This has been a super requested topic for me to look at, and I’ve put it off for a while because really the truth is that if you are going to one trick a champion they should just be whoever is the most fun champion for you to play in the entire game, and that’s the most important reason by far. However, a lot of people still ask for this video regardless so I guess a lot of you guys want to one trick someone and are maybe open to options so here are our best suggestions. Obviously these are just suggestions, so if your favorite champion isn’t on this list DON’T FEEL BAD ITS OKAY! There’s a few things that we think makes a champion good for one-trick aside from what you find fun though. The first one is about how high the skill cap is. High skillcap champions take a ton of time to get used to but if you put a lot of extra time into them, you’ll see your win rate with that champion just going up and up.

The champion doesn’t have to be that hard to play to start off with, but having a high skill ceiling will make them super fun to invest time into and give you a better chance at carrying games with them. You never want to one-trick a champion with a high banrate either, so that’s an important stat to consider. After all, you’d be dodging more games than you played if they were banned too often. A good rule of thumb is to stick to champions with a ban rate under 20%, so we’re ruling out all others for this list! The last criteria we’re gonna take into consideration is how flexible they are – so basically if the champions can be played in multiple roles.

It’s not really necessary, but being able to play your one trick champion in both roles you queue for is definitely idea! Lists like this always come down to personal preference, but as always we’d love to get your feedback so make sure you leave us a comment, and if you like the video hit that like button, if not then hit the dislike, and let’s get started.

Our first choice for a good one trick champion is Akali. She has a positive win rate across the board for both top and mid lane, and for experienced players her win rate has even reached almost 60% overall in the mid lane. Akali is a true assassin that really revolves around snowballing games by just destroying everyone. She’s a powerful duellist, especially after Level 6, and the goal is to use her early power to get an item advantage, and then use that to tear everyone else apart. This really favors One Trick Ponies because if you know her power and matchups, you can abuse her snowballing potential to totally run away with games. Akali scales insanely well with items and she’s actually not even so bad from behind anymore thanks to the new Akali tank build.

You can go into a game with the idea of getting ahead early, and if it doesn’t work out you can switch to a tanky style and act as a damage soak for your team. She can be played top or mid, but mid is definitely the higher risk higher reward way to do it, and the more games you have played on her, the lower the risk and greater the reward becomes. A big part of choosing a main champion is finding someone you don’t mind playing over and over again, and well, Akali just loves to kill people, and that never gets old! Honestly she fits the bill pretty well for a One Trick – high skill ceiling, never banned and can always find a way to be relevant and powerful in game, especially once you’re used to playing her.

Next up is Jax, and he’s actually one of my favorite champions so it’s awesome to be able to suggest him to you guys. Jax works best either top lane or jungle, and he actually functions quite differently in lane depending on where you take him. In the top lane, he’s not that strong early on but can cheese enemies for early kills occasionally. This is one of those points where experience really shines and once you’ve done your time mastering Jax, you’ll be able to abuse that early stun and push yourself ahead really fast. His kit is pretty simple which some players might find repetitive but thanks to neat little mechanics like ward jumps you can always do something fresh and surprising, so he stays pretty interesting. Jax is one of the original hypercarries of League, notorious for being able to 1v5 when he’s fed with insane burst and sustained damage while getting tank stats for building offensive items through his Ultimate.

The best part about Jax is that a good Jax player can approach the game in so many different ways. As a one trick Jax pony, you can pretty much decide how the enemy team has to play the game – force them to duel you and lose, or just split push all game and take their inhibitors if they try ignoring you. If you’re looking for a melee carry to get comfortable on, Jax is well worth putting the time into learning or even dedicating yourself to one-tricking! The only support on our list is Thresh, but he definitely deserves a mention.

Unlike the others on our list, most supports can only really be played as supports, but thanks to the low population in the role in ranked you’re not really gonna have to fight to play it most of the time. Thresh is a support that can just spoonfed kills to your team through his crowd control, so players that like to show off should definitely think about maining Thresh just for making plays. Once you get seriously good with Thresh, you can start landing those predictive god hooks that feel so incredibly satisfying, like when you guess an enemy’s flash and catch them once they thought they were safe. He’s a huge threat in lane and pretty resourceful thanks to his lantern so you’re always going to have something to do in each game, which is pretty important if you’re gonna play hundreds of games with him alone! Honestly the only mark against Thresh as a one trick champion is how popular he is – he’s picked pretty often overall, so definitely ask your teammates to grab him to trade you if your team has first pick in ranked.

We couldn’t really leave out Riven – she has a reputation for good reason. Some of the most popular players in the game are or started out as Riven mains, and for pretty good reason. Riven rewards mechanical skill above everything else, and a snowballed Riven is pretty much GG because of that crazy AoE physical damage she can dish out. She has some good matchups and some bad ones up in the top lane, but a good Riven knows her limits and will be able to play the lane to make sure she has the best chance to carry. Riven is probably the champion with the highest skill ceiling on our list, and thanks to her ridiculous number of combos and animation cancels it’ll be a long ride to mastery.

Still, she’s crazy flashy and awesome to watch, so if you’re a bit of a show off then she’s definitely the One Trick champion for you. Although top lane is her home turf, good Rivens have been known to stomp from mid lane or jungle too, although you definitely need to be familiar with her combos to get a good jungle clear or survive in the high damage mid lane. She’s one of the most popular One Trick champions in the game because of her reliance on mechanics, but she actually teaches you a ton about the game and there’s quite a few pro players that started out as Riven mains, so she’d really rewarding to learn.

It’s important that you enjoy playing a champion enough to use them in every single game if you’re gonna be a one trick, and Riven is pretty satisfying so she’s worth looking at for sure. That wraps up our list, keep in mind that regardless of what we think, your first stop for choosing a One Trick Champion should be just picking someone you found fun. Still, we hope our list helps for those of you looking for your next go-to carry.

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