ReggaeBoy’s Fuwa Celan PvP Build and Guide

Well since it looks like my pre ascended build was good and people liked it, i wanted to make a fuwa guide, i wasnt sure on what skills i was going to get and what affinity general skills so i asked XSkylerX the fuwa celan what general skills should i get, so the ascended part is not all mine it was made with some colaboration, now to the build.


Well fuwa celans are pretty good in pvp since being a fuwa helps a lot on our low hp and helps a lot because of all the skill eva we get out of the passives, this build is based on the buffs since we will need em to survive against ascended players that have experience pvping allready.

time to explain skills and tiers:

Tier 1

Just the first tier, not really good at all.

-Soudblade Origin: 3 points. just enough to get soudblade shining
-Soudblade Shining: 4 points. just enough to get flowing cloud
-Flowing Cloud:MAX. this will be usefull to catch someone running or to run when ur done casting ur aura curses.
-Finesse: 6 points. Splitting some points here isnt a bad idea ull get extra hp
-Vigor: 6 point. More spirit, soundblade emperor. Get it… right?
-Tangling Melody: MAX. maxing all the passives is going to be usefull if you want more -resistances (toming the passives gives resitances, more resistance= succesfull aura curse!) the tomes of this one grant you more silence resistance.
-Tone of elegance: 4 points. enough to get tone of souls
-Tone of Souls: 3 points.
-Tone of Fountain: MAX deffense buff just pretty usefull

Tier 2

the same skills from the pre ascended build and again you will have to wait till lvl 86 to get tier 3 skills, here u get one of the best aura curses, Flyer Atraction its just epic silence, even pre ascended ive silenced some ascendeds i cant imagine what will this song do when i ascend.

-Soundblade Cliff: 1 point. just enough to get nothingless walk and Dream Breaker
-Nothingless Walk: MAX. charge, silence immune and good to catch people since we are kinda slow
-Tone of Meditation: MAX. pretty usefull for pve not much for pvp if u have a vim with u but if u dont u can use that
-Dream Breaker: MAX. another passive, more resistances
-Blow -Tercet of Bamboo: 4 points. Not a really good combo skill but well u need it to get flyer
-Song- Flyer Atraction: MAX. Flyer is one of the best curses not only will silence ur target it will also drain 3% of his hp per sec, not much but with someone helping its pretty good.

Tier 3

You are on your way to tier 4, but you dont have great skills to pvp (but ascended ones) you get Blow:Twilight Orchestra a pretty good combo.

-Soundblade Mosaic: MAX . Remember XSkylerX? the celan i told ya before, well he made up my mind about this skill i wasnt going to get the fuwa version but now i think its going to be pretty usefull against that people with an epic pet, arden with summons and rayans clone (all those can screw our reflect), so max it to get Soundblade Mosaic II
-Tone of Rivers: MAX. if you wanna get a reset on your Moon in the Mirror you will need this in order to get Tone of Rivers II (if you have a ruby pagoda you can reflect most of the time)
-Tone of Frost: MAX. you will need it if you wanna get healed and if you wanna get Tone of Frost II (fuwa blessing)
-Comprehension of Zither:MAX. 20% critshield increase. tomes on this skill grant more sleep resistances.
-Blow-Twilight Orchesta: MAX. Pretty good damage and also stun+silence (the decrease on deffense is not really effective).
-Song-Blast of Disturbance: MAX. not really the best aoe curse but its pretty good anyway.

Tier 4

Do i need to explain it? just the tier were a celan can start pvping and killing stuff, thats the definition for me. Pre ascended you max almost everything but Soundblade Storm and Snow Purity (at last on my build) now you gotta max everything BUT soundblade storm its not really usefull.

-Soundblade Dragon: 3 points. Just enough to get soundblade emperor.
-Soundblade Emperor: MAX. i would say the most epic celan skill ive one-shoted people that forgets to get sp before atacking me, with jadeon buffs + a decent clan buff this skill is just amazing.
-Chapter of Jade: MAX. you dont really have to tome it i didnt since i need the tomes for other stuff really, pretty usefull for pve and pvp too ascendeds will deal more dmg with it for sure
-Sound Without Sound: MAX. another passive, tomes of this one grant more weaken resistance.
-Blow-Mountain Regret: MAX. this one seems deals pretty good dmg, and personally i like how it bleeds and decreases the pot effectivity.
-Song- Spirit Night: MAX. Just EPIC. the great de-buff aura curse, this skill can be maxed when you get it, and if its tomed it haves 98% chance to remove 1 postive effect per second (no tomes=58% chance)
-Tone of Winter: MAX. an increase on the skill dmg of the target (you can buff yourself too) and also 20% reflect chances.
-Moon in the Mirror: MAX. just an amazing buff, reflects damage back to the target and also negative effects, also this is needed to get Moon in the Mirror II another fuwa skill increases the duration of the reflect and the succes % (even maxed it fails sometimes trust me)
-Song:Snow Purity: MAX. If you feel like helping ur party(support) when pvping, fort, war, TW, etc… you will probably need Snow Purity II its basically a spring night II but it takes negatives effects from friendly targets and also increases critstrike bonus.

Tier 5

last tier, it will probably take a lot of time to reach here but if u make it u have to max every skill (yep including Heavenly Echoes, pre ascended wasnt really usefull but now it is really usefull)

-Blow-Journey Beginning: MAX. great dmg combo skill.
-Blow-Petal Drops: a pretty good aoe for pve and probably for pvp too, it hits 3 times and u can edit the combos. (combined with chapter of jade for pve is something pretty good)
-Tone of Ancestor: MAX. support yes, against felkins modo for example their skyseeker would be removed.
-Heavenly Echoes: MAX . take their skill eva off and since this build haves it tomed you will remove more skill eva from the target u pick.


Skills you should get for ur esper:

Moon in the mirror – higher reflect chance
soundblade emperor – you wont deal more spirit based dmg but you will have a higher crit chance
song:spring night – it might have more chances to weaken and higher chance to remove buffs and positive effects from a target.


: here you just have to get Moon in the Mirror tomes and Tone of Ancestor.In order to get em you will have to use points on:

Ocean Chorus: 1 point. in order to get sky solo
Sky Solo: MAX. To get strings of moon
Strings of Moon: MAX. Moon in the Mirror duration is increased by 6 seconds (this is usefull because the buffs just dissapear like 3 or 4 seconds before they should actually time out) and reflect chance is increased by 6%
Celestial Minstrel: MAX. this makes the cooldown of moon in the water decrease (30 secs) also decreases flowing cloud cooldown (30 secs) and nothingless walk (6 secs)

Chant of Wisdom: 2 point. in order to get champion’s warsong, and get more defense when you use tone of fountain
Champion Warsong: MAX. to get fairy soprano
Fairy Soprano: MAX . Tone of Ancestor dispell chance gets a 15% increase with this.
Song of Talents: MAX. Tone of Ancestor and tone of fountain cooldown are decreased by 24 secs (tone of ancestor) and 120 secs (tone of fountain making it instant cast)

Wind: You gotta get the 2nd column the one starting with rising sun to affect blow: petal drop and also the 1st one just to get more spirit based dmg for soundblade empero

Rising Sun: 1 point. in order to get the following tome
Pale Bard: MAX. Blow:Petals Drop gets a 4% critstrike rate
Casual Hummin: MAX. Blow:Petals Drop’s range is increased by 3 yards
Memorable Ditty: MAX. Blow:Petals Drop’s cooldownis decreased by 6 seconds and also journey beginning cooldon is reduced for 3 seconds

Wind Bllad: 1 point. in order to get Phoenix Twitter
Phoenix Twitter: 1 point. you need it to get Raging Symphony
Raging Symphony: 1 point. just enough to get Solemn Composition
Solemn Composition MAX. this tome will make u deal more dmg with soundblade emperor i recomend to get a charm for it.

Praise:this will get you more resistances, and also will affect the aura curses and
Heavenly Echoes.

Tomes that grant you more Resistances-

Faraway Instrumental: MAX
Fantasia of Clouds: MAX
Accent of Wonder: MAX
Spectacular Echo: MAX

Tomes that affect the Aura Curses-
Ether Ambient: MAX. affects Song:Flyer Atraction
Miracle Masterpiece: 1 . affects Song:Blast of Disturbance
Lyric of Warmth: MAX. affects Song:Spring Nights (i saved that point because you are going to need it if you wanna have 60 seconds decrease on all the Aura Curses)
Sustaining Verse: MAX. the cooldown of all the aura curses is decreased by 60 seconds
Major Strain: MAX. affects Song:Spring Nights adding a 40% chance to remove 1 positive effect per second from the targets (making it a total of 98% if Spring Nights is maxed)

Tomes that you will need to get Heavenly Echoes tomes:

Concerto of glory: 1 point. in order to get silk reverberation
Silk Reverberation: 2 points, in order to get Gloomy Nocturne

Tomes that AFFECT Heavenly Echoes:

Gloomy Nocturne: MAX. increasing the skill evasion points reemoved, and giving the skill a 90% chance to reduce 21% of all the target resistances for some seconds.
Immortal Melody: MAX, this decreases Heavenly Echoes cooldown.

Well that was all about the skill and tomes, now about the affinity skills you should get (thanks to XSkylerX for the colaboration)

Affinity Skills:

Bodhi Workds at last 4/10, if the target looses spirit he will be probably one hitted beacuse of soundblade emperor

Moon in the Mirror II: MAX. higher % for reflect, a little increase on the time AND affects lots of skills not just moon in the mirror

True Conversation: MAX. more hp, skill evasion and stun resistance.

Soundblade Mosaic II: MAX. this is good to unsummon rayans clones, pets and arden summons since tiger will be pretty annoying.

Tone of Frost II: MAX. Restes moon in the mirror thats enough, and it also reduces dmg and increases skill eva

Tone of Rivers II: MAX. helps a lot if you need resistances and also ur party members

Fojan resolve: MAX. more skill evation if its maxed its like 20 i think and also more spirit (Soundblade emperor )

Fojan Attention: optional, if you want more skill accuracy and some defense then yes get it.

Fuwa Protector: i dont really know the increase per rank on the heal to party members and that stuff, i would recomend you to get it at last lvl 1 since u have a healing skill allready if you are on a party (tone of frost)

well i think so far thats all, just a visual of the build if the simulator doesnt work for you and thats all, hope i helped and good luck on the game ^^

Credits go to reggaeboy.