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jade dynasty felkin modo build

ok well im pretty sure this is the last time ill be reconstructing my build for a while.


A. this build is BEFORE ur faction affinity skills are maxed:
1. I wont be going into a lot of detail except to explain a one thing.
2.I put a point in bonesmelt stinger because i need at least 1 atk skill. the next ill get is

II.Final Endgame Build

* this build is when all ur faction affinities are maxed, and then use a jaki stone.
A. Tier 1
1.max Goulish night, its our speed and can be spammable!
2.max upheld oath, it gives is sleep and stun immune(usefull against skysongs)
3.endless shadow at 4/5 cause no reason to aint the pwoerfull
4.max demonic posture, usefull if u also want a strong demon form(for botting untill u get skyseeker, and pve mobs that skyseeker dont work on)
B. Tier 2
1.max charge, when tomed it can instantly reset buffs+speed, giving speed spam!
2.modon 1/10. to lower ur sp if u have a sp drain on.
3. max formidable opponent, the on reason i maxed is cause i had extra points that have no where else to go.
4.max secluded springs. it can give around 3000 paralize res= a paralize immune
5.max restrained resentment, gives a lot mroe dmg and also silence immune
C.tier 3
1.max Nimble spirit, this is a felk modons super shield. since we have low hp and def, we need it to survive, almost all of the dmg delt to u is sent to your spirit instead, and since we have high spirit, is hard to break this shield.
2. max snakebind, itcombines with others to cause 6 bleeds on a person at one time, and also lowers an opponent’s res a good amount
3.max bloodcurdling curse, gives around 3000 stun res= stun immune
4.max soul contract, increased resistance and some health
D.Tier 4
1. max firestone will, gives a bit more atk power, and when tomed has a 45% chance to not cause bleed and def reduction!
2. max spiritual charm, is one of the 6 stackable bleeds, and 33% chace to fasting for 7 secs when tomed
3.max shadow heart umbra, just to cause more dmg if u crit
4.max flesh burn, very usefull in game, and not just pvp or pve, it can help a lot as u play, for example, it can one-shot bamboo, and the special mobs in cave of fangs
5.max Fol, big heavy hitter, causes a lot of dmg, usefull for demon form
E. Tier 5
2. kangba, useful aoe skill
3.self-rightousness, very good buff of chaos, pretty good skill, chance to cause silence
5.Skyseeker, now this epic skill is a felkin modos bread and butter. this skill causes a person to bleed 6times thier health over 55 sec!(thats a lot yo), also has a chace to cause negative effects for 10 secs(when tomed) chance to remove all their spirit, and then also to decrease their def by a lot for a 12 secs.


1. just get bloodstained oath for the quick form change
1.the first column, will bost the hp and attack of demon form, and also increase demon buff power.
2. second column, concealed moon increases speed buff,chilwind increases res+ of secluded springs,hohun urn increases Fol and Doc’s power, and goulish conscription gives a 20% chacne for buffs to double duration.
3. got tempered resentment just for better crit chance and had extra points
1.Spirit wings, very important, enables charge to reset buff cooldowns and speed buff(speed spam)
2.Spiriual consumption, gives spiritual chamr 1 and 2 a bigger fasting chance, along with other effects.
3.Dragonbile concoction, gives more sp and a reflect when changing forms
4.viscale thorn increases snakebind’s res decrease by a lot
5.kaigu, also reduced an opponents res.
6.leech, increases effects of modon buffs, u dont need to max this tome
7.sea of blood, msut have, causes all bleeds to cause more dmg, and skyseeker
8.soulsmash, increases spiritual charm 1 and 2′s fasting time, and may also paralize(which is a good thing against close range players running to u)
9.rotting existance, makes firestone will’s bad effects a chance to NOT occur.
10.Ghostly domain, a modos mini raja, this skill negates ALL DMG AND EFFECTS for 15 secs, the only problem is, cant cast skills, only run around. though me personaly, i have been able to effectively use it by casting it on other players too.
11.Heavenly disaster, increases skyseekers bleed dmg by reducing its duration time


1.Spirit wings charm, absolute must , i mean absolute

2.dragon fangslit double charm(dragonbile concoction+bloostained oath charms),makes switching forms faster and longer reflect.

3.Sea of Blood, this is another absolute must charm.

4.soulsmash charm, better fasting chance

5. spiritual consumption charm, better fasting chance for spiritual charm 1 and 2


1. Skyseeker+spiritual charm, this is the most common felk modo combo, this causes them to bleed massively, and then also be fasted for 7 secs, most likely will die.

2.kaigu+ snakebind 2+ snakebind 1, takes away a lot of their res.

3. skyseeker+snakebind1+snakebind2+spirtual charm 2+miasmic frenzy 2 bleed+demontorch bleed= 6 stackable bleeds+fasting(wont be using it that much but hey, its fun XD)

Credits go to XBlackSky.