Kritika Quick guide on which classes to pick for PvP


PvP is pretty broken and coming from KR server I could tell you it won’t get much better in the future (if any1 ever played Lunia, it’s the same developer so expect a similar PvP experience LOL). You can still have fun with it and in the far future they might fix it, but oh well, here’s a quick and dirty guide to the available classes. This is 1v1 only:

Catspawn tier: – just play this if you want to win.

Catspawn: One true god of PvP. Completely broken. Never ending combos + incredibly forgiving skillset (huge AoEs, low CDs on both core and filler skills)

Top tier: – just play this if you want to win (part 2)

Doom Blade: Fast character with a great disposal of long, middle and short range skills. He’s not as mind numbingly easy as the Catspawn as you actually need to aim, but in capable hands this is a great class for PvP.

Shadow Mage: Again, really fast class (see a pattern here?). Has some weird hitboxes that take some time getting used to, but this also means he’s fairly weird to fight against. A good Shadow Mage player is hell on earth. As soon as the shadow hits something, it’s combo’d to death.

Great tier – There’s nothing here. It’s just to show how big the gap is between above and bellow.

Good tier – Again. Nothing.

OK tier: – meaning you can actually defeat people if you try hard enough with these classes.

Berserker: Actually does some mean damage if you combo right. The problem is that he has some pretty unforgiving skill animations.

Mystic Wolf: Wolf is dumb and will probably get you killed. Decent skillset otherwise.

Valkirye: Decent overall, but not as amazing as the big three.

Vamp: Worse than Valk but still useable.

Assassin: Good luck actually hitting your main skills.

Poor tier: – AKA give up you aren’t gonna win.

Time Mage: You won’t hit your skills and will be stunlocked to death by almost any other class. OKish as a support class.

Frost Mage: Same as above, but you also have to deal with terrible cooldowns. OKish as a support class.

Fire Lord: AKA the sitting duck AKA the training dummy. Pretty hard to actually hit his skills, and if you miss even one you’re pretty much dead.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!