League of Angels 2 : Squad

Hey guys! I’m Sasha Mocha and this is League of Angels 2 : Squad! So, today we are going to talk about squad. No! Not that squat.. I’m talking about THIS squad. SQUAD. A small group of people having a particular task. In League of Angels 2, this “particular task” is defeating bad guys and becoming the number one player! To open the squad window in League of Angels 2, just simply find the squad button at the bottom of the screen and click it. And now the squad window will pop up. Okay.. Let’s see what we have here.. There are 5 people in a squad. We can choose 4 heroes to accompany our main character in this amazing journey. Here, we can check their status by clicking twice on our heroes’ pictures. Like this! So here we can check the clothing, hero skin, accesory, equipment, mount and more! To change the formation, simply click the formation button.

Just drag around your heroes to re-position them. Position them wisely to maximize their abilities and gain victory! And now, Allies. Or I called it “support heroes” but we’re gonna stick to the official term which is Ally. Well, you see.. Each heroes has their own list of allies. And each ally will trigger a different effect. Got it? No? Let me explain it. Let’s have Lucas as our example. Lucas has four allies, Pandora, Alecta, Penn and Freeman I. ! You can see that I have Penn and Freeman I as the allies for my squad. This triggers both of Lucas’ Holy Ghost and Ancient Spirit effects thus giving Lucas 18% + 15% increase in HP which is Hit Point..

Awesome right!!?? I’m not done yet! See the “Ally Cultivation” button in the upper right corner?. Try clicking it! The Ally Cultivation windows will pop up! What Ally Cultivation you ask? Okay remember the allies? They trigger specific effect right? Even though they’re level are 1.. Well, you know what, if you level up your allies, they’re gonna trigger another effect also known as Encourage Stats like what it says right here! If all of your allies’ level is 10, all of the member in your squad gonna get +820 in HP, +180 in attack and so on..

But do keep in mind, like it’s says right here, . you need SIX ALLIES to activate Ally Power! Liiiiiike this Now you know how squad works in League of Angels 2… But how on earth can we get the heroes? With an ostrich? I’m not even sure how to get heroes using an ostrich but don’t worry guys! We’ll talk more about Heroes in next week video! Thanks for watching guys! I’m a noob so if there are any mistake in the video, do comment your comments in the comment section below! League of Angels 2’s link is in the description! Tata!

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