Kritika [Guide] How to get 3 tokens ever time, in the card matching game


Rule 1. Don’t use hints, until the last level (unless you are deep in the hole, and you’re not gonna complete before time is out)
Rule 2. Remember at least 1 match, during the pre game, when cards are flipping. If you do 2, that’s great, if you do 3, it’s godlike
Rule 3. Give the cards names, I say “angry face” or “scared face” or “sleepy face” etc. You can also divide, by classes, so you can say “angry rogue” etc. IT WILL HELP to say it out loud, trust me
Rule 4. You get an extra hint, for matching 3 in a row, so on the last level, MATCH ONE PAIR, then use your hints immediately, you will get an extra hint, because the combos you get from matching hint, counts towards a bonus hint (you can clear most of lvl 3, just by using hints) (and no, hints are not saved between games, so use them all)
Rule 5. DON’T click fast, at random, you lose pts for wrong combos, and you have a lot more time, than you think so slow down, and think about what cards to click next

Here is an ex. of me doing it, I get 3-token 90% of the time



Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!