AnimalXX’s Kabod Online Rogue Classes Introduction

The Rogue is the melee DPS archetype of Kabod Online. They have the ability to use a Sabre and a Dagger. Basic attack skill...

AnimalXX’s Kabod Online First Jobs Overview

Knight    Extreme strength and physique background Usually uses swords and shields Usually uses skills of approach physical attack method Wizard    With intelligent background uses magic and wizardry – class Usually...

AnimalXX’s Kabod Online Maps

Atun Denidentia Adves Kareia Dungeon Feracitas

AnimalXX’s Kabod Online Magic Pattern Guide

Magic Pattern With in the magic pattern there is magical items and magical cards that enchants the items. Structure of magic pattern system as follows. Releasing a...

AnimalXX’s Kabod Online Features List

Criminal Systems – level of crime and punishment of crime Users can commit a crime and become a criminal but punishment follows. Excluding beginning area and...

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