way to catch up to an enemy that flashes away unless you use your own Flash, and that is often too risky since you are on the enemy team’s side of the map, which can be dangerous territory. Time for our last trick of the day, and it’s about managing jungle aggro. The thing to remember about jungle monsters is that they will attack the nearest champion – regardless of who has hit it recently. Think about it like when you attack Dragon, and then let someone else on your team tank it, all they have to do is be closest in order to shift the aggro.

This is something that you can abuse to devastating effect when fighting enemy players in your jungler, whether you’re being invaded in the early game or just someone duelling later on. Shift the fight towards a jungle camp, and spend one basic attack to get the camp aggroed, or even use an area of effect ability that hits both your enemy and a jungle monster. Once the camp has been activated, just change your positioning so that your enemy is closer to the monster than you are, and they will start taking damage from the camp instead of you.

Jungle camps do a lot more damage than you might expect, and that one attack you spend getting it involved in the fight is usually a really good trade, and it will end up dealing a ton of extra damage to your enemy for you. This works best when you’re playing champions that are on the tankier side since the fights will last longer, so that jungle camp’s damage will just keep adding up to the point where your enemy has no choice but to try and escape.

Throw in a CC ability to lock them down to add insult to injury, and let the camp get the kill for the Ultimate BM! Anyway that’s just about everything for today, hopefully you guys like these tips and tricks, they are a bit more advanced than the kind of thing we usually share so if you’d like to see more like this make sure you let us know, and maybe leave a comment with suggestions on topics you’d like us to share some awesome tips on! And it looks like that’s gonna be it from me, if you enjoyed the video drop a like, subscribe if you want, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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