Kritika Doomblade End Game Skill Guide

So I’ve been playing Kritika for a while now, back on the JP server, on SEA when it was released and now here, so I feel like I know enough to write a general guide for him. Try to take what I say with a bit of salt, since skills in the end are still up to personal choice.

So, Doomblade is basically a melee class with high skill chaining potential and can deal out a nasty amount of damage when you can consistently land back attacks.

Skill Categories

Basic – Dark Slash, Cutting Wave
Push – Phantom Cross, Dancing Shadows, Purgatory Wave
Pull – Soul Steal, Ghost Blast
Hold – Oblivion, Soul Vortex, Spirit Barrage
Ultra Break – Deadly Draw, Spectral Assault
Iframes – Curse Drinker, Six-Blade Leap, Shadow Stride, Ultimate Draw


Your bread and butter.

Dark Slash
It’s pretty much an auto attack, all things considered. Good for PvP, but in PvE I generally don’t use it unless I have absolutely nothing else to use.

Cutting Wave
Your main ability. It used to be an active that you could spam 3 times, but with how they’ve changed it it’s basically a passive ability. You don’t want or need it to be on your skill bar since you can just use it with R-button. Great for mobility, damage, mob clearing, dodging and getting behind the enemy to land back attacks with your other skills.

Once you’ve learned how to consistently get behind the boss in all the skill spamming mess on your screen, you’re going to be dealing some rather lethal damage. This skill alone is what makes or breaks most Doomblades.


Ranged skills that can set up mobs.

Phantom Cross
Your main pushing skill. General use of this consists of running around drawing aggro until the trash mobs are in a line and then hitting them all with it. There isn’t much more to say about it. I’d consider maxing this skill as you’ll be using it pretty often, especially against more dangerous enemies.

Dancing Shadows
While it doesn’t “push” anything, you’ll be wanting to use this skill immediately after using Phantom Cross anyway. It has a short cooldown and once maxed, it can do decent damage allowing you to keep up in DPS even when you can’t go near the boss.

Purgatory Wave
Charged pushing skill that does a bit less actual pushing than Phantom Cross. At max charge, it does alright but with no charge… meh. The combo you want to be using is Phantom Cross into Dancing Shadows into a charged Purgatory Wave. I personally leave this at level one since I don’t use a charged version of this skill outside that combo in many situations. If anything, it’s good for flinching a target to cancel attacks.


Can’t seem to get enemies grouped up enough? Just throw one of these out.

Soul Steal
You get this skill at a reasonably early level and it provides you with Ultra armor. The pulling does nothing to stop enemies being pulled from attacking you so using this skill by itself is basically a death sentence. Don’t do it. Because of this, I generally leave it at level 1. It has good burst damage, but I consider it mainly a utility skill since it does the best pulling in my opinion.

Ghost Blast
This used to be Doomblades ultimate ability, if I remember correctly. The damage it does is massive and it has a large range too. But because of its 1 minute cooldown, I save this for bosses and Soul Steal for mobs. You use it more for its damage than the pulling, to be honest. Leave it at level 1 but max its awakening since the damage increase isn’t actually that great for the amount of SP it requires.


Skills you can throw out and leave while you go get tea or something.

Well? When maxed, it does great damage, it extends upwards quite a bit so you can hit airborne enemies that your other skills might not be able to reach and it has the longest duration out of all your holding skills.

The downside to this skill, however, is that it’s only this effective against mobs. If you can land this on bosses then great but more often than not, you’re better off using another skill than risking having to get close enough to pull this attack off. Max it during your early levels, but late game I’d leave it at level 1.

Soul Vortex
A holding skill that is also a pulling skill. Honestly, I could put this skill in either categories, but I’ll leave it here due to how my skill bar is set up. And also because I find the other holding skills rather useless in comparison, especially due to the EX version of this skill. But even so, I’d leave it at level 1.

Spirit Barrage
It certainly looks cool. However, the mana cost is too high for my liking and it has a 30 second cooldown. I’m not a fan of it, but I’ll throw it out if my other holding skills are on CD. Leave at level 1.

Ultra Break

How well you use these two skills can determine the direction of a boss fight.

Deadly Draw
Your main Ultra Break ability. It has the lowest everything, except damage and it’s really easy to land hits with it successfully. I can’t say anything bad about this skill, plus it looks cool. Max it. Please?

Spectral Assault
It’s a bit awkward to use and slightly more difficult to land. Missing with it could send you halfway across the map which could be a good or bad thing. Bad that you didn’t stop the boss, but at least you’re out of the way of their attacks. Hopefully.


You should probably try and use these skills wisely.

Curse Drinker
Gives you about 2 seconds invincibility, +10% to your attack speed/movement/crit rate, instant 5 Curse stacks and an additional Curse stack every 5 seconds and lasts 30 seconds with 10 second downtime inbetween use AND no mana cost??? In any other game, this skill would be overpowered. Actually, even in this game it’s probably overpowered. Just spam it whenever it’s off cooldown since there’s no reason not to.

Six-Blade Leap
The invincibility lasts only a short amount of time so you really have to time it well. Other than that, I wouldn’t use this skill for any other situation unless I’m trying to go ham with DPS. It does a good amount of damage when maxed too.

Shadow Stride
The invincibility of this skill comes from after your initial strike during that whole “camera angle cinematography” stuff. It’s a really awkward skill, actually. You gain a bit of ultra armor during the charge up but it also stops at some point so the skill can just be cancelled outright by an attack if you spend too long charging. The duration of the invincibility is also in correlation to the charge up time as well, so keep that in mind. Keep this at level 1, since it’s uses are rather niche. Did I mention it’s a realllly awkward skill?

Ultimate Draw
Your ultimate ability.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!