Game Interface




1. Game Resources Display Panel

  • VIP: show the current level of VIP. Click it to get in the interface of VIP privilege.
  • Diamonds: Mainly obtained by recharging. The major function is to buy properties, attempts, and so on in the game.
  • Gold: Mainly Obtained by systems like Main Story, Dungeon, Quest, and so on. The major function of Gold is to rank up and enhance equipment and Relic.
  • Stamina: Mainly obtained by buying with diamonds and ranking up. The major function of Stamina is for the consumption of Main Story Dungeon and Elite Dungeon.

2. Events Panel

  • Show daily events, game recharges, and settings: show/hide, mails, rankings, maps, etc.

3. Gameplay Panel

  • Guild players to various Dungeons.

4. Game Systems Panel

  • Show Game Systems: Mount, Equipment, Recycle, Quest, Squad, Heros, Relics, and Mall.

5. Chat Panel

  • Players can input words in this panel, and send them by tabbing the enter. This panel shows players chats.

6. AFK Panel

  • Show the current condition of Palace Dungeon, including rewards and bonus.
Basic Operation




1. The basic infos of characters and heros consist of three parts: Basics, Skills, and Affinity.

  • Basics: Improved by the enhancement and ranking up of Equipment, Relics, Mount, and so on.
  • Skills: Improved by the ranking up of characters and heros.
  • Affinity: Activated by the gathering of required equipment, Relics, and heros in the squad.

2. To get in Dungeon, you need to click on the Gameplay Panel on the right or click on the relevant NPC. You can not get in Dungeon directly.

3. Attempts for Arena and Dungeon can be bought with diamonds. Buying attempts everyday is beneficial to improve ATK rapidly.

4. For AFK mode in Palace Dungeon, the player is able to create a random team, which affords bonus besides the rewards.​


Create a Role




1. Input account and password on the login page, and click to start the game.

2. Choose your character’s gender, which has no relation with the occupation.

3. Input your character’s name, or pick a random name by clicking on the dice.

4. Click on “Start” to get in the game.​


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