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INTRO: The Rayan:"The Rayan is one of the five offspring, that share the blood of the Gods. Their unbreakable loyalty results in them being a mysterious faction. Their origins are not completely known. A true Rayan will never be boastful or prioritize their needs over the Gods. They lurk in the shadows, always unknown to friend and foe. Their ultimate goal, is to hunt.

To achieve their objective they slice the competition with fearsome blows. They will even sacrifice themselves to dominate an enemy. This perseverance is the key to their success."

My Second class guide, it has been a while bare with me guys I have a system to my madness I promise you, If you can survive the madness and understand my language than the reward is pretty good. ^.^
My build is PVP Oriented but also good extremely good with grinding. I was very sad after playing with the tomes several hundred times that I had no choice but to sacrifice some skills before ascend and even after ascend due to the fact that Rayan’s have a plethora of amazing skills.

As always I look forward for people to bash and argue my build, Why? well because If your argument is really good and it makes a solid point it might get me to change my build or teach me something amazing I overlooked or something. But please keep it clean no spamming no saying this fails and not explaining why at least have the courtesy to explain why you dissing.
I recommend Investing your time in the following
- – – - – - – -
Esper with some and/or all the following skills very helpful
Flash Reel
Ghost Veil
Bloody Chop
Cripple Presence
Shadow Dance – Ultima
Shadow Sacrifice
Warning! Do not aim for all these skills because that would be almost IMPOSSIBLE and a huge waste of money.
Getting the following Charms -
Ghost Strength
Shadow Heart
Ghost Wing – This is a very important charm to have if you go dagos! I will explain later
Inferno Worm – Another amazing charm to have at hand! Specially for PVP!!
DEATH FATE ! – This is the most Important killing charm for Rayan

Ghost Pace MAX: Why? Speed buff <3 Not but in all seriousness the skill has a 60% chance to remove any Negative affect with the tome its an additional 20% but with the charm its a total of 90% chance ! Perfect for that pesky Fasting + Skyseeker combo. In addition this skill for dagos with charm has a 0cooldown by the time you are done running the cooldown would be out already so its spammable which is amazing.

Blood Blade MAX: Why? An additional 7% attack may not seem like much but with bloody chop and all the combo attack we will be able to do at those level it comes in handy for that extra annoying DMG you need to finish some one off.

Onslaught Level 3: Why? to get Blood Blade of course, No longer would we use this skill nor is it useful whats so ever…

Finesses level 1: Why? to get Ghost Pace.

Vigor Level 1: Why? To open the rest of the right side skills.

Shadow Dance Shape MAX why? This shadow may seem useless but it gives a grand total of +50% HP to your Tier 5 Shadow.

Blood Hand MAX Why? a little bit of dmg increase helps with Tome which we are getting it adds an additional +20 to all resistance.

Melted Shadow MAX Why? Really good skill to have at hand in case your HP is dropping fast and the shadow has full HP. Sadly we will not be able to get the tome pre ascend. Which gives a chance to remove a negative affect by 80%! fully tomed.

Steal Raid Level 1 Why? to unclock the rest of the skills.

Spurt MAX Why? A quick charge to the person + 9% critstrike for 5second.

Tremble Level 3 Why? This skill I actually got to compliment Dragon Cut and Dragon Cut II. And Also I needed 3 points to get 24 for the next tier

Protect MAX Why?! +26% HP When you have your Shadow summon given to you with tomes its +36%! Which is 3-5k HP eventually more HP when you ascend

Disperse MAXWhy? Rayans already have a high evasion with this the cost of pot is greatly reduce. Note that you get +2 Skill evasion from tome

Substitute MAX Why? 50% of the dmg receive goes to shadow

Blink MAX Why? Basically 30% boost to attack + you move instantly to the person awesome

Ghost Veil MAX – Things finally get interesting this skill lower Evasion by 45% + Skill Evasion by 45 for 20seconds with the tome which we will get by ascended its 35 second duration amazing skill for pvp! MUST HAVE!

Hide level 1 Why? Now you may be asking why only getting it to level 1 that is because we do not have enough points pre ascend. The reason I did put 1 point into it is because of the tome 60% chance to remove Paralyze Slow and a random negative affect GET THIS !!!

Shadow Dance Soul – Level 4 – MAX You cannot max this skill till level 135 the reason for this is because your shadow start using T4 skill at level 105 than 135 tier 5 skills when you level it . This skill must also be max for ultima shadow.

Ultima Hand MAX – 4% Crit passive cannot get enough of those + It also gives 20% bonus crit bonus from tome.

Tier 4 – This Tier is basically the most important tier for a Rayan specially Dagos.

Teeth Raid Level 3 – not enough points pre ascend you will see in my Ascended build that its max out. Really good skill to have specially when u turn into shadow its 100% basically..

Cripling Presence MAX! – This array I think is amazing 60% slow to everyone + -15 Skill Accuracy which goes hand in hand with ghost veil

Nerve Pinch MAX Another over power still.. Target looses 27% Crit Null which is really hard debuff to obtain for 20seconds 35 with tomes later at ascend!! MAX This out for combo buff crit attack!

Thousand Hands MAX Nice Accuracy boost very good for ascended caves and such and this skill will help increase your crit strike bonus tome. so might as well also u get +3 skill ACC from tome

Empathy – MAX – The Skyseeker Killer I call this one! One of my personal favorite buffs <3 MAX MAX MAX did I mention MAX!

Dragon Cut MAX – This is the skill you will probebly be spamming always and it has a bloody good affect combine with Dragon Cut II from Dagos than you have a spammable 18% SP Drain

Blood Chop MAX – THIS IS THE SKILL – THE ONE!! XD When you combine this skill with everything you learn so far + Death Fate tome It’s the Rayans 1 hit instant kill <3 but you need all the bonus dmg tomes

T5 – Self Explanatory


Flash Reel – This skill will Send you into super shadow mode with Tome each time you hit your skills have an additional 30% bonus dmg! And since your Bloody Chop finishing skill gains a power boost when you attack invisible this skill is amazing for sneak attack

Shadow Dance Ultima – The Shadow will have 100% more HP than you if you max your T1 shadow The Shadow will have 100% more Attack than you if you max T3 and the shadow will be able to use finishing skill and combo skills in rapid time compare to yours with cooldown ! If you have this skill on esper its 110% + If you tome it like you should have from my guide it will have +40 more evasion than you +20 more skill evasion making it hard to hit + Last a total of 45 seconds!!

Celestial Ray – The skill that you see on those PVP videos that when combine with everything you can add up to 291% bonus attack this skill will hit 270+k dmg pre ascend with a +8 Proven! Amazing AOE.

This is pretty simple clean cut tome section
Highlight – Death Fate EACH COMBO point add 24% BONUS DMG!

A little more complicated but simple

Ghost Wing Tome – Removes Negative Affect Lowers cooldown on speed buff + You Will need charm to have 0cooldown when you get this skill in Dagos

Hare Escape- Removes negative affect + Slow + Paralyze When you use Hide

Ghost Strength – Flash Reel increase dmg by a boosted 30% to all skills

Pretty Self explain here also

The Shadow tomes raise the value of your shadow to a new standard.

The Other side Increase Almost all your stats with the correct skill that belong to them

WARNING! : Ascend Read Only

- Here comes the Dagos Section I do not like to help people around this point because by now you should have enough experience with experimentation to know what is what . Also I Kinda ran out of post counts haha <3 but yeah This is AFTER You Ascend the Skill I taken for the Dagos . There is no need to use JAKI AT ALL WHICH IS AWESOME! Unless you get Dragon Cut II than you will have to but I do not think I am getting it! FOR NOW!.

Dagos Build – FINAL VERSION. Updated November 28, 2010

Changes -

- Thunder Cut MAX
- Shadow Return MAX
-Shadow Tomes – Added – Infernol Worm MAX
-Killing Will Max in Dance
-Black Star – Melted Shadow 60% chance to remove Negative Affect MAX!!!
—— Sadly you will not be able to get all those tomes till 150 Ascended so you will have to manage what points you want to add where wisely!

——— Thank You ! Once again everyone that supports me and cheered me on, I hope you enjoy my guide as much as I enjoy making it <3

Credits go to Melody.

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