Kritika Online FAQ Guide


This FAQ is a work in progress – we’ll likely be adding to it as more questions arise. For now, here are some answers to the questions we’ve been seeing the most.

Game Features
Can voices from other versions of Kritika be used, or is it all English voice acting?
Currently, it’s all English voice acting, but we’re investigating options to allow players to select which voices they’d like to use.

How does the fatigue system work?
We’ve been working with ALLM to make some changes to the Fatigue system for North America and Europe. Each day, players start with 300 Rest Points (RP). Participating in Danger Zones will decrease RP down to a minimum of 0. RP reset every morning at 6AM Pacific. There are also items that can give you more RP before the daily reset. You gain bonuses to experience and drop rate based off the amount of points remaining:

  • 300-201: 1000% of base Danger Zone Clearance EXP, Monster EXP, Item Drop Rate, and Gold Drop Rate.
  • 200-1: 500% of base Danger Zone Clearance EXP, Monster EXP, Item Drop Rate, and Gold Drop Rate.
  • 0: 100% of base Danger Zone Clearance EXP, Monster EXP, Item Drop Rate, and Gold Drop Rate.

At 0 RP, you still have unlimited access to Danger Zones. This is a change from other versions where you are unable to access Danger Zones at 0 RP. Certain special instances, mostly those that are primarily for farming items and experience, may have a limited amount of times you can participate daily.

Will there be controller support?
Native controller support isn’t planned for launch, but Community Manager Smoreceror likes playing on controllers and is looking into available options. He’ll probably post a guide about his findings sometime soon!

CBT and OBT Questions
Will progress wipe at the end of CBT?
Yes, there will be a progress wipe at the end of the CBT.

Will there be a wipe after OBT?
No, there will not be a progress wipe at the end of OBT.

Will a pre-download be available?
Everyone can download the launcher right now. Currently, only Founders can pre-download, but we’ll be opening that up to a wider group soon.
When does OBT start?
We haven’t announced a date for OBT yet. Stay tuned!

Servers and Services
Will there be separate servers for NA and EU players?
Yes. The NA server is located near Chicago and the EU server is located in Germany.

Will certain regions be IP-blocked?
There will be some IP blocks, yes. Get a list of regions that will be able to play on our servers here:

Will character names be immediately available once a character is deleted?
Clearing used player names, even if a character has been deleted, is a manual process – names won’t be instantaneously available upon deletion of another character who currently holds a name. Be careful when choosing which name to assign to each character! We’ll clear the list of inactive names regularly.

Founder’s Pack

When will I receive my items?
Founders items will be delivered at the start of OBT to your in-game inbox. EMP should be delivered immediately.

Can I buy a lower-cost pack then, at a later time, pay the difference and upgrade to another pack?
No, each pack is standalone.

Will the Dark Guardian packs ONLY be available as part of the Founders’ Pack?
The black Dark Guardian costumes are exclusive to the Founders’ Pack and won’t be directly sold in the shop once Founders’ Pack is retired.

What bonus does the “Advance Guard” Founders’ Pack title grant?

  • Defense +100
  • Attack +60
  • Accuracy +50″
  • Awesome title that floats above your name

What does Elite Status do?
Elite Status grants you daily rewards and increased progression. Each day you log in, you’ll receive:

  • 1 Skill Reset Stone. This resets all of your skill points!
  • Elite Exclusive Skymettle Ornament Chest. This chest contains a limited-time costume accent item for your class.
  • Prosperity Potion 20% (3-Hour). This potion boosts your treasure drop rate by 20% for 3 hours.
  • 30 Kred. A currency for use on items in the in-game shop. With Kred, you can buy costume items, pets, and more!
  • Costume Dye Voucher (15 point). Using costume dye points, you can change the color of equipped costume pieces!
  • 30 Extra Rest Points every day.

Does having Elite Status in TERA grant me Elite in Kritika?
Not currently, but we’re investigating this for the future.

How long will the Founders’ Pack be available?
The initial 25% off sale ends at the end of Closed beta. The Founders’ Pack will be available at regular price until at least Open Beta.

Are Founders’ Pack items account bound or character bound?
Items are sent to your account mailbox. They can be claimed by any character, but they can only be claimed once.

Do titles work the same way as other Founders’ Pack items?
Yes, a title will be delivered to your account, and can be claimed by one character.


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