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jade dynast dagos vim build

Dagos Vim. It’s probably the hardest affinity a vim can have since it doesn’t have a very powerful offense nor have the toughest defense, but never belittle its capability.

Building a dagos vim is also difficult, you will most likely use a skill reset to get all its affinity skills.

If you have ascended and already is a dagos vim then you probably know that charms are the key to make a good vim. Practice switching charms for each skill that you use.

Thundering Sky Charm
Heaven’s Blessing
Fel Path
Absurd Notion
Focused Hate
End of Days

Here is a small guide to get you started in playing a Dagos Vim. First you should know the important affinity skill that you can use, starting from early PvP to end game PvP.

Early PvP starting T4

Glacier Edge II – Unlike the normal glacier edge, this skill does not slow your target. What it does is reduce its max HP by 20% which means a 100k HP target will have its max HP reduced to 80K and that is big. Other thing it can do is freeze the target and make it unable to use pots. This triggers after you use this skill while you target has less than half of its max HP.
(This also works for monsters and even bosses!)

Bloodbite Curse II – This is an improved Bloodbite Curse. This skill is also useful in PvP since it can reduce targets max HP by 6000 and increases defense by 500. Take note that this skill has only 16sec. CD

Mad Spiral II – Although this is not the best skill for a dagos vim, this can be very useful at early PvP since it will be your early power move until you don’t have mohun juma. This skill also stuns target for a short duration.

Those 3 skills are very useful. Lowering your enemy HP then hitting them with either Mad Spiral I & II or GS.

At early PvP you have a strong advantage over several factions and being dagos vim by reducing targets max HP then hitting them. Use Glacier Edge effectively against lupin who will probably have less than half of its HP after they use Thicken Blood and Ancient Prayer. Vims Asc skills are also powerful at early PvP use them when ever they are available.

Dragon Cry – AOE stun with HP reduction of 6000HP. Use this along with Bloodbite Curse II and Glacier Edge II and then you will find out that your target is as soft as cotton!

Tale of the Nine – This skill is powerful at early PvP. This is very effective against Modos and Balos with their shields on.

Empty Return – Is another strong asc skill. Not only that it silences your target it can also be your early 1 hit skill

Cope – What more to say… this is an AoE party raja!

Chasing targets at early PvP!

Since you still can’t spam splitting strike before lv135, the things that you can rely on are fast mounts or your skill Windrunner and charge. 
Use dragon cry or Perpetual Loneliness if you can’t get close to them then use counter tide to remove their speed buffs.
In cases like arden where you can’t remove their speed buffs or paralyze them while on fox form and if dragon cry is also in cooldown. You will have to wait until they switch form then run towards them with infatuation on, don’t cast PL if you are still a little far they will just transform into fox again and run. If you did manage to get close 1 hit them with GS, empty return or use Mad Spiral I and II.


In early PvP you will use raja, cope, and infatuation. Tome blessing so your raja CD will be fast. Learn how to move in and out of an enemy crowd, never try to tank everyone because that will get you killed if you don’t have a good gear and not using batteries. Bloodbite Curse can also be used to increase your defense and get a slight Hp regeneration.

Tier 5 and fully reskilled dagos vim.

In this stage you probably have resetted your skills and have all the necessary affinity skills.

Sangjo Array II – An improved sangjo array that can hit harder and farther. Once you get a strong weapon this will be most effective in wars and mass PvP. Along with your high crit rates and crit bonus. This will kill enemies that doesn’t expect a dmg. Take note that with enough dmg this skill can remove a rayans invisibility and so does dawn’s end.

Spite II – This skill reduces targets SP and resistance which makes the stun of mad spiral II possible even against high resistance targets. It has 12sec CD tag this along with your chroma Nameless Technique and make your targets vulnerable to any abnormal status like Mohun Juma II’s silence!

Now lets head to dagos affinity skills. Dagos affinity are very effective in PvP and a Vim using them will awe your enemies!

The first affinity you should have first are Day of remembrance, parting grief, and beyond gray sky. I suggest you get those 3 affinity skills after you get Glacier Edge II maxed.

Day of Remembrance – This skill silences and slows your target for a very long time… how does 34 sec silence and slow sounds to you! Take note that this is also an AOE skill, it does a fan shape AOE starting from your target to further ones behind.

Parting Grief – This skill is also fan shaped AOE. It increases your targets max HP for a moment then applying bleed and then reducing their max HP back to how it was before while the bleed is still on… you can call it as a mini sky seeker!

Beyond Gray Sky – Fan shaped AOE attack too. This skill has a chance to stop your targets from using pots for as long as 26 sec!!! This skill also burns your targets SP every 2 sec for 30sec.

With these skills in your hand at early PvP, you’ll not run out of ways to kill your targets unlike Fuwa and Felkin Vims.

Now lets head to your other affinity Jaden Reality, Eternal Recurrence, Sentimental Frangrance, Wine of Longetivity. Max your skill accuracy and other general affinity passives first before getting these.

Jaden Reality – This skill is a small burst dmg that relies on targets accuracy, the more accuracy your target have, the more dmg it will get. The other this that this skill does is gives a chance for parting grief, day of remembrance, and beyond gray sky CD to clear.

Eternal Recurrence – Slows down caster and target for as long as 42 sec. at the same time this will increase casters skill evasion and lowers targets skill evasion. This is also a ranged skill that can reach up to 42 yards!

Sentimental Fragrance – Makes a potion that last for an hour. The potion gives 20% attack and defense increase to the user for as long as 45 sec. This will be very useful at massive PvP, use this with demonfire and dawns end II and you’ll have a very powerful AOE that can crit more than a 100k. With this skill, your Sangjo Array II will hurt much more!

Wine of Longetivity – Also makes a potion that last for an hour. This potion increases users resistances up to 300 for 45 secs. Useful when you combined it with day of remebrance II and mohun juma II which will silence your target even if they have epic resistances.

PvPing at the later stage of the game!

Other than good gears, a good PvPer will also rely on their skills and dagos vims has plenty of both defensive and offensive skills.


At this stage, Raja is still your best defensive skill along with cope. You will also have Nameless technique and Sentimental fragrance potion. All this combined with high HP and high crit shield from absurd notion will make you a hard target to kill.


You have a spammable mohun juma both I and II, your Gather Spirit, Sangjo Array II, Dawns End II, Day of remembrance I & II, Parting Grief, Beyond Gray Sky.
If you are facing a tough opponent with high HP that wont die in a 1 GS, you can either silence them with day of remembrance then fast them using beyond gray sky. The other thing to do is greatly reducing their max HP with Dragon Cry, Glacier Edge, Bloodbite II and then GS.
Against enemies with high evasion like Rayans. Use Eternal Recurrence to lower their evasion then silence them. Turning on array will also be useful to reveal them if they go invisible.


At this stage you will have a spammable splitting strike to reduces your targets move speed greatly. Dragon Cry and Perpetual Loneliness are still useful in stopping your target. In cases where your target has resistance that are high enough that it can withstand an ignore resistance skill, drinking wine of longetivity and they casting day of remembrance II will do the trick. Counter tide still works well for removing speed buffs.

This is but just a short guide in playing a dagos vim. Your best guide towards becoming a strong dagos vim is your experience so keep practicing PvP.

My Build before skill reset

After skill reset

Note that you will have additional Skill and Tome points once you have level your Chroma.

Credits go to Dkid.

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