Kritika Crafting guide, golden Kritium, blue prints, certain challenge letters etc.

Welcome to my crafting guide! I will have videos and a written guide that explains crafting and how to get certain materials here. It’s a work in progress and I will update this every now and then.

How to craft video tutorial: Click here.

How to craft:
1. locate the blacksmith (hammer symbol on the mini map)
2. Look for the item you wish to craft.
3. Check whether you have all the material.
4. Confirm crafting the item.
5. Profit.

Golden Kritium and blueprints:
Crafting legendary equipment requires you to have golden Kritium and a blueprint (blueprints are dropped by regular monsters as well). Both are obtainable by beating invaders in danger zones. Some danger zones have a mask symbol in their picture. In these zones, sometimes an invader (mini boss), appears. Beating that invader yields rewards like extra exp, resurrection stones, blueprints and golden Kritium. Click the mask symbol to use “Certain challenge letters” to have a guaranteed encounter with an invader. They randomly drop by killing monsters. Check the picture below for more details. Be careful hower to untick the use of certain challenge letters, if you don’t want to use them anymore.

More stuff coming soon~

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!