Kritika Guide to building your CR for fresh 65s


I thought I would write this as a PSA, as someone who hit 65 a few days ago and already sporting 45k CR. I’ve done a lot of homework in figuring it all out, inspected a lot of players with amazing gear, inspected a lot of players with awful gear. The truth is there is almost no information on how to gear up right now and I see many many new 65s are trapped at 10, 20k CR when they could easily be 40 if they understood what they need to do. This isn’t a comprehensive guide, just a PSA and quick breakdown because really I’d rather be playing the game right now but I feel sorry for y’all.

Charms: Buy rare charm boxes from Cerulean in Starhenge (costs violet boss souls). Charm up all your gear. Fuse the excess random charms you get to create tradeable rare and epic charms that you can sell for gold. You can be fully charmed for free quite easily and maybe even make some money.

Soul gems: There is a daily dungeon in Deeprock Mine called Dominion Training Grounds. You can run it 5 times a day. It drops rare soul gem boxes. You can be fully soul gemmed in about 2 days worth of runs here. Dont be afraid of the cost of socketing all your gear, its worth it and you can always rip out the gems when youre done with that piece of gear. This daily also drops recalculation/reappraisal scrolls. It’s probably the most important thing to do every day but since it’s so far off the beaten path half of the playerbase doesnt know about it.

Reappraisals: Perhaps the single most important thing about raising your CR. Your CR can make huge leaps and bound just by getting a good roll on the right piece of gear. You should prioritize your weapon and accessories first as most of your offensive stats are loaded onto these pieces. What you are looking for is getting 2-4 offensive stats per piece: attack power, attack speed, crit, crit dmg, bonus damage is the stuff you are looking for. The potency of the stat is relevant too as recalculation scrolls are hard to come by. You can lock stats at the cost of more scrolls on the next reroll. Generally you dont want to lock them unless the potency is maxed out or else you’re not getting much value. As far as armor pieces go – each piece can only roll one offensive stat. Head – crit, hands – attack speed, legs/chest – crit damage, boots – movespeed (doesnt affect CR but its nice). Make sure each of those pieces has their stat.

Enhancing: Again, weapon and accessories are what you want to focus on. Upgrade your weapon to +13 first and then if you have any hammers left over use them on your accessories.

Badges: Socket 30 inferior badges in the costume tab, into each of your costume bonuses. Each stack of 30 gives big stat bonuses and there is a set bonus on top of that. It takes 270 inferior badges to make a full tier 1 set of badges, try to get there asap. Main ways of getting badges: arena, dailys (badge daily dungeon on friday/saturday/sunday), salvaging costumes at fashion guy, and invader boxes. You get 2 inferior badges per run there, and chance to drop a costume box that you can either use or salvage for more badges.

RP: Use it wisely and milk that 1000% buff as much as you can. Do your daily dungeons first thing because they are affected by 1000% even though they take no RP. Then spend that purple bar at the place with the best loot. If you are stuck on starhenge easy, skyship insane might be a better place to spend your purple bar (unsure ??)

Finally, skyship letter farms, these are the perfect thing to do at 0 RP. You want to do this as much as you can, it is your main source of reappraisal scrolls, badges and hammers not to mention enough res stones to make you immortal.

I recommend elite membership as it pays for itself, and the double gold at end of dungeon is a big help when you’re starting out.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!