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jade dynasty athan quest

Here is an in-depth guide to the Ancient Lands portion of the Chapter 5 quest for Athans (I assume Ardens and Balos are the same, correct me if they are different). Some say you cannot do it unless you are a high level ascended, but I am proof that it is possible to do it when it is first available to you (I did it at 120, as a non-ascended Arden). Since I suffered great annoyances while trying to do this quest without a detailed guide, I decided to make one of my own and share my knowledge.

Remember, each server must reach its "quota" of people who have completed the quest in order to unlock the next chapter.

What You’ll Need

A heap of patience
Your wits about you
To remove puppet protectors from your bag

The Storyline Note

If you’ve skimmed the storyline, you know that athans are demi-gods sent by the immortals to combat humankind’s new-found knowledge of ascension. In short, the two races do not get along well, and that conflict has turned into a war in the Ancient Lands. (I may be wrong on who the two sides are. If you can confirm whether I’m right or wrong, tell me. In any case, you need to know there’s a war going on.)

As you make your journey through the Ancient Lands for the chapter five quest, your most dangerous enemy will not be red monsters, it will be the human npc forces in the war which show up as blue dots on the minimap. They even have dialogue bubbles if you hover over them, but I wouldn’t suggest trying to strike up a conversation. Avoid the human forces at all costs, for they will one-hit kill you on sight (thankfully there is no exp loss, but be sure to remove any puppet protectors so you don’t lose them). Use the athan npc forces to your advantage and tag along behind the athan general as he advances towards the human stronghold.

Remember, the war goes back and forth. Humans advance all the way to the gates of Sacan Castle and are then beat back by the athan general. The athan general then leads the athan forces all the way to the human stronghold. The human general will then beat them back and humans will start advancing again. If the humans are advancing, you must be patient and wait until the athan general emerges and the athan advance begins.

The Maps

Path to Qeidu Starting at Sacan Castle

Enemy Forces Advance via this Path

Path to Sacan Castle through Royal City (Free portal in Divine Realm route, portals are labeled)

Qeidu’s Tasks Map, Rough Path to Sunlight and Sparkle Palaces

Please note that I have not included every single red monster, so keep your eyes open. I just included the ones of note I remembered after doing the quest. Also, the path to Sunlight and Sparkle Palaces is rough and done from memory. The main thing you have to do there is sneak between stationary red monsters.

Use these maps in conjunction with the written walkthrough you will find in the first reply to this post.

How to Stay in the Ancient Lands without Getting Kicked Out

Even though there is a free portal to Ancient Lands in the Divine Realm (located at Royal Altar), you must first go through the 50g teleport via Koin at Mountain Lake, Kunlun. Follow the path up the mountain in the center of the lake. You will come to the astral lord. Keep going, running up the dragon’s back. Koin is on its head.

Why can’t you use the free portal instead? Because the pay portal not only teleports you to Sacan Castle, it also places a 24 hour charm in your inventory that is necessary to remain in the Ancient Lands, without which you would be automatically kicked out. If you do not have the charm, it doesn’t matter how many times you enter through the free portal, you will not be able to complete the quest. Please note that the charm expires upon logout or disconnect.

Does this mean you have to pay 50g every time you get killed and end up at Koin? Not at all. If you wish to take the long way, you can head down the dragon’s back to the Astral Lord. Talk to him and he will teleport you beneath the ice. At the center of this area there is a portal into the Divine Realm. From there, head to Royal Altar through the portal there. Use the Royal City map above to figure out which portal to use to get where you’re going.

Someone confirm for me whether Koin charges for every teleport via him, regardless of whether you have the charm already. I did not check on this, but I assume he charges every time.


Chapter 5 starts in the Divine Realm at an NPC named Lanti (130, -322).

He sends you to Guli the Senior, who tells you to go to the Ancient Lands. You must go there through Koin at Mountain Lake, Kunlun. Here you have two methods of getting there:

—–1) Head on over to the free Royal Altar portal and take the northern passageway, down a few sets of stairs until you reach a portal that will boot you out right next to Koin at Mountain Lake, Kunlun.
—–2) Teleport via skylord to Kunlun, and head on over to Mountain Lake. Climb up the mountain path, and walk along the dragon’s back until you reach Koin, who is on the head. Note that he is even higher than Astral Lord, so keep climbing.

Pay Koin 50 gold to teleport you to the Ancient Lands’ Sacan Castle. Make sure the human forces are not at the castle gates (check that the blue dots on mini-map are all leaving and not arriving), then head out of the castle to the south. Head forward and to your right whee you will notice a staircase leading downwards.

Go down it and look back towards the south. You will see a pond behind the staircase you descended. Walk through this pond and head east. Pass beneath the bridge and head northeast. A couple bushes will mostly conceal a small set of stairs. On ground level is a red monster, so avoid it and squeeze onto the stairs. Go up them.

Head forward into a courtyard with a few NPCs, a red monster, and a Jadeon Thundersoul which does only one damage to you. The stairs going up to the east lead to the bridge you passed under.

Depending on the status of the war, the humans will either be in advance or retreat mode. If you see cavalrymen heading that way, they’re advancing and you must wait for Skycity General Celan General to make his way down the bridge steps. Once he makes his appearance, follow him slowly but surely along his path, careful not to get caught up in the action. Check the map for a shortcut for those of you with skyblades.

If you think the humans are in retreat mode, you can try following the map path if you wish. This may be risky, as you stand a good chance of walking right into the path of cavalrymen without Athan soldiers to serve as your buffer.

After you pass through the gate at 290, -95 the rest of the trip is easy if you have a skyblade. Stand at the edge of the balcony and drop downwards, preferably onto one of the huge rocks below. You are now low enough in altitude to use your skyblade without being stuck in place. Now all you have to do is follow the path until you get to the Qeidu. Note that even high above the path on your skyblade, cavalrymen can kill you if you’re in range, so I recommend staying to the side of their path if they’re advancing.

If you don’t have a skyblade, keep following the general.

Once you make it to Qeidu, he will give you a quest to search three areas. Sacan Castle (21, 305), which is the easy one. Just go to those coordinates. If you don’t want to go all the way back the way you came, let a human kill you. When you’re booted out to Koin, head down the dragon tot he Astral Lord, use the pool teleport, head to the divine realm through the portal there, head to royal altar, and use the Royal City map above which labels the portal to Sacan Castle.

The second place is Sunlight Palace (327, 666). Note that there are no popups for the first two, it will just say quest finished and update your log with the next location. Last is Sparkle Palace (-268, 666) which shows a popup. The popup sends you back to Sunlight Palace to meet Miubo. The red mobs are stationary, you must squeeze your way around and between them to get to the palaces.

Miubo wants you to find the Dusky Lampskin Scroll, which is located on the bridge over the Shenwu Pool (28, 667). Walk over the bridge until you get a pop-up.

Return with the scroll to Qeidu, who sends you back to Miubo, who sends you back to Qeidu.

Afterwards, you get 100 Taichi Pills, and Qeidu decides to send you to Enu in Jadeon. Thankfully you get to leave the Ancient Lands behind at this point.

The rest of the guide will follow the existing Chapter 5 guide by Nasija and TokioGirl, or whoever wrote it.

Head to Enu in Jadeon, after which you will talk to three NPC’s, all in Jadeon:

- Baako (Bamboo Clearing)
- Baye (140, 426)
- Amandla (-376, 352)

Head back to the Divine Realm and talk to NPC Lakui (106 96)

Reward: 30 EXP Taichis

Talk again with Lakui, who wants you to kill 50 Hunting Wanderer and come back to him.
After reporting back to him he wants you to visit three NPC’s in Divine Realm (names might be a bit off but coordinates are good):

- Oului (453, 119)
- Leoins (471, 118)
- Oului

Reward: 80 EXP Taichis and Kun Badge (keep the Badge in your bag or in stash, you will need it for your new daily quest and for the next chapter when it starts)

Nasija and TokioGirl’s guide states that with the Badge you can get a Daily Quest at Afon in Sunstream (near Negar and Meri Koon). It’s a red Time-quest for which you must go to the Divine Realm, kill 25 Creek Turtle and 25 Dragon Sparrow (low level mobs) and report back to Afon. You have one hour in which to do it. As Reward you get 50 Taichi Pills from Afon.

However, in the Billows sever at least, there seems to be no NPC named Afon in Sunstream. There is, however, an NPC named Pejin who gives some people a 50 taichi pill, one hour timed quest to kill 50 brigand bruisers. People who haven’t even done Chapter 5 get this at times, what the relation to the chapter quests is unknown, but there surely is one. If anyone can clarify this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Episode 5 complete.

Missing Information, Help Me Add to Guide by Answering

—–1) Do Balos start in the same place as Ardens (maze-like Royal City)?
—–2) Do you lose exp when killed by a red monster?
—–3) Do you have to pay 50g to be transported to Ancient Lands if you already paid once that day and still have the charm. I assume you do.
—–4) Is the map correct for the walking path to Qeidu? (I only did it the skyblade method, but I know it’s possible on foot as well.)
—–5) Are my assumptions correct in the storyline section. Is it a war between humans and athans?
—–6) Is the taichi pill count stated accurate?
—–7) How does the repeatable 50 taichi pill quest work? Is it instituted in the game on Billows yet?

If you can help me confirm these things, I would appreciate it. Also feel free to point out anything that needs revising/correction.

Credits go to Ecthelon.