I have made this guide through my own creativity: I have not tried to steal anybody’s guide or copy anything, so please don’t accuse me of that. In the same way, do not steal my guide or any part of it (pictures, for example) I will haunt you down.
Hello, heroes and heroines! I have been asked multiple times for guides on the game, and honestly, making a guide is a pain. The only reason why I made this tutorial is because I also need this guide myself, but I decided to share this guide with others! This guide will be about how to get free diamonds every day. I know that there are already a couple of guides out there based on getting free diamonds, but this guide will be different: I don’t call myself “da bomb” for nothing, no? This guide will be applicable to everybody: VIP0 or VIP15 (for all scenarios in this guide, it will be based on VIP0)! Now, enough with the introductions: let’s get started.


By the way, here is a legend for everything in this guide:
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There are various ways to get lots of diamonds. One of them is a very common one: always do your daily activities. Daily activities are the easiest, fastest way to get diamonds. All you have to do is complete tasks in the game, three at a time, to get free diamonds. I mean, doing Abyss floors and challenging hero trials aren’t that bad, right? Here is what you will receive every day through daily quests:



The diamonds you can receive every day are above. There are four chests that contain diamonds. Each chest contains a different amount of diamonds, based on how many tasks you have completed. The more daily activities you do, the more diamonds you get. Through this picture, you can receive the following diamonds:
20 + 25 + 35 + 50 = 130 diamonds every day!
On top of that, you get 25000 gold, 10 refresh tokens, 60 stamina, and 5 hero shard chests for free. That’s not something you always get for free in the events, no? On top of that, there is one quest that allows you to to get 50 diamonds back when you buy three packs of stamina. With that in mind, you still have your 130 diamonds, but you spend 60 (in total) to get your 180 stamina points, and once you collect your 50 diamonds, you are now left with 120 diamonds. That means, basically, you only use 10 diamonds to get 180 stamina every day! That is probably the best price there is in this game as of now.


Another way to get diamonds is the Arena. The Arena is a great place to get diamonds, because the more you rank up, the more diamonds you get. I believe you must defeat 3-5+ players every day in order to get diamonds. Otherwise, to get your diamonds from the arena, all you have to do is claim your bonus diamonds every day through the Arena chest! The Arena also provides free diamonds every day, based on your ranking. Usually, players get around 90 – 160 diamonds per day, based on their ranking. Here are the rewards you can claim every day through the Arena rankings:



When you start leveling up more in the game, you’ll usually land around the 51-100 ranking, so let’s start there. You earn 100 diamonds or more (if you have a higher ranking 50+) every day. Make sure to increase your team’s power often so that nobody takes your top spot!
Once you collect your daily quest diamonds and the Arena diamonds, you’ll be somewhere around or above 220 diamonds. Next, your guild has a lot to offer when it comes to diamonds. For me, the guild’s diamonds is one of the best ways to earn free diamonds. If you want to earn those diamonds, though, your guild must reach 90 points in the progression bar to open the chest that contains diamonds. This is through the guild members’ effort, so it’s best if your guild has a rule that implies that you can only give advanced/royal donations (until level 20). With that in mind, it is best if you do a royal donation so that the progression bar can go up faster. I would also recommend doing royal donations because it is just too selfish and insulting to your guild leaders to give only gold to your guild. The royal donation costs 198 diamonds, however, so that will take away over half of what we just earned today. Do not be discouraged, though! If your guild members make an effort to give advanced/royal donations, you can get your diamonds back! Here is what you will earn from the guild once your progression bar reaches 90 points:



Since the guild that I’m a part of (Diversity) is level 19 through the hard work of the members, we all earn 140 diamonds every day. Once the guild is level 20 though (the maximum level for guilds), you receive a maximum of 145 diamonds per day. In my case, with the 140 bonus diamonds, let’s do the math for what we have as of now.


160 (in my case) + 120 + 140 – 198 = 222 diamonds in total (once again, in my case).


Speaking of guilds and guild levels, let me give you a couple of tips/tricks here. Only give advanced/royal donations until your guild is level 20. After level 20, you should only give advanced donations to save up your diamonds (unless you’re feeling really generous and would like to contribute to the guild more). Otherwise, if there’s a “Guild’s Unity” event going on, then give royal donations only during that event so that you can get the rewards from there. Here is what the Guild’s Unity event looks like:



The Guild Unity event is based on how much contribution you have given to a guild that day (through Guild Dungeon and donations), so the more you contribute, the better your rewards!
Otherwise, if your guild isn’t level 20 yet, just usually give advanced/royal donations (royal is preferred). My technique was to always give royal donations until a specific time of when I check into the game. This is also another way of obtaining diamonds: checking in every day for rewards. Every day, you usually get rewards each time you log into the same. Usually, by the end of the week, you earn… free diamonds! When this day comes around, I only give advanced donations so that I can save up. This allows me to save up for more important things during the week, like Palace Dungeon energy, stamina points, etc. Here is an example of what checking into your hero looks like:



If you can just take five seconds to log on every day for months, you can earn 600 diamonds just by logging into the game! All you have to do is log in when you have the time to claim your reward.
There is an optional way to earn diamonds, and that is through the Guild Dungeon. When you kill an enemy in the Guild Dungeon, you earn 20 diamonds as being the “slayer”. Let me show the bonuses:

All you have to do is kill with skill! I know that was terrible, but moving on. If you’re extremely lucky, there is one chest that you can in Guild Treasury (this unlocks once you have defeated all your opponents) that you can open that gives you somewhere around 900 – 1000 diamonds: that is a lot of diamonds! You’re going to really have to pray to gain this chest, and if you do obtain it, then congratulations! If you don’t, then that’s alright: maybe your luck will help you gain the chest next time.

These are the main ways to gain free diamonds. There are also more ways to earn diamonds, but they require you to level up often. When you level up usually by 10 (or 5 is applicable), you can do new challenges in Hero Trial. Hero Trial is basically the temple of resources (and diamonds), so try to level up as fast as you can! As you level up, you gain more diamonds per kill. There is also a bonus resource corresponding to which resource you challenge for in hero trial, but that’s not the focus here: the focus here is raining diamonds! To obtain these diamonds, you have to challenge the new hero trials in order to complete that trial, therefore getting the diamonds. Here is what you can obtain through hero trial:

Since I’m level 79 as of now (and almost at level 80), I earn more diamonds in the hero trial attempts. At level 50 or 40, I believe the bonuses are 40 – 60 diamonds: that’s still great! Just keep leveling up and hero trial will bless you with diamonds, with a bonus.

Moving on, we now talk about special rewards. Special rewards can be found in the Guild, Arena, and Abyss/Equipment shop. When you click these shops, there is a tab named “special”. Once you click on that, there are free diamonds that you can buy through meeting a requirement and by using a specific currency to buy it. For example: for me to obtain 400 diamonds from the Guild shop, the guild I’m in must be level 5 I believe. Here are the previews of what all the diamond special rewards look like:

Each diamond reward is numbered, and the text with the same number will say the requirement to obtain that diamond reward. In total, from saving and buying all these awesome diamonds, you can receive 2400 diamonds!

Another way to obtain diamonds (without events) is through elite/normal dungeons. This is the second most common way to obtain diamonds besides Daily Quests, and elite/normal dungeons really shouldn’t be that hard if you know how to build your team properly. To obtain these diamonds, you will have to defeat certain opponents, and either get your bonus chest, or defeat a number of opponent with a 3-star rating to open the star-related chests. When you do get a certain amount of stars in an elite/normal dungeon chapter, you will be able to open a chest. For both types of dungeons, there are bonus chests where once you defeat one enemy, you’ll be able to obtain many diamonds! Here are some previews of what the chests look like:

In the picture above (with a new tour guide named Bob: say hello to Bob), it shows you various chest rewards from elite and normal dungeons (elite and normal dungeons CH-14). As you can see, you can obtain various rewards with the diamonds, including souls, gold, emblems, and much more! Doing elite/normal dungeons as you level up is a must to obtain diamonds, and the faster you level up, the more you can obtain these great goodies. Usually, it takes around 7 days once you’re level 70+ to gain one level (unless you’re VIP5+), and if you’re a lower level, it’s quicker.

On the other hand, there is a method that I actually do, and that is the Daily Quest challenges. Usually, in the daily quests, there is a tab in there that says “challenge”. When you click on that, there are goals that you can meet later on in the game to receive rewards. Some of those rewards are massive diamonds! All you have to do is fulfill the needs of a goal, then you can collect your prize. I don’t think that these ever run out, since they appear all the time for me. Here is an example of what the Daily Quest challenges look like:

Once I reach level 80, I will be able to obtain 300 diamonds. The same goes for when I reach 8000k BR (hey: don’t look at my BR). In lower levels, the diamond bonus is a little less than 300 diamonds. For example, I believe that once you reach level 70, you only receive 200 – 250 diamonds, but that’s still great! Just keep fulfilling the requirements and you’ll be able to get more diamonds.

There is actually a couple of more ways to earn diamonds that I don’t do as of now (because I don’t have enough diamonds to do so) and one of them is Domination bets. The way it works is for each round for whichever group you want (for however many people you want), you bet on who will win that match. If the person you bet on wins, you get diamonds back, with bonus diamonds! If not, then I believe that you get 50% back of what you did bet. You can bet only before the matches start, and you can bet up until the final round. You will need some diamonds, though, so make sure to save up for extra diamond bonuses from Domination! Just a tip here: always keep 1440 diamonds for domination bets (if you plan on betting, that is), or else it would be like throwing 720 diamonds away! That wouldn’t be the best way to throw away diamonds, no?

Moreover, an optional way to earn diamonds is through the Auction House. The AH is an awesome way to earn diamonds for yourself if your price is reasonable! You can only sell legendary and mythical relics in the AH though. Let’s be honest: a legendary relic that costs 1000 topaz will have higher chances of being bought than another relic that costs 5000 topaz. To sell a legendary/mythical relic of your choice, first, click the AH button (looks like a hammer at the bottom of your map in the main screen), then click on “sell”. Once you click that tab, your legendary/mythical relics (and chest keys if you have any) will pop up at the left side of that screen. Click the legendary or mythical relic you want to sell, then click “sell” at the bottom of where all your relics are shown. Once you do that, you can set up how long you want your relic to be in the AH, and the price for your relic. Remember: you’re the seller here… think of a reasonable and good price! Once you do that, click the “Confirm” button, and your relic will pop up in the shop. Whoever buys your relic with topaz will reward you with diamonds, based on your price.

(Space reserved for screenshots.)

One more way you can receive diamonds isn’t through the game here, but the League of Angels II game on Facebook that allows you to invite friends. I believe that you must invite at least one friend and actually make them play to receive 100 diamonds, 30 stamina points, and blessing stones. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you receive! I believe that the friend you invite also gets these bonuses, so that’s great! Unfortunately, this way of getting diamonds isn’t a feature in the game in this website, so I hope it gets added somehow.

Now that I have shown you a way to earn diamonds, it is time to do the math!

If you do the steps above every day from Daily Quests, to Arena claiming, and to Guild points for diamonds, you will earn somewhere around 222 diamonds every day (it can be over 300 if you don’t do royal donations). By the end of a week, you can receive up to (or more) 1554 diamonds if you save your diamonds. With the bonus of additional diamonds by the end of every week, you can receive an additional 100 – 200 diamonds, so that’s somewhere around 1544 – 1744 diamonds in one week. Once your guild is level is 20 though, you can save even more diamonds when you do only advanced donations by the end of a week. Let’s put this in my case though and see what I earn by the end of the month (this is without domination bets, elite/normal dungeons, guild dungeon, and hero trial diamonds):

1554 diamonds • 4 weeks in a month = around (or more) 6216 diamonds by the end of a month. (You can save this much by not doing domination bets).

**If I have done some of the math wrong or you see any type of error (spelling, grammar, picture, etc), please inform me right away. Also, this guide always gets updated every time it can, so stay posted. Thank you very much!

Now that we have covered most of the ways to get diamonds, let’s move on to how to spend diamonds, shall we?

Before I move on into what you should spend and shouldn’t spend, here is another legend for this post:

Bolded -> category names/important notes.
Italicized -> the reason why.
Underlined -> important notes also!
• Highlighted (yellow) -> what you should spend/shouldn’t spend diamonds on.
And now… Valeria’s guide to what you should and should not spend!
• Palace Dungeon energy. Palace dungeon energy helps you obtain great rewards from the palace dungeon itself, like relic shards, essences, engraving stones, relic crystals, runes, and even relics themselves! I’d say to spend only 20 – 60 diamonds on energy (once you complete the daily quests, probably 20 diamonds would be better). I would buy palace dungeon energy because you can obtain great rewards while your raid battles last, and the more it lasts, the more rewards you have.
• Special offers, only when the item is good! Although you should always buy the item that only requires gold currency in special offer, there are some offers in there that are worth diamonds (although all of the items in there are worth diamonds, sometimes it’s just too expensive). Those items that are worth is actually up to you! Enchantment stones, engraving stones, and raid cards are a must-buy for myself if it isn’t too expensive. I usually buy specific special offers just because it improves my heroes at a great rate.
• Stamina points, only for the daily quest minimum. You should only buy three packs of 60-point stamina every day to fulfill the needs of a daily quest, but that’s really it. Stamina points are useful for farming for hero shards, equipment shards, agument stones, and experience! You should only spend more than that in events like the “Most Favorite Angel” event, where you can earn roses through the elite dungeons (to vote for your favorite angel), then get a few medals for neat rewards, and in cases where you really, really need stamina.
• Royal/advanced donations, as mentioned in above posts. This helps to level up your guild faster, but also for your guild’s progression bar to go to at least 90 points for you to get your free diamonds.
• The whole Angel/Demon set, if you have enough diamonds at the beginning of the game to do so (this is an optional one: if you don’t want to buy an outfit, that’s fine). This helps you build strategies for battles that have tougher opponents with new skills in your arsenal.
• Abyss chests, with a maximum pay of 3 extra chest attempts. Usually, after three extra chest attempts, it isn’t worth it anymore, but I don’t suggest spending on Abyss chest every single day: probably just right before you obtain 40 chests is fine. This helps you obtain better gear, and if you already have legendary/mythical gear on your heroes, it helps you obtain more Abyss coins (through equipment recycling).
• Team Domination and Guild Expedition. Although this is only a monthly event, you contribute to your team, and if you rank high, you earn better rewards for yourself and your team/guild. Make sure to spend some diamonds on extra tries for extra points!
• Extra Guild Dungeon attempts, only if necessary! If you desperately need some guild seals for something important, then fine (but don’t go over the 20 diamond price). Otherwise, don’t.
• Domination bets if you have the diamonds to do so! You can earn bonus diamonds just by picking who will win in a battle, and it’s in most cases, pretty easy to tell.
• Extra Arena attempts, unless you know for 100% that you can beat the person you will challenge.
• Anything at the Mall, except the unicorn mount, the only useful mount for a VIP0. The Mall is your worst enemy: everything is so expensive. Even the discounts are really pricey! Avoid the disease of the mall.
• Any of the events, unless you would like to rank in an event or obtain some rewards. Everything for the events is so expensive, and I only spend on events once in a while to obtain good rewards (for example: X-Server Wheel event, although it is pricey). The BOGO (buy one, get one free) event also dramatically increased in prices, and you should only buy something there if you know that you will need it for sure.
• Mounts. The mounts do give bonuses, but not that many, so not worthwhile, isn’t it?
• Hero summoner. Be patient and just wait for a free ritual attempt, alright?
• Battle Pet attempts  should in most cases not be bought. If you know for sure that you only need one or two more attempts to get a stage chest though, then go for it.
• Extra Palace Dungeon raid attempts. Don’t be confused with this one: I said that the raid cards are great and a must-buy! The extra attempts that cost 5 diamonds per raid though… don’t buy those.
• WB/GB respawns. Please don’t spend on this: it’s so, so useless. I mean, a couple of ranks sacrificed isn’t too big of a deal, nor is there any point in just respawning every second!
•• If I missed anything, or you notice a spelling error, or any type of error at all, please notify me! If you would like to add something to this guide (with your credit), please tell me: I would love to make this guide as best as I can.
Before I go though, Bob would like to say a few words to you all, through his messenger Dylan O’Brien.

I would also like to thank everybody who read this guide! I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions, please ask. Also, if you have another way to earn diamonds, tell us below and we will add it into the guide for you with your credit.

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