Kritika Guide to Valkyrie


  1. Who am i.
  2. Introduction to the guide.
  3. Introduction to the class.
  4. Valkyrie skills.
    a) Reap (Harvest)
    *Ride of the Valkyries
    b) Change Grip (Power Grip)
    c) Rakshasi (Termagant)
    d) Pirouette (Dervish)
    e) Kama Strike (Kama Slam)
    f) Judgment (Summary)
    g) Whiplash (Crack the Whip)
    h) Barbed Wrath (Righteous Fury)
    i) Carousel of Carnage (Whirligig)
    j) Maelstrom Blade (Death Spiral)
    k) Chain of Woe (Chain of Despair)
    l) Seed of Destruction
    m) Weakest Link
    n) Reap [EX]
    o) Rakshasi [EX]
    p) Barbed Wrath [EX]
  5. The perfect build for all CRs.
  6. Tips and Tricks.
  7. Stats & Equipment.
  8. Gems & Charms.
  9. Costumes & Badges.
  10. Flying the end game content.
  11. Conclusions and thanks.


1) Who am i.

Hello i’m Yang, Valkyrie NA Server. First off, i’m a low CR (Combat Rating) Valkyrie player, who is also low ranked, my best time so far, in the current Arena Ranking, is 2:26 with 106k CR. I did not play with the best Valkyrie players in the server, nor did i ever exchanged opinion with them on how to play this class, my play style, knowledge and understanding of the class are all self taught or inspired by some YouTube video. I started playing this class for all the plot it provided to the players, and i was entranced at first sight by this beautiful class and it’s high skill cap. I started playing in CBT then i waited for OBT by just fidgeting around my chair…

I did watch some video of a really good Valkyrie player from the korean servers and i learned a couple of things from that.

As progressed into the game i started learning more tricks to the class and applied them into my play style. After reaching 60k CR my first goal was securing a spot into the top 100 Arena Rankings, which at the time had a low time requirement to enter, and i scored a wooping 4:45 placing me directly into the 79th spot. But as this time was not enough i started increasing my CR and in the next day i reached 70k CR and scored 3:45 lowering my time by 1 minute and that secured me my first wings as one of the top 100 players from Arena Rankings.

I do not consider myself one of the best players just because i’m in the top 100, but i think i’m an average Valkyrie player, that got really lucky into choosing a really good starter class, as i could perform better than other classes in Arena even with low CR. I have a lot room to spare for improvement and this guide is mainly consisted of what i’ve learnt till now with the help of two of the best Valkyries in the NA servers, that are also my guild mates.


2) Introduction to the guide.


This guide will explain the general outline of the Valkyrie Class as well as all the perks and tricks that i and other Valkyrie players has discovered so far into the game. I will provide a detailed explanation of all the skills a Valkyrie has as well as explain how they should be used based off my personal opinion. This guide is in no way an absolute guide for all Valkyries as it’s my guide, it’s not made by the best Valkyrie out there nor it’s the most detailed but, in my opinion, it’s what you guys needs.


I will also add a little information for stats and what to build in other to maximize the damage output but it will feel the same for every class you play in this game so take it with a grain of salt.


Knowing what each skills do is the starting line to understand how to play a class, that is true no matter what your playing. That why this guide provides a detailed explanation to what each skills do, also master your enemies master yourself, means you have to learn what an enemies do to realy master your class.


3) Introduction to the class.


Valkyrie is the second specialization of the Reaper class. It has a peculiar play style as it’s centered in switching stances. The Valkyrie has 2 stances which are Blade Stance and Chain Stance. After some consideration and tries i noticed that most of Blade Stance’s skills are slower compared to Chain Stance’s, slower as their execution are slower by one second more or less.

A player can change Stances by pressing the Right Mouse Button (RMB) on ground or mid air, also the change of stances provides a different Dash as well as a different Dash Attack, for example in the Blade Stance after pressing the SHIFT key if you press the SPACEBAR key your character will lunge forward in mid air.

The Blade Stance, provides high mobility, but it’s not always the best to use, if you are aiming to kill your opponent efficiently. There are various skills and awakened skills that provide some sort of advantage by switching stances, also each stance provide a different effect for the skills of the Valkyrie.

The Chain Stance, provides high damage output with each skills and increases the range of the Valkyrie exponentially but decreases the maneuverability of the Valkyrie, it’s also the best to use if you are aiming to group large numbers of mobs together if you are inexperienced in this kind of things, grouping is definitely doable in Blade Stance but it’s not as easy as Chain Stance. You would mainly use Chain Stance to kill bosses by rotating most of the time into this stance because it’s faster and doesn’t move your character excessively as Blade Stance.


4) Valkyrie Skills


a) Reap


Reap is one of the main rotation skills in the Valkyrie skill set. It’s the main source of damage from your skills, when all your main burst damage skills are in cooldown. This skill can be used in Blade Stance and charged to allow your character to charge at the enemy and slash up into the air. While charging and executing the skill your character will be in the Ultra state.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.22.



At level 50 you’ll be allowed to further enhance your skills by putting awakened points into your awakened skills. This allows some skills to completely change from their previous form or just simply improve their damage output. Reap is just one of those skills and with it’s awakened passive skill Harvest you’ll be able to deal more damage with Reap.

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.7 and can be learned at Lv.17 of the original skill.


Ride of the Valkyries

Allows this skill to be charged and used in mid air as well as increasing it’s damage, by the number of chaos stacks you’ve currently accumulated by using skills or waiting 7 seconds. (Doesn’t increase the damage right now because the tooltip is outdated)

This Skill is maxed at Lv.1.


b) Change Grip

Change Grip is the passive skill that allows the Valkyrie to change stances by pressing the RMB. Each time you press RMB the Valkyrie will execute a slash that differs based off what stance it’s changing to, it will execute a forward slash to change into Blade Stance while she will fall backward and launch hei chain for Chain Stance.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.1.


Power Grip

Every time you change stances you’ll gain a short buff, that can be overwritten. This buff increases your Attack Speed as well as your Crit Rate for 2% (per level) for 3 seconds.

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.5.


c) Rakshasi

Rakshasi is absolutely one of the main skills of Valkyrie. And probably the most useful, this skill can be only used by building stacks of chaos. Chaos max out at 10 stacks, each time you use a Valkyrie skill (NOT REAPER) you will generate a stack of chaos, only Weakest Link doesn’t provide a stack for it’s use, also chaos will generate a stack every 7 seconds.


Rakshasi, when used, deals a considerable amount of damage, as well as provide an incredible buff for the duration of 15 seconds (you can see what the buff increases in the image above) and grants Invincibility while executing the skill, this buff can be overwritten and stacks with other buffs. Also, rakshasi, when used, refresh all your skills cooldown by 15 seconds, beside Weakest Link, and also regenerate 10% of your maximum MP (the tool tip has a huge typo which states that refreshes all skills BELOW Lv.50, now we can also interpret this as all skills BELOW skill Lv.50 but that is not possible because Weakest Link is not affected and obviously you only have this skill at Lv.1 as we can’t upgrade it any further)

This Skill is maxed at Lv.16.



Is Rakshasi awakened skill and simply allows to stay Invincible after its execution for a couple of seconds.

This Awakened, however, is maxed at Lv.2.


d) Pirouette

Another one of the main Valkyrie skill rotation, in my opinion is only good to fill the stacks of chaos. In Blade Stance your character will lunge forward and slashes two times in a 360°, it can be also used in mid air to descend immediately. It’s one of the main movement skills as the lunge on ground is really long and fast.

When used in Chain Stance it slashes forward in a 360° and slows the movement speed of all hit targets by 10% for 10 seconds.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.22.


Is the awakened passive skill of Pirouette and it only increases this skill damage.

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.7 and can be learned at Lv.17 of the original skill.

e) Kama Strike

Another one of the main rotation skills of the Valkyrie. It’s mainly used to group monsters and reposition them correctly or move behind the target as well as build chaos stacks.
In Blade Stance you can execute two times this skill, the first time will just lunge forward your target, however the second time it will move while slashing in a direction, that is by default forward but can be directed with the movement keys

W A S D. Also Kama Strike will turn the enemy around after you activate the second hit.

In Chain Stance it will deal more damage than Blade Stance as well as grouping up all the targets hit by this skill.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.17.

Kama Slam

Increases the damage of Kama Strike by a %.

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.7 and can be learned at Lv.12 of the original skill.

f) Judgment

Judgment is the main source of damage in your main skill rotation. Is a very useful skill to move around in Blade Stance and it deals a nice damage in Chain Stance.

In Blade Stance it can be used in mid air and by either pressing the LMB (Left Mouse Button) or the RMB it will execute a different attack at the end of the skill. With LMB you character will execute two slashes that will bring it to the ground allowing you to follow up faster with any skill in your rotation. With RMB you character will further travel forward in mid air for a short distance and rotate it self at 180° facing the direction it came from while still mid air.
In Chain Stance the Valkyrie will thrust forward her scythe and deals more damage while executed in this stance.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.14.


Increases the attack power of Judgment by a %.

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.7 and can be learned at Lv.9 of the original skill.

g) Whiplash

Generally one of the best skills to use in Blade Stance for its fast execution and its damage output probably not the best to use in Chain stance.


In Blade Stance it slashes in a 360° and faces in the opposite direction at the end of the animation, the Valkyrie is also Invincible during the execution of the skill. It should be mainly used to engage a target to get behind it and start your rotation. Also when hitting the enemy from the front and going behind it with Whiplash will result in a back attack and vice versa, when hitting from behind will result in a frontal attack.

Chain Stance it slams the blade into the ground dealing damage but it’s really slow so it’s not suggested to use in Chain Stance. This skill breaks the Ultra State of struck enemies.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.12.


Crack the Whip

Is a normal awakened skill as it only increase the damage for the original skill.

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.7 and can be learned at Lv.7 of the original skill.

h) Barbed Wrath

Your second main burst skill you want to use this as often as possible and always in Chain Stance for the increased damage.

In Blade Stance the Valkyrie charges forward it’s target locking onto it and reaping it soon after in a default direction or a direction of the player choice. While executing this skill your character is Invincible. This skill break the Ultra State of struck target.


In Chain Stance you release a barrage of slashes in front of you and you gain Ultra state while doing that. The skill can be also prolonged by holding onto the LMB, so as to increase the overall damage. The tooltip states that you will lose the Invincibility status currently on you but that incorrect.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.11.


Righteous Fury

Is, as always, a normal awakened and increases the damage of the original skill by a %

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.7 and can be learned at Lv.6 of the original skill.

i) Carousel of Carnage

Probably one of the most useless skill in bossing, it’s slow and deals minimal damage for its long casting time, also if someone is hitting the mobs or boss when you execute it in chain stance the target will fall off resulting in you missing the last hit.

Blade Stance in this Stance you will hit the target and then dash from side to side while also dealing damage the dashes can be directed with W A S D and if the target vanishes you can always jump on another. The number of dashes is by default 4 and can be increased by putting points into the awakening for a max of 7 dashes. You’ll be also Invincible for the duration of the whole skill.


In Chain Stance you will rotate the chain and capture all targets that doesn’t have the Ultra State and then slam them all into a direction of your choice. You’ll be in Ultra State while using it. Also if you are too near the target the last hit will miss so try to not use this on some bosses that can’t be hooked because you will only miss the skill. (ex. Wolf Guy in arena). This skill breaks the Ultra State of struck enemies.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.9.


Simply adds more attacks both on dashes and rotations.

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.7 and can be learned at Lv.4 of the original skill.

j) Maelstrom Blade

Maelstrom Blade damage doesn’t change from Blade Stance to Chain Stance but there are still some perks into it.


First off, in Blade Stance you will launch your scythe spinning in front of you for a short distance, almost close to you, it will pull all enemies inside it and also end up behind the enemy and always facing them from the end position. If you ever find yourself not in position and want to get behind the boss with some nice damage coming out use this in Blade Stance, sometimes even hitting the enemy by front will result in a back attack but only if the target is small enough like a human target.


In Chain Stance you will throw you scythe far longer than in Blade Stance pulling all targets hits with it and coming back for a big boom. The overall damage is not increased but the number of hit is. So we can also say that the damage of each single attack is being reduced by a little.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.7.

Death Spiral

Increases the damage of Maelstrom Blade as well as increasing its pulling distance by 1 meter each level.

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.7 and can be learned at Lv.2 of the original skill.

k) Chain of Woe

Your main burst skill. You want to save this for big bosses because of the cooldown but it can be refreshed by 15 seconds with Rakshasi.


In Blade Stance the Valkyrie will spin forward once and a second time. Every spin deals damage but the second one hooks onto the target and pulls away dealing a nice burst of extra damage. If you fail this go play another class please.


In Chain Stance the Valkyrie will throw in front of herself all her chains damaging all the targets caught within the attack. This skill breaks the Ultra State of struck enemies.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.6.

Chain of Despair

This awakened will increase the damage of the original skill while also allowing it to stun the enemies struck by it by 1 seconds each Lv.

This Awakened is maxed at Lv.7 and can be learned at Lv.1 of the original skill.

l) Seed of Destruction

The tooltip is accurate at least. Every two skills you execute in either Stances will build a stack of Seed of Destruction, each stacks detonates when you use the a skill of the other Stance, dealing a considerable amount of damage to all target caught in the explosion. Rakshasi and Weakest Link doesn’t count for stacks building but Rakshasi can detonate the stacks when used in either Stances. Be careful because only Valkyrie skills builds stacks for Seed of Destruction.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.2

m) Weakest Link

This skill is tricky as you won’t be able to hit the target if it’s too close to you even if you expand it to the max also the target is free to move while you are channeling. By holding onto the skill you can expand the area of effect, every target caught within the chains after you release the button will sustain some damage and then the chains will explode resulting in a burst of damage. You gain Invincibility status as well as breaking the Ultra State of all caught enemies. You’ll be Invincible for all the duration of the skill.

This Skill is maxed at Lv.1.

n) Reap [EX]

Seriously the most useless skill in all the Valkyrie repertoire. It charges forward at the enemy in slow motion and strikes with a thunder at the end. You are in Ultra State while executing this skill as well as breaking the Ultra State of the struck enemies.

o) Rakshasi [EX]

The most useful EX skill ever just look at the tooltip i have nothing more to say. You are Invincible for the entire duration of the buff.

p) Barbed Wrath [EX]

Tricky skill as you will only ever use this to clean mobs.


In Blade Stance you will vanish in a split second and draw a full moon in front of you that will hit and knock up every target in its area of effect. You will be invincible when vanished. This skill is mainly used to clean up mobs as it’s damage is neglectable.


The Chain Stance doesn’t change much it increases the range of the barrage but it deals considerable lower damage than the normal version. You are in Ultra State while executing this skill and also stagger enemies caught into its attack.

5) The perfect build for all CRs


People say that there can’t be a perfect build and there is no absolute but i think there is an absolute at least for Valkyrie. Here is a build designed for every CR.

This build is designed to maximize the damage from your main skills. And as you can see there is 44 points left that you can use for either Pirouette or Kama Strike, the choice is yours, choose wisely.


Also here is my personal build designed for my play style and CR (the build you chose is highly influenced by your own CR).

6) Tips and Tricks.


Actually, i’ve already talked about the tricks in each skill explanation so there isn’t much to talk about this just use the tricks to your advantage to always get behind your enemy and maximize the damage output.


For tips, you always want to stay behind the enemy so you can deal the maximum damage possible, always use Rakshasi [EX] after normal Rakshasi for double buff and ultra burst time so you can pretty much shave the bosses HP by a huge chunk if not killing them entirely. Always try to rotate the stances for the Seed of Destruction procs.


The main gap closer rotation is either: Dash – jump – Pirouette – Whiplash or Pirouette – Dash – jump – Reap in mid air to get on ground – Whiplash.


You always want to cast Chain of Woe after switching Stances so you can benefit from Power Grip buff.


Always remember to keep Rakshasi buff uptime it’s not necessary to spam it but it’s always nice to keep the buff up.


Judgment and Reap are very useful to keep the enemy juggled. In Chain Stance of course.


Sometimes i switch Stance in mid air after charging Reap in Blade Stance.


It’s nice to change Stance after Blade Stance Whiplash as the enemy will still be juggled for you to hit it with the Stance change attack.


When double bosses comes out in the new Arena you would love Carousel of Carnage but not now. Now is hate. No good. Throw it away from the windows.


If you ever feel like you are missing mana and you didn’t get hit by EMP drones in Memories of Annihilation then you are doing something wrong. Use your Rakshasi more often as it gives 10% MP back.


The most problematic thing while bossing at low CR is building stacks of Seed of Destruction that why i would suggest to only use Whiplash, Maelstrom Blade, Barbed Wrath and Rakshasi in Blade Stance but the skill you need the most to build stacks is Rakshasi as it resets the cooldown of your skills so you can do Reap, Pirouette, Judgment, Kama Strike and Whiplash again in Blade Stance and swiftly switch to Chain Stance after you’ve build two to three stacks.

7) Stats and Equipment.


Will work on this when i’ll get more experience.


8) Gems and Charms.


Will work on this when i get better equips and i’ll know all the ins and outs of the current end game.


9) Costumes and Badges.


There isn’t much to talk about the badges as you want as many of them as possible to increase your CR.


For costumes you want to get those stats:



  • Head – Critical
  • Face – Increase Crit Damage to Bosses
  • Collar – Accuracy
  • Hands – Attack Speed
  • Chest – Increase Damage to Elites
  • Back – Crit Damage
  • Feet – Bonus Damage
  • Legs – Increase Damage to Bosses
  • Waist – Crit Damage


10) Flying the end game content.


Will make videos of end game content for the next patch when they come out but i want to build CR before doing anything so you’ll have to wait 😛 also here are some clips of the current arena you can always find those videos and other videos on my YouTube channel: Yang Pan


Kritika Online NA Valkyrie 106k CR i’m hating egg he made me lose so much time…


Kritika Online NA Valkyrie 106k CR yes the garbage is back with even more suprises!


Kritika Online NA Valkyrie 98k CR no power core today


Kritika Online NA Valkyrie 106k CR finaly the sound but didn’t improve the fact that i’m garbage


Kritika Online NA slacking with a power level of over 9k


1min solo Valk Bella run at 37kCR Dancing Rain video

11) Conclusions and thanks.


As per title this is the conclusions thanks for reading and i hope it was useful!


I will accept suggestions you can contact me Yang(洋)#5938 on discord and i’ll hear you out when i have the time. Or just comment where you see there is a problem don’t be afraid of expressing your opinion, i will at most drop kick you 😛

And remember, always fly to the victory!


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!