Best LOA 2 Events Guide
7-Day Carnival


7-Day Carnival is a special event for celebrating the launch of new servers, starting from the launch day and lasting for 7 days.​




During Carnival, players can freely get a great amount of rewards by completing various tasks. Besides, a big sale will be held so that players may enjoy a huge discount.

Tip: If you finish all the tasks, you may be surprised to find your battle rating has boosted dramatically!​

Carnival Plus
Carnival Plus starts from the 8th day since the launch of new servers, lasting for 7 days as well. The events are similar to 7-Day Carnival, but the rewards players may claim are even better. The big sale of items will continue, too. However, tasks in Carnival Plus will be released and recalled day by day. You may not be able to challenge past tasks.​
Tip: Remember to log in everyday so that you won’t miss any chance to boost your battle rating!​
Special Offer
Special Offer is a regular event, which will be released after 7-Day Carnival.
During Special Offer, you are able to purchase 6 different items at a discount everyday. The items on sale refresh daily.Here is the most exciting part of Special Offer: the total number of purchase did by all the players of one server will be counted, and as the total number reaches a given number, each player in this server will get rewards! The more players purchase, the more rewards all players may enjoy.

Tip: The sum of purchase refreshes every Monday.​


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