Kritika Ilya Boss. (Mini guide)

Hello. This is a very short guide with tips on behavior and how to manage the boss Ilya on Western Rampart (level 33-35). I’ll attempt to be general enough so all classes can find a strategy and fit right in.

Ilya has three general behaviors. First, when away from you, she just walks calmly. She does not pursue much and once in awhile, shoots an easy to avoid normal shuriken, so you can feel a tad safe when in this situation. If you are hurt, you can try putting some distance to heal up and think on an avenue of approach. Second. General melee. This is the most annoying state, and it’s where she does her melee combo which can stunlock enough to kill. At this point, she also uses traps in combination with her combo. Third is her super state, when her super armor bar is broken. Here, the only difference she has is that she immediately uses her super shuriken, which has great tracking. No need to say this attack is well able to kill if it just touches you, as it stunlocks you. Even the standard shuriken can kill if all hits connect.

Tactics against her:
When her super armor is up (the bar below her HP), it’s recommended to use run and tag tactics. Basically, stay at range, and hit her when you feel it’s a safe time to attack. You can run towards her front range (but not TOO close or she’ll tag you) and pull back or sideways to have her miss an attack and run behind her. I recommend using quick but strong attacks. Check your skills for anything that fits that description. For some classes, mobility attacks (like Cat’s Cat slam or Wolf Girl’s Flash) can be a good alternative as well, as they do both jobs in one swing. Keep doing this until her super bar is depleted. From here on, you can try to infinite combo her if you are able, as she won’t be able to retaliate quick enough. But if she has time to stand up and go burst super mode, step back a fair distance and wait for her super shuriken.

Traps and shurikens:
Her trap can be annoying, but at least in my case, it has not been my primary cause of defeat. Keep your ears ready for when you hear the distinctive “clink” sound they make and be ready to jump over. The traps can’t get you if you are airborne. Most of her attacks won’t be able to hit an airborne target anyway. Once in awhile, she will place the traps in the direction you are moving and inevitably catch you. Press the prompted keys in succession and not at the same time. Do it as if you were yanking an arcade stick side to side. As for the shurikens, the trick to these is that the normal one is slower and doesn’t have much tracking, so unless produced at point blank, you will have a fair opportunity to sidestep it. The super shuriken is another monster though. The trick to this one is to hop OVER it, and not try to outrun it. It has too good tracking and good enough speed to catch most people. But jumping over it clears it completely and it won’t come back because it’s unable to make such a sharp turn. Just don’t wait and try to jump it when it’s right on your face, though. Give it a bit of distance to your jump and hop straight towards it.

Anyway. Hope this can help someone out there. I’ve done this fight on both hard and Insane on different characters, so while I may not call myself an expert, I may be able to give a tip or two. Well then, happy hunting.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!