Beginner\’s Guide to the Wharf
When I first started I had to learn through trial and error. Hopefully this guide helps you with that process for you somewhat.



The Wharf is located inside of your Guild Tab. It is theship to the far left (Level 22 is required to use it).

There are normally between 6 and 8 competing in the Wharf.The number varies between how many guilds are active between the pairedservers. (i.e. 61 is paired with 62).;Around each Guild there lie 4 islands (Equipment, Gold, Potion and RuneIsland).

On the left hand side of your screen is the “My Island Tab”.Here you can quickly access your islands. (Quick Tip: Scrolling left, insteadof right will allow you to add your islands more quickly as it takes younearest vacant spot on the island).

By clicking on an empty spot you will fill the vacant spotwith one of your miners. Your miners work in hour increments of 3H, 6H, and12H. I have recommendations for various scenarios.

Mining your Island

Three Scenarios that can fit most people follow:

1. You are on summer break or it’s the weekend. I recommendyou do the 3H miners every 3H until you go to sleep, and at that point you puton the 12H miner. (Optional: If you are especially hardcore, you just do itevery 3 hours and you wake up in the middle of the night).

2. You work a 9-5 but still have access to your phone duringlunch breaks. Lets say you wake up at 6. You put the 6H miner, and check yourphone/tablet at lunchtime to put another 6H miner. When you get home you put onthe 12H miner so you can mine again when you wake up in the morning.

3. You don’t really care to check LOA: FR more than twice aday. At that point you just put the 12H twice.

These are ranked in terms of competiveness. I personallyfall in the scenario 1, but I do not follow the hardcore option. I generallyrank about 3-4 through use of this method because I have some crazy people inmy guild.


This is wear all your work is shown of to your server and your sister server. I recommend putting your main team in slot one. Followed by your second strongest team in slot two, and your weakest if you have 5 heroes to spare in the last. Make sure it is all focused. For example, my defense looks like Team 1: BR: 52918, Team 2: BR 40798, Team 3 BR 28918). At level 22 you might have only enough heroes for two teams, and that is completely fine. If they beat your second team you probably lost the resources anyway.

Some people would argue putting your weak team first, followed by your second strongest team, followed by your strongest. I find that your weakest team just feeds rage, allowing your opponent to have a decisive advantage over your first and second strongest teams.


Plundering in my opinion is the most fun part of Wharfing.Simply go to a rival Guild’s island and pick the resource you want. I recommendyou plunder potions, followed by gold, followed by equipment, followed by rune.Potion and Gold you get a fixed amount, as opposed to Equipment and Rune whereyou only receive them 20% of the time, and instead get green potions and furs.

Make sure you pay attention to the teams highest BR you’reattacking. If you aren’t 2000 BR above them I recommend you attack a differentteam to save yourself some grief. The auto-mode is a generally safe bet; I’vehad a 98% success rate with the philosophy used above.

You are able to attack 4 free times if you are below VIP 4.At VIP 4 you get 8 free times with the opportunity to buy 4 additional chances.At this moment I don’t believe it to be worth it to buy additional chances.

Note: I recommend you attack someone who is just above orbelow you in the rankings because sometimes it comes down to double-digitresources.


You receive two rankings in Wharf: Guild and Personal.Rankings provide a large sum of Guild Crystals (used in the Guild Shop) andDevotion (used for your title).

Your Guild Ranking on Tuesday and Friday determine whatDemon Boss you will be able to fight. If your guild doesn’t consistently place3rd or higher I recommend transferring to a guild that can get youthere. Your Guild Rank is a culmination of the Personal Rank’s of everyone inyour Guild.

Two parts determine personal Rank: Mining (85%) andPlundering (15%). I offered different scenarios to get your Personal Rank up.People who consistently do 3H will receive more loot and devotion than 12Hpeople. It is all up to the amount of personal time you have.

Center Island

Here lie the three demons: FireWrath, HellMaster, andBloodlord. These bosses are unkillable, you simply try to do as much damage aspossible to claim the reward from their respective tabs. FireWrath awardsorange chests,; HellMaster awards purplechests, and Bloodlord awards blue chests. Along with these chests if yourserver does a lot of damage you also get a substantial amount of Stamina. Forexample, my server did 4.2 million damage so I received 19 chests and 285Stamina. Of course the Stamina and Chest number vary based upon which boss youfight. So it is imperative that you are in the best guild you can possibly bein if you want the maximum reward.

Tip: Put Berserker Claw in the middle lane and watch himstun the boss for the entire duration of the fight. He is quite good at thisand my 40000 BR team often beats my 52900 BR team in damage.

Treasure Chests

Occasionally Treasure Chests Spawn, usually near the CenterIsland. Always check for these as I have gotten 4 purple items, along withitems I have sold for more than 10 million gold. Quite a nice treat for double-checking.

This concludes my guide, Cheers,

Perrier S62 Sterope


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!