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jade dynasty fuwa celan build


Using a fuwa celan isn’t easy. It doesn’t consist in casting MiM and waiting for your enemies to kill themselves. If you’re a support player, be fuwa celan, if you’re not, you can consider being felkin or dagos, because fuwa doesn’t have that many attack skills to spam on several players at the same time. 

What I can say is, we have less attack skills, but get to survive the longest. We have several shields, defense skills and so much more, that we can keep ourselves alive from most gankings. We’re also fragile, VERY fragile when no shield on. We can’t cripple our enemies as much as felkin/dagos, but if we build our char right, our SBE can deal 160k+ on fully sp drained characters. 

Fuwa isn’t a cheap affinity. Either you breathe and start shopping, you won’t get anywhere soon. 

Suggestion on pet and gears:

-Get full ST 135+. The critshield and the resistance bonus/skill eva/skill acc is worth it and you need it. If you can’t get ST 135, you could try getting BG 135, even thought it aint easy for us. 
-Get a nestun pet. If you can get it g18, better. You need it at 150 for the 99% sp drain, and its pretty good vs single target factions, including rayans.
-Get a mount. Celans are so damn slow, and you need a good mount to catch/kite most people. 
-Get a good skyblade. It doesn’t have to be the best looking skyblade, just find one with good speed and level it. A celan in the air it’s pretty much alpha and omega. Why? People can’t charge/speed buff and gtfo your range. Plus, we’re a ranged class, if they run, just SBE them. 
-Get a Ruby Pagoda (with SBE+1) and a 105/135 esper with good resistance. Why? The ruby pagoda can have the same attack power than a 135 esper, but the resistance growth is so crappy. If you wanna cast curse songs, you’re gonna have to switch to the higher resistance esper.
-Get skill evasion rings, skill accuracy rings (optional) and resistance rings. Defense rings for botting.
-Solemn Composition and Chant of Wisdom charms are must for PvP and PvE.

Tier Build

You can check my build here

This is the basic fuwa build to get all the factionals fuwa affinity has. After getting the points on the skills, you can pretty much reset your skill points, and keep these skills at minimum:

-Soundblade Mosaic
-Tone of Frost

I find them pretty much useless skills, so its not need to keep them maxed, once we get the lvl 2 versions of these skills.

Affinity Build

My advice is, GO SKILL EVASION BUILD. If you get a trinket, it’s easy to get over 60 skill evasion. At the moment, I have 55,5 skill evasion, and still got a lot of stuff to upgrade to get more and more skill evasion, so I can hit over 65 skill evasion after I’m done.
Why skill evasion? Because without MiM/Shields, you’re an easy kill. 

Must have skills:

Mirror in the Moon 2 (Passive) – Increases the chances of triggering reflect in certain skills. Affected skills: Mirror in the Moon, Tone of Rivers, Heavenly Echoes, Tone of Ancestor, Tone of Frost. 

True Conversion (Passive) – Increases HP for 2400, stun resistance for 40, and adds 5 skill evasion when maxed. 

Fojan Attention (Passive) – Increases skill accuracy for 20, and adds 35 defense when maxed. 

Fojan Resolve (Passive) – Increases skill evasion for 20, and adds 500 spirit when maxed. 

Karmatic Justice (Active) – Reflects stun, sleep, weaken, silence, paralyze and slow back to the caster. 65% success rate and lasts for 45 secs. 

Ebb and Flow (Active) - when Health is lower than 75%, caster has a 89% chance to avoid lethal damage. Damage can be avoided up to 45 times, lasts for 90 seconds.

Tone of Rivers 2 (Active) – Increases skill accuracy for 10 points, reduces damage for 25% for 17 seconds, and resets Flowing Cloud and Moon in the Mirror

Fojas Blessing (Active) - Removes 1 negative effect from you. (Leave it at level 1, unless you wanna max it, I just get it for skyseeker)


If you use Tone of Rivers 2 maxed when trying to reset MiM, you’re gonna lose the previous defense buffs from MiM. Also, if you recast right away, you won’t get the 75% damage reduction from MiM. It doesn’t matter much on PvP, but it does matter a lot in PvE. (As long as you manage to get the reflect in PvP, its all fine. 

Which other skills should I get?

You see, in every TW/Fort, my role consist in taking down aoer’s while providing res services. TW/Fort is a modo heaven, its full of skyseek and kangba, so I’m pretty much working on Song: Snow Purity II. Why? because it removes negative effects and raises critbonus for quite a lot. If you get into a good spot and start casting it, you can render skyseek useless, but theres a downfall to it, if someone comes for you, you’re pretty much done unless you see it coming and cast MiM before dying. 

Critical bonus and critical strike are also good things to get. Your first hit in SBE gets stronger and hits more often. 

Fuwa protector is good for PvE/PvP too, level 2 its enough though. 

PvP considerations

Most people say Heavenly Echoes is crappy. And I say its not!. When tomed it can reduce 16 skill accuracy on target. If you’re using skill evasion, this becomes really handy to ensure you won’t be getting hit. It often saves my derriere when MiM, resets, and shields are on cooldown. And it also SLOWS the target. I have found this extremely handy for vims/balos/skysongs, so its mostly my starter skill. 

Getting the MAX SP you can get its something you can’t forget. I suggest having your own jadeon buffer for the times you go hunting. 

NEVER use SBE for starter skill if the target has more than 6 buff icons under their name, makes you waste the skill and might make you wait if SBE’ing is the only way to kill that target. Use a multihit like Petals Drops, this way you will figure out if the target has a raja/immune buff, since Petals Drops also slows/weakens. 

The affinity shields are your best friends. Use them with caution. Don’t use Ebb on a Balo when you’re full HP, and don’t use Karmatic Justice on an Arden. 

Skyseeking modos. They’re not that hard for us, I’m actually more scared about kangba ones rather than skyseeking modos. If you get skyseek/faster, use Tone of Ancestor, It has a chance to remove skyseek, and heals you for 10k, so it can save you from the combo. Notice: Most modos just skyseek and run to try to kill us, and they kite when they see MiM, my advice is, get your finger in the Tone of Ancestor hotkey, and use it as soon as you get skyseekered. If you’re lucky, it will remove the skyseeker and get a reflect on you, so if the modo uses fasting, he gets fasted and becomes easier target for you. If you don’t wanna risk it, fill yourself with buffs, and hide MiM. Let the suckers kill themselves D:


For body I recommend skill evasion seals (filled star)
Weapon, attack seals (empty star)
head, critshield seals (filled star)
shoes, critnull seals (filled star)

Celans got low HP, so I suggest this setup, in order to reduce the damage you get. You can go critstrike/critbonus, but remember you’re switching defense stats for offensive stats on a fragile class. 

Your final build

The first build I posted was just a base for you to get the factional fuwa skills, after you get them, you can reset and get whatever you want. You can max your combos, but I don’t recommend getting Blast of Disturbance or Serpent Dance songs… Paralize is something, uhh, no one cares, most factions have ranged attacks to **** you from distance. 

Waterfall from Heaven only good if you do Fort PvE.

Vigor and Finesse should be maxed after reset, we have the spare points to do so, and the bonus, even though it may not be big, its really helpful.

Notes and other considerations

To be a good fuwa celan, doesn’t mean you gonna have to max all the skills I listed in the previous post. Its hard to raise the affinity and money, but once you get it, you will start being able to go by yourself hunting. Before I got the affinity, I needed the backup from my husband to be able to do anything in gankings, but now I’m pretty much built up, with all the shields/MiMs I have survived several players hitting me, and managed to kill them all. 

I still have lots of stuff to get in order to be fighting with the top players, but it all comes with patience. 

Don’t rush the targets, think before smashing SBE hotkey, 12 secs cooldown can be too long.

Credits go to Latooni.