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jade dynasty fuwa arden build

Link to skills and tome build

Version 1.1 Revision Build linked

Post Jaki Build with 15 "float" points

Post Jaki "Float" points may be assigned according to personal preference. My own intention for the 15 points is not included here.

Okay, so I followed through with my interest in the Fuwa skills and chose my affinity earlier this afternoon. This is thetentative build I have assembled for myself that I intend to follow. I would appreciate any feedback from those more experienced arden players that frequent these boards.

Tier 1:
standard issue; max out wolf summon and kiting skills. No attack build included.
Post Jaki:
Datura Flower 1/9 minimum; I like flowers and a bleed may have its uses.

Tier 2:
Blood arrow is left at 3 as I will get an affinity slow skill; Flash Arrow II
Flash Arrow is maxed to unlock affinity version.
Charge and Crystal Heart maxed for stat bonus (and jump).
Bull maxed.
Tranquility blank; I may be told to change this but as I ascended from Celan my eva stat is higher and my defense is lower. I will be taking mountain dweller instead to balance out the difference on grinding.
Revision 1.1: I have gone ahead and maxed out Tranquility for level; I also have it on my Yin Yang Orb bring it to 5+1 now.
Night Wanderer 3/9: these were the points I have available until affinity work is done
Night wanderer 9/9 for as many targets as possible
Blood Arrow maxed for additional slowing skill
Flash Arrow removed

Tier 3:
I have a question here
MS is high enough to get Devilbash; Devilbash is maxed for affinity version.
Spirit Sediment maxed for its obvious purposes; Passive (gilded iron) maxed.
Bear maxed; Dreaming Phoenix maxed for affinity passive.
Fire Aggression maxed for attack increase.
Dreamlike Song maxed: Should I do this?

My inquiry about Dreamlike Song. Without the resistance debuff of Felkin Arden will the single target sleep curse remain useful? To my understanding this maxes out at 300 and that may be less useful in ascended play.

Revision 1.1: Dreamlike Song has been removed from any intention to put points in accordance with discussion in thread.
Moonlight Strike 1/9
Devilbash Arrow removed

Tier 4:
Flame Stream maxed; it just makes sense.
Dragon Stun maxed to unlock Dragon Stun II
Solaris Fall Revision 1.1: 9 – these were the points I felt I had available for it; otherwise I would max it to have a multi-target skill available just in case. 
Revision 1.1: I now intend to max Solaris with the points taken out of the single target curses.
Ardent array maxed for party and self buff. Wood spirit maxed for passive.
Turtle maxed; pairs with affinity passive.
Drunk Lotusen at 4; unlocks Lost Soul
Lost Soul Revision 1.1:blank. to pair with fasting tome. Again wondering how useful the curse will be without having the res debuff.
Revision 1.1: Lost Soul and associated tome have been removed
Mountain Dweller maxed; brought into build for pve purposes. Would like to pair with fuwa defense and turtle buff. I have decreased defense due to ascending from Celan, this is to help compensate.
Post Jaki:
Drunk Lotusen 9/9 for additional targets

Tier 5:
Cloud Dweller maxed; same reason as flame stream. Additional reason may include benefit when God skills are implemented (unconfirmed for our version).
Eloquence Lord max; meant to help me do some more damage.
Whiskers Tiger max; uhm…duh?
Incarnation Switch maxed

Middle column and right hand column maxed. I am tempted by the left column for extended sleep on dreaming phoenix and the additional health if there is a point. The right hand column is maxed until single-target curses prove less useful to me than additional stats on plants. Seems to make better sense this way; provides me with the Lost Soul fasting chance.
Revision 1.1: I intend to abandon previous plans to pursue the single-target curse tree in favour of the plant tomes. This tome tree will be pursued last.

Left column maxed except Floating Wave. Built downward to get Fire Spirit and Dragon King.

Middle and Left column maxed except Sharp Gold. Power up my summons.
Revision 1.1: Sharp Gold has now been maxed for use in pve while leveling
Post recall will eventually place final 2 tome points in spring prime instead of holding points in sharp gold; planned level for recall chant 145ish


Note:As I am doing this portion of the build with the obvious hope that someday all affinity skills will be maxed I have decided to divide this portion as follows.
Green text denotes skills of primary focus.
Red text denotes skills that will be leveled in conjunction, but with less emphasis.
Blue text refers to skills that will receive the least emphasis of priority while building. (Unless subsequent discussion encourages otherwise).

Fuwa Arden Factional Specific Skills
All of these skills are quite valuable to me and will likely end up receiving more attention than most of the General skills. I am horribly biased and hope balance will be able to be struck as I do the building. Anyone pursue their own Fuwa Arden build should weigh out their own options according to their own needs.

20.Dreaming Phoenix II
First skill to go to level 4 (except for maybe True Conversion, due to cheaper cost). Level 4 of minimum importance to reflect my lack of using Spring Prime for most of my botting time. Level 4 allows perpetual sleep flower while botting. Also high priority for pvp purposes. I really like the Fuwa flower for its buff removal effect and would like the skill maxed quickly to play with Celan reflect buff while being a general nuisance to other foes on the field. 

21. Creek Turtle II
To be shifted to green as soon as possible. This passive turns the turtle into my main summon. I like that the turtle will hopefully become an effective tank while providing me cover (temporary raja) while escaping or planting flowers. I innerstand that the summons are effective in different ways and hope that this one will reflect benefit in my playstyle.

22.Flash Arrow II
I see this mostly as a getaway maneuver. The reduction in skill accuracy and the slow helps ensure safety while fleeing. I am certain that it is also helpful in confronting enemies as it allows distance (slow) and safety (reduced enemy skill accuracy) while waiting on cooldowns of other skills. This skill will be updated to green priorityas soon as possible.

23. Devilbash Arrow II
Aside from Dreaming Phoenix II this skill is probably my main factional skill to build. I really like the idea of having a stun with a long-term spirit bleed. This skill pairs nicely with True Conversion and Soul Mirror which are also of high priority. Good for full-out escape as well as catching those who attempt to run. Also a good skill for partying with a Celan as the stun + spirit bleed combo should be able to be effectively paired with their Soundblade Emperor for kills. 
*Note* If you wish to make use of the spirit drain your own spirit must be worked on. As near as I can tell, body, head and feet gears from Chu Han may be best suited to this purpose for pvp. Chu Han gears provided added spirit bonus as opposed to the mixed Health and Spirit bonus of Skytouch Gears. I am unfortunately unable to check right now but this may or may not come at a cost of a slight reduction to res that Skytouch provides more of. I have to double check this.

24. Dragon Stun II
Plan to put priority on this skill for damage potential. Stacks well with Soul Mirror General Fuwa skill and ascended Celan–>Arden Quadrash skill. Encourages good res growth on esper and gears. Provided appropriate buffs can be stacked up this skill should prove useful in dealing with targets with high health and/or defense.

Note:As I am doing this portion of the build with the obvious hope that someday all affinity skills will be maxed I have decided to divide this portion as follows.
Green text denotes skills of primary focus.
Red text denotes skills that will be leveled in conjunction, but with less emphasis.
Blue text refers to skills that will receive the least emphasis of priority while building. (Unless subsequent discussion encourages otherwise).

Any and all input is appreciated. If you are a Fuwa Arden I will consider your guidance particularly useful in this portion but input from all players is valued, Fuwa affinity or otherwise. This is my first ascended character and all assistance is appreciated in refining the build and learning what works.

General Fuwa Skills (Left Side)
1.True Conversion 
I currently consider this to be my priority left hand skill. Stun resistance seems like a great stat to pump and it will pair nicely with Devilbash Arrow II. The Skill evasion from level 10 also appeals to me as it allows me to somewhat delay my point assignment for Fojan Resolve in the right-hand general skills.

2.Moshu Disaster 
This skill seems like it could be fun, or a good way to temporarily get rid of a target that is too strong to take down, but I am not sure I would like to emphasize build on it currently. I may take one skill level to test it but it is low priority. 

3.Ego Abstraction 
This seems decent for affinity-oriented SOC combat. I am tempted to get it to make up for lack of a Flame Stream II bleed; however this skill is currently not prioritized. If this really is an effective anti-tank skill please let me know and I will put it through a second examination.

4.Bodhi Works 
This skill appeals to me as a spirit drain (would pair well when teamed with Celans; also a good skill to have on-hand if fighting one). This skill also appeals to me for the defense debuff. I intend to pursue this skill to accent fighting strategies and for when I need to get through an foe’s defense.

5.Foja Blessing 
This skill is somewhere near the bottom in focus as I am not so sure I would make a very good tank, haha. This is recieving more than "blue" emphasis for the negative condition removal. This skill may be leveled to 1 to activate negative condition removal and then turned to blue status.

6.Soul Mirror 
This skill receives some discussion within the thread thus far. This skill is of high priority due to its ability to buff up Dragon Stun II in factional affinity skills. On top of the obvious benefit for adding damage to shots is the equally benefical potential to protect from curses for a time. *NOTE* This skill unfortunately does not stack with Celan–>Arden res buff ascended skill. Currently still waiting to test with Skysong Ascended Heaven buff.

7.Ebb and Flow 
This skill appeals to me as a "save your ***" kind of move. My potential idea for it is to use it in conjunction with health buffs to gain chances to dodge damage. A potentially good skill for escaping or kiting multiple enemies. Testing will be required but I would like to also see how it may benefit in the ability to plant flowers amidst aoe splash damage.

8.Karmatic Justice 
My main reasoning for pursuit of this skill is due to naturally low resistances for Ardens. I will be taking other provisions to raise and accent my resistances but this seems like a potentially beneficial protection when my res buffs are cooling down or simply not enough for the opponent I am facing.

9.Myna of War 
I intend to max this one early. Other players may not wish to do so. I have a (currently grade 16) pet that I feel this is beneficial to. My pet accents my kill rate and as that increases both my leveling speed and gold production this seems like a valuable skill to my play style. I place this on high priority at least until it hits level 4 or 5.

10. Myna of Light 
By contrast this skill will not be receiving as immediate of emphasis. Though this may very well be of benefit to other players I feel Myna of War to be the more appropriate option to start with. Still a good skill but as pets may only have one Myna this skill will receive less emphasis in priority.

11.Slaughter Prints
I would like to level up this skill for additional attack damage in PVE. I innerstand that the reduced defense of Ardens decrease its effectiveness. As such this may be put to blue status but is currently red with intention of a point or two to see how well it benefits my 2+2 Yin Yang Orb esper in grinding.

General Fuwa Skills (Right Side)
A number of the bonuses provided in this section are not affinity specific. As such insight from both Felkin and Dagos Ardens is considered to be of additional value here. All help is very much appreciated. Input on what is important in ascended pvp in a general sense is greatly valued regarding this section.

12. Fojan Woe
Unless this skill really ramps up in the level of increase it provides I am hesitant to believe it should be high priority. I do not think this skill will be saving an Arden from being 1-shotted and as such it will remain low priority unless I am convinced otherwise of its benefit.

13.Fojan Attention
Skill accuracy seems really important to me as an Arden. It makes sense to me to increase the likelyhood that my shots will hit so I consider this skill high priority. With Dagos Rayan being a popular choice for ascended Rayans, increasing my hit rate early on seems logical. I am not sure I will get to the defense passive in time for it to be of benefit in pve grinding but if I do I suppose it will save some potions over a long enough time line.

14.Fojan Resolve
This skill is somewhere on the low end of "red" skills for me. I really like skill evasion as a stat; however, as I intend to maxTrue Conversionreasonably early I feel that those 5 skill evasion points will help compensate for delaying putting points in this skill.

15.Fuwa Rage
This seems like a far more appealing bleed for an Arden than Ego Abstraction. As both the health and spirit burn are based on max attack and min attack, respectively, this should couple well with the Arden’s high attack power. If this proves effective enough I may up its priority to green. I am also fond of this skill for its potential as a slow. If anyone has this and can tell me how well the effects scale when leveled it would be greatly appreciated.

16.Fojan Meditation
A low priority red but will be leveled. I accept that I may be downplaying the importance of this skill. If I am, please tell me. Damage reduction on a % basis seems really valuable; but the lack of application to Dagos and Fuwa players is kind of unfortunate. I am not sure it would save me from a Dagos Modo Kangba spam, anyway. But it would be nice if it were across the board.

17.Fojan Bliss
A high priority red. This would be green as crit rate seems super valuable to an Arden, however I accepted that I should limit my green level focus. A helpful skill for getting those high-damage shots in and being protected from them. May shift to green priority.

18.Fojan Reality
The idea of having crit bonus and crit shield as high as possible as soon as possible seems very appealing. A good passive bonus to stack with Eloquence Lord T5 skill.

19.Fuwa Protector
Mixed feelings on a heal-buff has made me lower priority on this one. The cooldown is long and I am not sure how much benefit this will be. Tentative plans to take 1 point to test the skill and potentially reassign priority status or not. Though I am very fond of the idea that Ebb and Flow in the left side may protect me from damage while running; I do not currently feel that stopping to cast a heal-buff then resuming running is as good of an idea of kiting to a better opportunity.

Credits go to Nataraja.